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  1. S

    New lovebirds situation

    hi this might be a long story but basically i picked up a new blue grey lovebird that flew to my window i have no knowledge of its gender or age i just assume its a girl i somehow found the owner she told me it grew up with a partner and was willingly to give me the seperated partner however the...
  2. KiwiTheLov

    Tips on how to get my bird to eat out of my hand?

    I have had my lovebird for more than 2 weeks now, and he is able to eat millet from my hand a couple inches away. But whenever I try to offer him millet from the palm of my hand he looks interested, but scared to move. I've been trying everyday in and out of his cage but he won't come that...
  3. KiwiTheLov

    Why does my bird keep on chirping?

    Whenever I'm not paying attention to my bird while we're in the same room he always starts squeaking and chirping. Same thing goes for when I leave the room and I'm not there. I'm not sure if he's happy or he just wants some attention?
  4. KiwiTheLov

    Is my birds diet okay?

    I want to give my lovebird the best I can, so I wanted to double check and ask if the diet my pet store told me to give my lovebird is okay. I give him oat groats, hemp seeds, and a mix of pellets and seeds. Of course I can separate the pellets from the seeds since I have a whole bag of them...
  5. F

    Taming a skittish but friendly lovebird

    I got a new lovebird ~6 months ago (he's almost one and a half), and I've slowly made some progress taming him, but it's been especially slow for a while now. He can fly, so I bring him to a bathroom for clicker training to limit his flight space. I'm able to get him to step up and sit on my...
  6. WatDoing

    I don’t think my lovebird but when I got her she has a lot of other qualities from different love birds. I got her at a pet store.

    I believe my LoveBird is a Fischer lovebird from what I can tell. I got her in a local pet store. There are no adoption centers near me. I love this bird to death but I am curious if she is a hybrid I have read that hybrids can have health issues and would like some insight.
  7. J

    Confused at getting one or 2 birds

    Hi there, I've been in the process of looking for green cheek conure and have finally found the mots lovely one. The breeder truly cares for her flock and Im excited to get her. However, the breeder has told me that there was also a baby lovebird raised together with the gcc babies and is...
  8. ktluvszoe

    Longer days, time change, and bedtime

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post this but haven’t found it elsewhere on this forum. I’m curious about how you all are dealing with the time change and end of daylight savings time, in regards to bedtime? I usually always put my solo lovebird Lola to sleep at 8 pm on weekdays...
  9. T

    Lovebird Yeast

    Today my ~1 yr old female lovebird was playing around in my cabinet and she tore through a powder of dry yeast. When I found her, she was covered in it and I assume she had also ingested some. Is there anything to worry about? She took a bath after and its been around 4 hours and she is happily...
  10. roxi

    Bird Loss, Chronic Egg Laying & Potiential Species

    hey. its been quite a while since i last posted on here! i'm desperately sad that i didn't post more regularly, as we have just suddenly and tragically lost our beloved lovedbird, blue. we had been dealing with chronic egg laying problem's, and trying to sort them out through behaviour...
  11. T

    Bubble collar on lovebird

    Hello there! I just joined this forum today because I am desperately seeking advice on taking care of a lovebird with a bubble collar on and would really appreciate to hear the experiences of anyone who also has had a similar experience with their birdie pal. Please don't mind my long post, I...
  12. A

    Urgent Lovebird egg bound or mass?

    Hello i had gotten a female lovebird from a lady about 3 weeks ago the lady said she was pregnant and would be laying soon but i seen that she has a yellow bump as if she going to lay an egg but its been a long time not sure if thats normal or the lady gave me a sick bird but she does eat and...
  13. A


    Hello Thank you so much for accepting my request to join the forum!!! The reason why I join is to get to know more about my 2 friends (lovebirds) and to give them a better life!!! The blue one is the female her name is Blair and the yellow one is the male and I call him of course Chuck bass...
  14. Jocelin

    My lovebird has started nibbling me and gets mad if I don’t let her/him

    Hi, I have a question, I have a lovebird who is around 3-4 months, she is always with me always on my shoulder, she never leaves my side, she’s been really clingy and super sweet since I got her/him, but these past 3 days she’s been bitting the smallest itty bitty pieces of skin on my neck and...
  15. Aya&Ponzu

    A little help please! (Lovebirds)

    So this has been an ongoing problem with my lovebird pair. Basically, I have a female and a male (not sure about this, but most likely) and the female is more brave in terms of exploring new areas/people and she doesn’t get scared very easily. Whereas my male does. And so since around September...
  16. Luvbirds

    Piccola Having biting issues...

    Hello, Everyone I need some tips and help. So Mama Bird (Pepita) has 2 fully grown babies (Rio + Piccola). But I am having bird biting issues. Piccola bites everything and everyone but likes to be near people. I don't know what do. He is social but likes biting. Pepita is a girl, The Vet said...
  17. alyxctt


    I’ve been hand feeding a lovebird since he was about 2 weeks. I’ll show a photo as a reference to his current age (6 weeks ish) He’s a very affectionate bird, absolutely loves human attention and being held. He shows all the signs of trust and love (sleeping on you, preening in your presence ...
  18. Luvbirds

    Baby Lovebird getting attacted by mama??!!

    Hey y'all, My babies grew up!! but quick question, babies are now close to 2 months of age and the mama is attacking Rios feet only but NOT Piccolo??? Is there a reason why? I see Rio lonely and the mama doesn't really want him near her. Any advice, explaination or suggestions are very much...
  19. Aya&Ponzu

    Happy hut: yes or no?

    I have two lovebirds but one particulary, seems very attached to it. Whenever I try to take it out to clean it, she becomes immediately aggressive and starts biting me hard until I leave it, and trust me I don't wanna leave it in but I'm sure fellow lovebird owners know how painful a bite can be...