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  1. GalaxyDog9

    Newbie lovebird owner food advice

    Hello everyone! So, about two months ago I acquired a peach-faced lovebird. When I got him he was only on seeds, soon after I got him on zupreem fruity, now I have realized he should have better pellets, I’ve seen different things about good brands and I was thinking I would try Harrison’s? any...
  2. Diveks

    weaning baby strikes at their veggies

    So i've been raising two baby lovebirds. I don't usually raise my babies from day 1 but i had to for these two as ones mom passed and the other was a first time mom who was cracking eggs (she is now taking a break from all the breeding). Well more about the babies, they are now in the weaning...
  3. Codyyjohns

    Lovebird and Cockatiel Tips

    Hi, I currently have a 7 year old cockatiel. I’ve had him since he was a hatchling and he’s very seeet and affectionate and loves to be out of the cage and near me. I’ve been considering adding a lovebird to my home. (Separate cage of course) but according to my research they can be aggressive...
  4. BlueLove

    How to train a loud and skittish Lovebird?

    The chirping while napping during the day is louder than normal but that's not the main issue. When he is awake then we can't even hear each other talk in the house because our Lovebird gets super load with continues loud noises (more like screaming) and singing like a Canary. He is almost 3...
  5. Pinky83

    Personatus or Fischeri?

    Hi, I bought these beauties yesterday and the guy said that these are masked (personatus) lovebirds. I'm confused! Are these 'yellow colour ones' masked (personatus) or Fischeri? Can someone identify them? Maybe these are dilute/ pied lutino masked lovebirds?
  6. BlueLove

    Best rope thickness for Lovebirds

    Hi all, What's the best rope thickness to build some DIY toys? I came across these two, but I am not sure which size to pick: https://www.amazon.com/Original-Natural-Cotton-Rope-Available/dp/B073PCCHDV https://www.amazon.com/Twisted-Sisal-Rope-inch-Scratching/dp/B01JTT61YG/ Also, which...
  7. Diveks

    Severely stunted chick! Absorption issue? (sad update #8)

    So this chick came from eggs that i hatched out where the female passed (older, experienced pair). The parents live in a large aviary with a complete diet, first time breeding in my house (they were given to me by a friend). Oh and they are lovebirds. well the chick is severely stunted and...
  8. BirdLady13

    Favorite Toys - Small Bird Edition

    I need to replenish the toy stock for my lovebird and two parrotlets. What is your small birds favorite toy?
  9. Mango&Five

    safe way to clean bird cage?

    i’m a person who is very paranoid about everything i do with my birds, or to their cages or anything like that cause i never want to give them anything that could be potentially harmful. I have a pretty big cage, i was just going to take it out the back and spray it down with a hose, but i’m...
  10. Godspoison

    New baby lovie reverted to hand feeding - how to wean again

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up a weaned baby lovebird (about 8 weeks old) that was fully weaned. I understand that some babies may revert to wanting comfort feeds upon arriving to a new home. Unfortunately, this baby doesn't seem remotely interested in eating on his own now that we have...
  11. D

    Vet recommendations.

    Hey, apparently my vet doesnt have the equipment to do blood work on small birds. They usualy deal with larger birds such as geese and chickens. I live on the Big island of Hawaii and need recommendations on a vet or lab that can do blood work for small birds. I really just want the blood work...
  12. S

    Please Help! Lovebird just laid an egg 12days ago and now she has another big bump.

    Please Help! Lovebird just laid an egg 12days ago and now she has another big bump on her belly! Is she pregnant again? She has no male bird around. What should I do? Thank you all Please help.
  13. Sweet.Pea

    Me and my chickens

    Hi ! My name is Nelly, I’m a 27 year old stay at home mom to a human baby and 11 animal babies! I have two beautiful birds. A 4 year old Congo African Grey with an extensive story, and a 1 year old Lutino peach faced lovebird! My grey tolerates my husband, and our lovebird being DNA’d female...
  14. ktluvszoe

    Safe flight time in open floor plan

    Hiya guys! Still fairly new to the forum and parronting, this is my second post and third week with my lovebird (first bird ever, aside from 11 year old neighborhood peacock who has chosen me as his person). Have a question about flight time in my house layout with a pretty open floor plan...
  15. ktluvszoe

    Newbie, single lovebird needs cage

    Newbie here! Apologies if cages have already been discussed endlessly, I’ve been checking the forums on Google and a lot of cages seem to no longer be sold or links are broken and I’m frantic here. I was gifted a baby lovebird in wayyy too small a cage and I am desperate to get her something...
  16. vani

    Lovebird Independent Play Outside of Cage

    Hello Avian Avenue, it's been a while! Hope everyone and their birdies have been doing well. :) My lovie winnie and I have been together for two years now, and he's a demonic lil rascal but I love him! He has two cages, one large flight cage and one medium cage to sleep in at night. He has...
  17. Trinity

    Lovebird is hot to touch and loses fearhers

    Hi everyone, I hope I've gone about all this correctly and did a skim read of the guidelines before posting. Context I own a range of indoor and outdoor parrots, many of which are rescues or give aways my mum brings home from volunteering. These birds are separated but have joint 'out time'...
  18. Z

    Lovebirds giving mixed signals

    Hi all, brand new to the group and thought I'd ask for some advice. We have 2 lovebirds, Kulu (peach face, assumed male) and Lola (blue, assumed female). We had Kulu first and he is v noisy but happy and always lively, but we were worried he was lonely during the day hence we bought Lola. We...
  19. M

    Save a Lovebird

    Two days ago I saw a blue lovebird in the window of a petshop. The feathers around his neck was plucked, and the nails on one foot were missing and the fingers were short. He stood alone in an empty cage. I couldnt stop thinking abuk him and I went and got it today. The seller even gave a...
  20. IsaBirds

    Urgent My lovebird has a bent/broken nail

    Happened around an hour ago and she keeps putting her foot up, it probably hurts a lot and her vet isnt answering the calls, should I be very concerned? I'm so scared. Please help.