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  1. M

    Is Jenday Conure make problem for other birds breed??

    Hi, I have budgies, cockatiel and lovebird in same room in difference cages. Now I am interested to purchase Jenday conure. My friend said jenday conure screaming loudly and thats why cockatiel, lovebird and budiges will not breed. I am confused because I paid conure owner advance. Can I keep...
  2. M

    Blood after laying first egg

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site so first of all just wanted to say hi! I have a 10 month old female lovebird that just laid an infertile egg yesterday. I took away her nest, and she seems to be doing fine. She's eating and drinking normally and even comes out of the cage to play. However, today...
  3. Diveks

    teaching baby lovebird to stop biting

    hey everyone, so my baby lovebird, lowy have grown up a lot since ive got em. i think he is very hyper active just like my other lovie. though he has issues on biting, im not sure if its just part of his growing up. he loves to bite everything, especially if its moving. he does this weird thing...
  4. Cinliana

    Urgent Xanthoma or something else?? Help

    Hi all, We have 2 bonded lovebirds 11 years old. We noticed one day ago the female having a yellowish roundish bulge towards her bottom area. We took her to the emergency vet they did an ultrasound and the ER vet on staff said he thought it might be a xanthoma or it could be peritonitis. Have...
  5. Lovingbird

    Will lovebird be ok if separated at night?

    Hi, I have 2 budgies and a lovebird and they seemed to get together very well for the first day but soon the lovebird started picking at one of my budgies feet so I separated them again. I’m now worried that since I separated them now the lovebird May get stressed or such. I’m fine with letting...
  6. Pat7618


    My user name is Pat7618. I live in a senior community and loving it. I have a female Peachtree Lovebird named Kooter 3 yrs old, a cinnamon pearl pie Cockatiel named Angel 3yrs old and come March 1st a blue Parrotlet named Poppy he is one yr old. I also have two female cats Bebe and Bitsy...
  7. Salami

    Shirt bird, nipping, and treats

    Hello! I'm a new lovie parent, and am in need of advice on day 2 with my new child. Here are my bird specs: name: not quite sure yet, but am thinking about ''Pistachio'' age: more than 9 weeks old sex: apparently a female, not DNA tested weaned: yes, was able to find and eat pellets on day 2...
  8. Fiveboy


    Hi today we learned how to sex the birds by feeling their pelvic bones. Once we determined which birds might make a breeding pair we introduced two to each other. One of them is historically aggressive (to the point of having killed a previous cage mate). Again he was, extremely aggressive...
  9. Littlelovebird

    Weaning - Biting - Clicker training?

    Hi everyone! I have a beautiful baby lovebird of nearly 3 months now. I got her about a month ago when she was about 7 weeks or so. Yes this was young. And yes she is not entirely weaned yet. Still on formula 1X a day. We went from 2-3 times a day to one. She has been going back to 2X and...
  10. Littlelovebird

    Weaning process Lovebird and cage time?

    Hi everyone! I have some questions for you! I already posted similar questions in the Loverbird Lane but I have more questions and it might make more sense to post it here to get more answers related to weaning! A couple days before Christmas I got a new lovebird and it wasn't completely...
  11. mangobird

    Lovebird cage size?

    Hi guys :) I'm currently in the process of researching for my future bird (most likely in the summer/fall) and I wanted to see what you lovebird-owners would recommend in terms of cage size for a single lovebird. A lot of online sources recommend cage sizes that seem really tiny to me, but...
  12. Lovebird27

    What mutation is this lovebird?

    What mutation is this?
  13. Lovebird27

    Is this an Edge mutation?

    I have doubts on this mutation as well. I thinks its a Dominant Edge SF. What do you all think?
  14. malibu

    Lovebirds talking

    Does anybody know the likelihood of lovies having the ability to speak? My lovie is 7 months old and this morning and last night it seems like she was saying her name as well as imitating the kissy noises i make to her and saying "Pretty Bird!" Do any of your lovebirds speak and how big is...
  15. Littlelovebird

    handfeeding 7 weeks lovebird

    Hey guys!! I need help! I got a new baby lovebird! She is 7 weeks old and is not completely weaned so I need to feed her twice a day and finish weaning her. Its my second time with a lovebird but my first with the feeding experience! We got her about 3 days ago and she is extremely hungry! Very...
  16. Loor

    Pictures Beak chipping, normal?

    Looked at my girl today to see that her beak was chipped in a weird fashion. Is this a normal part of beak growth? It doesn’t seem like something urgent, no blood or scabs or anything, but you can never be too sure. Also, her feathers look like that because she just finished having a bath.
  17. marcelle

    lovebird enthusiast intro :"D

    hi!! i'm marcelle, i'm from canada and i was invited by my lovely partner @Cinnasun ! i'm a bit biased to lovebirds as my first close connection with a pet bird was with my old peach-faced lovebird pudge, who is now flying over the rainbow bridge. they are so chock full of personality and...
  18. Newbie1000

    New bird advice? :)

    Hi everyone!! I’m looking for any advice you guys could give me! I just received a beautiful Fischer’s lovebird yesterday and although I’ve done some research, I’m still a bit lost on how to give him the best life possible. To start, this little guy is a few years old, I’m not sure how old (the...
  19. HappyWings

    UVB light in closet advice?

    I live in an apartment with two roommates who are out for most of the day, most days of the week. I on the other hand, spend most of the day, most days of the week, at home by myself. Even when my roommates are studying at home, they like to wear noise-cancelling headphones. For this reason, I...