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  1. lovies4

    Seeking lovebird advice - excessive flock calls

    Hi! I need some advice. I have had 3 lovebirds for 2 years now (a peachface, masked, and a hybrid). This is my first experience with lovebirds. Previously my only bird experience was finches. At first all three got along but then 2 ganged up on one (my peachface female) and I had to...
  2. PippinLovebird

    Black Masked Lovebird Price?

    Super random question, but how much do black masked lovebirds normally cost? Thanks! lol :tiel2: Sunny:rflb:Pippin
  3. P

    Feather disease unknown

    So my lovebird (make) Lanana for the past month now has had feather plucking problem. It’s important to note he’s about 9 years old and lives with a female named Papple who is 10 lanana has picked his rump bald and also under his wings. He’s very itchy but no change in playfulness or eating...
  4. J

    Are a baby Caique and 4 Year Old Lovebird Compatible?

    We have had a lovebird for about 4 years. We decided to adopt a 6-month old caique. They haven't been in direct contact with each other for safety, but we are wondering if they are going to get along with one another. Thanks!
  5. J

    Lovebird picking feathers out - has been exposed to grass before

    This feather-picking behaviour began after quarantine so I haven't been able to get the vet as easily. A couple months ago, someone else in my family put our lovebird on the grass and outside in it's cage on multiple occasions. For a couple months now, the bird has been picking it's feathers to...
  6. BirdLady13

    Parrotlet v. Lovebird

    In the near future I intend on getting a parrotlet and/or a peach-faced lovebird. I worked with birds for a living at one time, and I've done extensive research on both pocket parrots, but rather than look at "facts" it would be helpful to get some opinions. This is the information I have...
  7. doucmates

    Urgent My lovebird's belly is discolored and her tail is bobbing

    My lovebird is 2.5 years old and three days ago I noticed that her belly was looking discolored and swollen. I took her to the vet for possible egg binding case on sunday. They said they couldn't feel any hardness around the area so there probably wasn't an egg in her. They gave some vitamin...
  8. L

    Urgent Help! 4 week lovebird not taking handfeed formula

    Hi, I am trying to hand-feed a 4 week old baby which does not even open the mouth after a bit of formula, afterwards whatever I put in her mouth she just throws it off. I am required to for feed her but I am unable to fill the crop for last 24 hours. You can see the bird in the pictures I...
  9. Z

    Is there something wrong here??

    Hey guys ive realized this with my lovebird who is 1 year old male red face. His crop seems to be pushed inside or something like that as you can see in the photos. No behavioral changes i saw it from almost a month ago ang he eats very well and is very active and playful There are no vets open...
  10. M

    Pictures Learning to be a good bird owner

    Hi bird lovers, It's my first lovebird, buttercup, and is approximately 4 to 5 weeks old! Keen to learn more tips and tricks from all of you!
  11. cerva0530

    Broken Glass

    Hello! I wasn’t sure where to post this, but this seemed like the best spot. correct me if i’m wrong please! Anyhow, recently a younger sibling of mine knocked over a small glass table, and it shattered all over the living room floor, which is where my birds spend their day. I have two...
  12. C

    Pictures Is my lovebird sick? Droppings attached

    I have a lovie that is 4 years old and she’s been to the vet twice in a month and everything came out fine. However now her urates are a little discolored this started after giving her mixed apple cider vinegar in her water. Is this dangerous? Any advice?
  13. Mango5


    My Lovebird Mango! He’s very kind and Playful, I’ve only had him for a year.
  14. D

    What lovebird mutation ???

    Hi everyone, recently bought a blue lovebird and was told it was a Fischer. I’m not 100% sure if it is. Can you pls tell me what breed it is and if it is fertile? I attached some pictures of it. Also I have 3 lovebirds which all seem to be paired to each other, is this possible or are they just...
  15. malibu

    Odd new behaviour from lovebird

    Does anyone know what this behavour is? My lovebird just started doing it. Shes about 11 months give or take a couple weeks so I assume it has something to do with hormones. Otherwise her behaviour hasnt changed. She also isn't DNA'd I just call her a she. She tends to do it if I give her a...
  16. hellbaby

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi! I'm Siren and I'm the proud parent of two budgies and a lovebird. Also used to live with a cockatiel and macaw~. Just here to share my experiences and learn from yours I love my children and plan on getting more. Next child is a caique or conure... maybe a ringneck if I can afford one ! I am...
  17. C

    Lovebird Regurgitating or Vomiting

    Hello, I have a 4 year old lovie she is a female and I keep her by herself. Lately she’s been enamored with her toys and she’s been hanging on them all day and screaming at them nonstop but yesterday. She hasn’t left her food bowl and keeps eating her pellets all day and getting angry if they’re...
  18. Littlelovebird

    Clumsy bird and owner - Is she ok?

    Hey guys! So I had an accident with Skittles yesterday, and now I feel awful! She seems ok, she is eating, preening, bathing, normal droppings, active as always and doesnt seem to have any injuries but I'm still a bit concerned. So basically last night I walked passed her and she wanted to...
  19. sjalfsmord

    Weight loss.

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask something about Melon's (♂) and Mango's (♀) behaviour+weight. I'm still learning a lot about these little raptors so please help me out. :laughing2: So 1,5 months ago Mango started laying eggs. Melon was constantly feeding her but I guess it wasn't enough for her...
  20. M

    Is Jenday Conure make problem for other birds breed??

    Hi, I have budgies, cockatiel and lovebird in same room in difference cages. Now I am interested to purchase Jenday conure. My friend said jenday conure screaming loudly and thats why cockatiel, lovebird and budiges will not breed. I am confused because I paid conure owner advance. Can I keep...