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Mating signs but don’t interact? (lovebirds)


Checking out the neighborhood

I’m a newbie so I hope someone can enlighten me on this ! :D
Since my 1year lovebird kept humping my socks and sponges and tried to feed them by regurgitating on them (pretty much all day) , I decided to get a female lovebird and introduce them slowly. I wouldn’t mind babies/companionship/mating, whatever makes my bird happy. I assumed my bird is a male because of his behavior and pelvis bone check, but he didn’t get a DNA test. The female did.

Right now they interact, chirp to each other (I supervise them) but the female is always pushing him away. He is friendly. She is territorial.
i noticed that often, specially when I’m around and I sing and play too, they display sexual excitement and mating signs but they don’t interact with each other...
She opens her wings and puts the butt up for a bit (today she did that on my shoulder, and in her cage, alone) and he is looking for some sock in another part of the room...

im not sure how to read into this, they don’t like each other yet but they get excited? Lol am I supposed to leave them alone?

thank you for reading and for the help!



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Welcome to the Avenue Julia :)

I wouldn’t mind babies/companionship/mating, whatever makes my bird happy.
Just to put this in here, you can swap any eggs for dummy eggs so they can mate and not have the stress of chicks.

As for their relationship, you will just have to leave them to it and hope they figure it out.

For now, stop allowing the birds to get excited on your shoulder. Don´t touch them. Try to really leave them alone while they figure this out.

I finally have my eldest (that I´ve had for the longest) bird paired up. At first he was not interested at all. She would follow him around hopelessly with the wings out etc. Over time curiosity peaked and he would stick around a bit and engage with her.. try to nibble wings, look at her, chirp to her.
Months later, he started to want to preen her. They would spend all day in her cage, then I would put him into his cage for bedtime.
They ended up bonding, and so they moved in together. But I still don´t think they have mated. They get so close, but the male ends up going to the boing to play. I catch them knoodling in the corner, they preen each other, sleep together, they even incubated her infertile eggs together, and the male stepped up and did all the male things.
I´m sure they will get there in the end with time...

As long as their interactions are positive, you are going in the right direction :)


Checking out the neighborhood
Hi Zara :)

thank you so much for the help !i will give them time then :heart:
I don’t touch them much, I mostly scratch the neck of my male bird, because he is used to it and loves it. Is that ok?

thanks again!