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  1. E

    Questions about lovebirds and parrotlets

    Hey! I'm new on this forum. I'd be interested in getting a pet bird at some point and I've been doing some research. The two species that seem interesting to me are lovebird and parrotlet. Here are some questions I have: 1. I live in Finland where both of those are pretty rare (never seen...
  2. Zara

    Pictures Do I have a foot problem?

    Hi guys, I have a slow growing Roseicollis, hatched 22.Dec.2018, he is 37 days old. The others in the clutch are almost fully grown and are leaving tomorrow. The youngest wasn´t being fed from 5 days old, I stepped in, he lived in the nest but was fed by only myself. He looks about 1.5weeks...
  3. Zara

    Lovebirds smell - w/ Poll

    Without coming across as weird, I love how my lovebirds chicks smell! Did/do yours smell nice too? My adult lovebirds smell really good, but the chicks smell sweeter.
  4. Rainbowings

    Finding a forever home for Moose female baby lovebird in Maryland area

    Hi there! I have a few threads in various forums here about my baby lovebirds. They were hatched near Christmas. I had them DNA tested & Moose is the only girl so I cannot keep her with her brothers. I also don't want her stuck in a cage alone as the odd bird out. SO, trying to find her a...
  5. Zara

    Parents favouring one chick

    Hi everyone, Happy new year, So my lovebirds have a clutch born 20 dec(x2), 21 dec, 22 dec (24 dec but that one passed on the 27th). Since 27 Dec I´ve been handfeeding the smallest chick in the clutch as it had an empty crop and always does when I check on them. This morning none of the chicks...
  6. Rainbowings

    New to Lovebirds + baby birds... Help!

    Hi there! I am relatively new to birds in general. My mom did have a family parrot when I was a kid & I had 2 parakeets- but being a kid my mom did most of the work! Last year I got a pair of lovebirds. Not gonna lie- it was a knee jerk kinda thing & that was irresponsible. The parents were...
  7. S

    Pictures i don’t know if my lovebird egg is gonna hatch

    i need help, my beautiful lovebird laid 3 eggs, 2 of them are infertile and one of them look like it’s fertile but i don’t know if it’s going to hatch.
  8. C

    Looking for a new bird

    I'm looking for a fairly young blackmasked lovebird (yellow and green coloration) in or around Maryland if anyone has one available please email me cjkennedy02@gmail.com -thanks
  9. Littlelovebird

    Perching on one leg

    should I be worried about Buck perching on one leg? He's been doing it almost everyday for a couple days now. Hes eating and drinking and playinh like fhe usual. He perches like that in his cage at the end of the day or in the morning while he is on my shoulder. Is this just normal behaviour of...
  10. M

    Does My Cockatiel Have Any Problem??

    Hi, I bought a pair of cockatiel since 4 days. But I notice it that their activity is slow and they stay quite and become puffy and also they stay as closed eyes. Also their poops are water like and now it like green. What I Should to do?? Does my cockatiel have any problem?? Its my first time...
  11. Fawnia

    My Next Bird...

    Greetings, I am new to this fourm and I have many question ^^ Sadly, my pet cockatiel just passed for unknown reasons last month. I fed him right, gave him love everyday, just one day.. how sad. Anyways, I am looking into getting a new bird that is not a cockatiel. So I need help making a...
  12. Littlelovebird

    Pictures My new little love bird wasnt scared and now seems to be

    Hi there. I was wondering if I could have tips or help. I'm new at having a bird and I adopted a nice little Fischer Lovebird a week ago. He's gonna be 3 months in a couple days. He was handfed and the first couples days he wasn't afraid of my hand and would jump on it and come to my shoulder...
  13. Pandalicious

    Pictures Newbie with an adorable new Lovebird

    Although my parents bred all kinds of parrots when I was very young (a long, long time ago), I never had a bird of my own...until now! After a lot of research, I finally got my own little dinosaur on Monday- a little Lovebird. I intentionally got him (okay, I have no idea yet if he's a him. He...
  14. Leih

    Short vacay for me, what to do with my lovebird

    Looking for some advice! I will be going out of town for 2 and a half days for Thanksgiving. I have two linnies and one lovebird, all around 6 mos old. I cannot make up my mind whether to board Aoife, the lovebird, or not. Her cage is next to the linnies' and she loves to watch them and show off...
  15. BeebeesMom

    Pictures Bellbabies

    This is a long post but is HILARIOUS!! Sooo my Beebee LOVES his bells like alot of our featherbabies. Took it to another level tonight. I have to put his favorite bell on his bed so he can sleep with it every night or he will sit with it at bottom of the cage. (I am trained). He was going...
  16. MrPine

    Budgie and Lovebird Problem.

    Alright, so I’m fairly new to being a bird owner. I have several budgies for about a year now. One of my budgies is extremely bonded to me. He flys onto my shoulders anytime I arrive home. He says several phrases and gives me kisses and what not. Here’s my problem. I recently received a young...
  17. J

    Lovebird’s toe not functioning

    Hi y’all, My 3 yo female lovebird has a toe that appears to be non-functional. I don’t know when this started because she never exhibited any stress or pain from her foot. She is as active as ever. Eats whatever she can, and even digs...so I’m sure she’s not in pain. Its her back toe, not just...
  18. Leih

    First time out of cage!

    I've had my blue masked lovebird, Aoife, for about three weeks and I think she's ready to maybe come out of the cage. She's still hand shy so my tactic is to open the cage and then "ignore" her. We'll stay in the spare bedroom, the bird room although she's currently my only bird. Her flight...
  19. sophsbirbs

    Lovebird or Cockatiel? What’s best for me?

    Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever post! I’m looking to get a bird! I have always loved them and I’m finally ready to get my own. Here is my list: -In my senior year of high school, I’m only at school from 9am-12pm and I’m free for most of the weekends. -I understand that all birds have...
  20. Miss Annamarie

    But Which One...

    I have one young, female lovebird and have been wanting a second bird but I've been completely split between these a cockatiel or a quaker for months. Vote, and if you would, please tell me your reasons why, thank you! I can answer any other questions about it also.