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  1. malibu


    Thought I would share some good news! I have found that my lovie, chica was a bit timid with hands but today she allowed me to have my hand near her without running away or tensing up. She also ate some seed from a spoon with my hand a couple inches from her. Im so happy and excited for us to...
  2. PippinLovebird

    Something Wrong With My Lovebird?

    My Lovebird has been regurgitating on his favorite toy (His Rope/hoop Swing) and eating it back up a lot lately. And when he does, it happens a few times in a row. Is he okay? Is this normal? Please let me know!
  3. Zara

    Video Every morning without fail

    Every single morning, first thing, before anything else: football!! She loves it! (Her fave is the pumpkin ball but I hid it and can't find it)
  4. Zara

    How much food?

    I´m really curious, how much do your lovebirds (past or present) eat in one day? Or how much do you feed them? I have seeds and pellets galore avail. for my birds after an all-you-can-eat veggie breakfast. I want to slowly cut down and stop wasting so much because I empty the seed pellet bowls...
  5. MangoTheBird

    How to train my year old lovie? Special case <-

    I've had my Lovie(fischer) since it was 3 months old. It's turning 2 years old this September. Gender: female I just found out recently it was female, she laid an empty egg.(I originally thought it was a guy) Name: Mango (I thought she was a guy when I first got her plus she reacts to mango when...
  6. Zara

    Pictures The silencer*

    *well more or less ;) I don't have the biggest imagination when making DIY toys, but I do know what they enjoy... The flock (mainly the Blue Team) has been so noisy today, I think the doves aren't helping either. So, a 5 minute toy is created and now I have a little bit of peace and quiet...
  7. Littlelovebird

    Losing feathers and used ones

    Hi guys! My lovebird is losing feathers. Nothing to worry this happens ever year. But this time he lost a lot on his tail and the new ones are growing in weird angles. He is also at an age were he likes to release a lot of tension apparently lol. And by hopping on a cushion some feathers now...
  8. sjalfsmord

    4 Weeks Old Lovebird

    Hey everyone! I have a new lovebird now, her name is Mango and she's approx 4 weeks old. Her beak is still partially black and she's super tiny. I had two lovebirds, Watermelon and Melon; and sadly, Melon passed away recently. The other lovebird Watermelon was feeling alone and he was a bit...
  9. malibu

    Bonding with Lovebird

    Hey everyone, So about 10 days ago I got a handfed baby lovebird (8 weeks or so) and I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips and tricks on bonding with her. So far I have just sat by her cage periodically and talked to her gently and put my hand in or by the cage to get her used to...
  10. Zara

    A new skill?

    Expert tail-maker Sydney has been offering demonstrations on how to nest, however I'm not sure Adélie is learning much.... She is instead following in her fathers footsteps by following the other around and pulling out all the stored paper. *For anyone who doesn't know my birds, to clarify...
  11. Zara

    Video I hear this every afternoon...

    This is the sound these guys make when they are winding down for a nap... Every single day. Bear in mind it is louder and more shrill in person. Sydney and Adélie don't get involved, this is all the blue team, mainly these two, Lapis and Nube. Why can't they just close their eyes and nap?...
  12. Zara

    The Blue Team

    *mostly new pics used (second group pic is older)* Meet the Blue Team; Members; Aldora, Founder and chief noise-maker. Jaime, Co-founder and emotional support officer. Lapis Lazuli, Underling 1, eldest. Nube (pronounced Noo-beh) , Underling 2. Backstory So a year ago...
  13. Zara

    She´s throwing a tantrum

    The drama continues.... She´s not happy being ignored so she´s huffing and slamming the food around hoping to get Sydneys attention... Prev. thread: A modern day birdy love saga | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum
  14. F

    Urgent lovebird bleeding a lot but now stabilized

    Hello guys. I've just created this account because im really desperate for answers as I dont know what to do, today I went over to see my lovebird thats 2yo, raised by my family, and i noticed blood on the bottom of the cage and he was bleeding a lot from the tail part, I then applied a saline...
  15. Zara

    A modern day birdy love saga

    Will she wait for him? Starting a few weeks ago when Adélie started to spread her wings in her cage whilst gazing at Sydney, it has been a slow journey to love for her. Since then we have had Adélie using her beautiful wings and loud vocals as tools in the hopes of seducing the handsome (and...
  16. Zara

    Video She's such a good girl...

    ... Or is she?... Is she really? o_O Of course she is! I'm thinking this is her way of telling me, "there's no more millet left on here, fill it now human fool!" :)