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  1. Xtine

    Young Lovebird Behaviour

    Hello! First-time lovebird owner here and this is my lovebird -- Houdini/Fluffy. He/She was handraised and is about four months old. I've noticed he's started doing this random move and I'm not sure why! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QM0ThAolCwdKoUEQGJWQLYO-_UoObkeE/view?usp=sharing As seen...
  2. shelby.pax

    Lovebird won't stop screaming

    About a month ago, my partner and I took in a lovebird that we believe was cage-bound for most of his life. We have found that if he hears us or our other bird, he will start going off and he can go for hours! We give the lovebird the option to stay in or leave his cage but whether he is in the...
  3. ktluvszoe

    favorite bird backpack ?

    Hi all, Looking for recommendations on birds backpacks. Ideally with no plastic/vinyl screens, just mesh. On amazon I am only finding backpacks that have some kind of plastic screen, which I worry about heating up and giving off gases or just overheating my bird, as I live in Miami where it is...
  4. es113137

    What Color Mutation Is My Lovebird?

    He’s only 3-4 months old, so obviously his colors will slightly change with his first molt. But, can anyone tell what color mutation he is? I’m having trouble finding it. Also ignore the clipped wings.. was unfortunately done by the breeder /: Thanks!
  5. Blub

    Why is my lovebird panicking all off a sudden?

    My lovebird (male, about 4.5 months old) has been acting weird lately. He's acting very paranoid and panicky in his cage when it is bed time (online time when he is in his cage). First I thought it was Night fright, but it also happens when it's still light. This has been going on for like 2...
  6. Csolis22

    Miracle cure for severely hormonal Lovebird!!

    Hi everyone, I have struggled for years with my lovie and her hormonal behavior. She has been a chronic regurgitate, regurgitating all day hourly. She stopped being active and would just fluff up and regurgitate this milky fluid all day. She was losing weight. She would be going to the vet...
  7. Csolis22

    Urgent What’s wrong with my lovebird

    Hi, I took my lovebird to the vet yesterday to check on her frequent regurgitation, they did a fecal gram stain and it was clean. They did blood work but I have yet to receive the results, I asked for a crop swab but the vet didn’t want to resort to that just yet out of fear of the risks. Last...
  8. Csolis22

    Severely Hormonal Lovie Strikes Again

    Hi everyone- I’ve posted on her a few times about my lovie who has an issue with hormones, regurgitation and falling in love with all her toys. i have taken her to the vet countless times to see what it could be with absolutely no answers because everything has come back completely healthy and...
  9. Csolis22

    Dark poop this morning

    Hi everyone I woke up to some very dark droppings in my bird’a bowl. I squished some to see what color it was and it looks very dark brown. I took her bowl away for bed last night since her hormonal behavior was severe and she was enamored with her bowl. Not sure if lack of food for those hours...
  10. Csolis22

    Lovebird won’t leave food bowl

    My lovie has just been sitting at her food bowl with her head in the bowl. It’s been like this for a couple of months, occasionally she plays with her toys but for the most part I’ve just caught her like the photo attached. She’s acting very hormonal otherwise- and she doesn’t lose or gain...
  11. TheCrows

    Coconut has a Cyst, can I save Her leg??

    Hello guys ! I have been an avid reader of Avian Avenue for a few years but this time, I had to make an account because I need help. My 2 year old Peach-faced Lovebird Coconut has had a cyst on her leg since early December 2022. It's at a hidden spot underneath her leg and it keeps getting...
  12. S

    Aqua Orange Face

    Just out of curiosity... Thinking out of the box- What would a Blue series lovebird, Aqua look like if it also inherited 1 orange face gene from each parent? What might an Orangefaced Aqua look like? Also- A Green Turquoise? Green series bird with 1 "WF" genes inherited from each parent...
  13. K

    Please help! Foaming from mouth.

    My 2 year old lovebird has started foaming at the mouth. She’ll start by looking like she’s about to regurgitate then all of the sudden there’s foamy saliva all over her beak. She’ll violently shake her head til it’s all stuck to her face. I wiped some off and gave her water but she’s been up...
  14. ktluvszoe

    Accidentally left lovebird without fresh water for 8 hours!!

    Hello, I had an accident today where I forgot to give my lovebird water for 8 hours. I need to know signs to watch out for that she’s in danger. Online says she would be good without water for 3 days but I just want to make sure she’s well cared for. I recently switched my bird to a new larger...
  15. ktluvszoe

    Which of these toys are ACTUALLY bird safe?

    Hi! Seeking advice on the following toys because I’m a crazy nervous bird mom and always think everything is too dangerous for my bird. My mom (lovingly) ordered a bundle of bird toys as stocking stuffers for my lovebird from Amazon. She doesn’t have a deep interest in informed bird care, so...
  16. ktluvszoe

    Xmas lovebird cage upgrade

    Hi! Looking for good suggestions for a lovebird cage for Christmas. She is an only bird, my first, and will have been with us for 11 months this Christmas, her first holiday. will be getting her a much larger cage. I really like the A&E elegant flight cage but the price point is a little...
  17. AllieVital

    Do lovebirds feel sad or confused when you take their young?

    I'm somewhat new to lovebird breeding. This is my second clutch and they just turned 3 weeks old so I've moved them over to their own cage so I can take over the feedings. And basically I'm wondering if the mom feels sad or confused when this happens? Should it be a slow transition where I still...
  18. S

    Bird Genetics

    Hi Everyone! My lovebird pair recently had their first babies. It’s my first experience with baby lovebirds as well. This may sound like a really silly question (I wasn’t able to find a clear answer online) but how did one of the babies turn out so blue and not look like its parents? I thought...
  19. S

    Urgent Lovebird issue with wing

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to get some input on my birds wing before I visit a vet to see if anyone has experienced the same with their bird and has any suggestions. I’ve noticed the right wing of my male lovebird Milo has been sticking out. I’m not sure what caused this but the wing sometimes...
  20. ktluvszoe

    Outdoor cages?

    hi folks! Do any of you have outdoor recreation cages in areas with access to predators? How do you do it? I would like to eventually offer my singular lovebird a larger outdoor cage to fly around in and sunbathe but my dad feeds two stray cats who “perform our pest control.” I have seen them...