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  1. Kyndiaa

    Fresh food refusal - Lovebird

    My baby lovebird is 3 months old, and she refuses to eat anything except seeds. We switched her to a food that has no millet or sunflower seeds. Recently, we started giving her pellets and gradually mixing them. We're to the point where if she runs out of the seeds, she refuses to eat the...
  2. malibu

    What age do Lovebirds go through puberty?

    I was thinking about this last night since Chica is about 4/5 months now and she has started to go under the blanket and if I move the blanket at all she lunges at me. I have only been bitten once and that was when I was trying to type on my laptop and she didn't like that and bit me. It wasn't...
  3. malibu

    Bird shakes head in light

    So I have started to notice that my lovie Chica, whenever she is perched on my finger and I walk through the sunlight that goes through my blinds she shakes her head similar to how cats and dogs shake their heads when you blow in their ear. She also does this when I turn my light on. She also...
  4. Zara

    Male lovebird mating behaviours

    I thought that this dissected video could help others who are confused or unsure about their lovebirds movements and want to see if maybe their bird is trying to mate the other bird, a human or an object. It also clarifies a few things that I say to people by seeing it visually - especially the...
  5. PippinLovebird

    Getting My Attention?

    Hi! Today I was just wondering how your parrot gets your attention? Because pippin (my lovebird), has an on going list of things he will do. First off... Cage Banging: To get my attention, he does this certain position in the corner of his cage. One foot in on the perch and one is clawed onto...
  6. PippinLovebird

    I Introduced My Parrots To Each Other....

    I have been wanting a cockatiel for a while now, and a few months ago I asked if anybody thinks one would be okay with a lovebird. Most said No, and not to take the risk. But, I got a baby lutino cockatiel, and took the risk yesterday. Now.... They are great together!!! Pippin (the lovebird) is...
  7. Zara

    I got an early present :(

    Yes, all that shredding is from today!
  8. PippinLovebird

    Biting Feet?!

    So, Earlier today, My cockatiel Sunny was sitting in her cage and consuming some millet, just as my lovebird flew on the outside of her cage and climbed down to where the millet was and started eating it with her. She was on the inside.They looked so happy! He was tweeting and flapped his wings...
  9. PippinLovebird

    New 'Tiel Owner

    I got an adorable cockatiel, named Sunny about last week! And I already had/have a lovebird, who is 7 1/2 years old. My cockatiel is 3 months old, still a baby. Any advice?? :tiel2:Sunshine :rflb:Pippin
  10. PippinLovebird

    Parrot Photo Shoot!

    Aww Look at my 2 adorable babies! Sunshine (the cockatiel) and Pippin! (the lovebird) The lovebird I have had for 8 months and he is 7 1/2 years old, and the cockatiel I got last week, she is 3 months old. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel! Its called.... The Best Birds. If it...
  11. malibu


    Thought I would share some good news! I have found that my lovie, chica was a bit timid with hands but today she allowed me to have my hand near her without running away or tensing up. She also ate some seed from a spoon with my hand a couple inches from her. Im so happy and excited for us to...
  12. PippinLovebird

    Something Wrong With My Lovebird?

    My Lovebird has been regurgitating on his favorite toy (His Rope/hoop Swing) and eating it back up a lot lately. And when he does, it happens a few times in a row. Is he okay? Is this normal? Please let me know!
  13. Zara

    Video Every morning without fail

    Every single morning, first thing, before anything else: football!! She loves it! (Her fave is the pumpkin ball but I hid it and can't find it)
  14. Zara

    How much food?

    I´m really curious, how much do your lovebirds (past or present) eat in one day? Or how much do you feed them? I have seeds and pellets galore avail. for my birds after an all-you-can-eat veggie breakfast. I want to slowly cut down and stop wasting so much because I empty the seed pellet bowls...
  15. MangoTheBird

    How to train my year old lovie? Special case <-

    I've had my Lovie(fischer) since it was 3 months old. It's turning 2 years old this September. Gender: female I just found out recently it was female, she laid an empty egg.(I originally thought it was a guy) Name: Mango (I thought she was a guy when I first got her plus she reacts to mango when...
  16. Zara

    Pictures The silencer*

    *well more or less ;) I don't have the biggest imagination when making DIY toys, but I do know what they enjoy... The flock (mainly the Blue Team) has been so noisy today, I think the doves aren't helping either. So, a 5 minute toy is created and now I have a little bit of peace and quiet...
  17. Littlelovebird

    Losing feathers and used ones

    Hi guys! My lovebird is losing feathers. Nothing to worry this happens ever year. But this time he lost a lot on his tail and the new ones are growing in weird angles. He is also at an age were he likes to release a lot of tension apparently lol. And by hopping on a cushion some feathers now...
  18. sjalfsmord

    4 Weeks Old Lovebird

    Hey everyone! I have a new lovebird now, her name is Mango and she's approx 4 weeks old. Her beak is still partially black and she's super tiny. I had two lovebirds, Watermelon and Melon; and sadly, Melon passed away recently. The other lovebird Watermelon was feeling alone and he was a bit...
  19. malibu

    Bonding with Lovebird

    Hey everyone, So about 10 days ago I got a handfed baby lovebird (8 weeks or so) and I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips and tricks on bonding with her. So far I have just sat by her cage periodically and talked to her gently and put my hand in or by the cage to get her used to...
  20. Zara

    A new skill?

    Expert tail-maker Sydney has been offering demonstrations on how to nest, however I'm not sure Adélie is learning much.... She is instead following in her fathers footsteps by following the other around and pulling out all the stored paper. *For anyone who doesn't know my birds, to clarify...