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  1. N

    help; what color/mutation is my lovebird?

    I recently purchased a lovebird, but they didn't have any information on what color/mutation he is. I was wondering if anyone has an idea as to what he is! (his markings are very light so I had to take a darker shot here)
  2. G

    Her beak is very sharp

    my baby’s name is Lyric and she’s the best. She can be a brat here and there, though. It seems like her beak, though, is extreeeeeeeeemely sharp. I don’t know if I should take her somewhere to have her beak trimmed or not...I’m just a bit concerned. Can anyone help?
  3. sheen

    Skiddish Lovebird Missing Toes

    Hi! My mother and I have recently taken in a peachfaced lovebird that only has about two toes. This is our first special needs bird and we have some questions. When we adopted this lovebird, we were told he had issues with other lovebirds because he was often picked on. Is there a way we can...
  4. hetswe

    Urgent !! Lovebird panting and squeaking !!- Sad Update Post #11

    I just recently hand raised two masked lovebirds, (although they aren't very tame). But one of them (unsure of gender), has been panting and squeaking since I came home from school (abt 3 hours). He's letting me hold him, which never happens, and is now sitting chest on the ground and tail in...
  5. Renaissanista

    Zoe the CBC What's best for her?

    I have a CBC and a Quaker. Zoe, the CBC, is 6 years old. My Quaker, Elihu, is 11. Zoe is a sweetie, very energetic, gentle, kind, talks and eats like a "piggy" (her favorite word to say). I had Ellihu 5 years before I got Zoe. He's awesome and brilliant but he's not a bird bird. He thinks...
  6. X

    Video My Ultrasonic lovebird, amazing

    and this is Kiwi and Keta whe they are bebies (they are so cute)
  7. teena87

    Lovebird - frequent regurgitation

    Hello, I'm concerned about my male lovebird, Harry (will be 1 year in March) as he's been regurgitating very very frequently lately. It started about a month ago and I wasn't concerned at first because he started doing it as he "humped" his cuddle hut so I assumed it was just...
  8. AbnormalAvian

    New Bird Parent, Any Tips?

    Hello, I'm getting a lovebird very soon, and I'm I'm trying to round up the last of my bird supplies. I have quite a few questions, and if anyone could answer any of these, that would be awesome. 1. I'm trying to figure out what to feed my lovebird. I've heard Harrison's is the best, and it's a...
  9. Budgietiel

    Budgies, Lovebirds, and Reptiles

    Hey everyone!! I currently have a lovebird and a parakeet that are always hanging out with my boyfriend and I in our apartment. We are now thinking about getting either a pair of beardies or a blue tongued skink. I was curious what you guys think about having birds and reptiles out at the same...
  10. Kiwi0724

    Urgent Swollen & Very Irritated Love Bird Feet Please Help!!

    Hello everyone, I have a little peach faced lovebird (Kiwi) and I got him when he was only 8 weeks old. He is now 5 months and at first, it started as some sort of trauma to his leg. He always flies around the house or jumps off the cage sometimes and the leg in which the silver band is on is...
  11. Garet

    Video Lovebird or shark?

    I'm just not sure anymore. Her face screams 'lovebird', but... ((And before anyone asks, she crawled under the blanket herself, and she didn't bite me at the end of the second video, she just scared the heck out of me and tackled the phone.))
  12. T

    I think I've gotten myself into a problem

    so I've wanted a lovebird for quite some time and was unsure for awhile if I was going to get one or two as I've heard two can be a handful. I contacted a breeder who was super helpful, answered all of my questions and said he'd give me a mate for my lovebird free of charge. He seemed really...