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Anyone have experience with raspy sounding contact calls?


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Hi all,

About 5 days ago I noticed my GCC suddenly had a sort of raspy, hoarse sounding contact call. Just to be clear, I did call our avian vet ASAP who stated she believed that it was due to the dryer climate and we scheduled the next appointment to be safe but they were booked out almost 2 weeks. In the meantime, we’ve added more humidifiers and placed one in their sleeping room as well. We have been able to maintain the humidity between 50-60% in the bird spaces.

As for the raspy contact call, he basically only does it when he gets really loud. He also still has his normal high pitched sounding calls and chirps so he does not have a completely raspy voice, only some of the time. We also thought that he may be starting to mimic our other bird we only got 2 months ago who always has had some deeper sounded noises. I am just curious if anyone else has any input or experience with raspiness in contact call or other noises? Other than the raspy voice, he has been 100% normal- eating, drinking, playing and sleeping all normally.


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Yes, I had vocal changes in both a budgie and gcc with avain Chlamydia...all the folks here know how I'm always bringing it up , it was traumatic for me . And I'm hyper aware of anything that reminds me of it .

So does not mean you have that going on, but because you asked.

Most birds with avian clymadia will have bright green urates. Not counting first morning poop, thst often looks green from bile acid from over night fasting and poop holding. And not looking at old poops in which fecal colors will start leeching out as drys . Fresh poop with bright green liquid around it. Not saying every single bird with AC will have this , but seems like a lot will.