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Lovebird won't stop screaming


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About a month ago, my partner and I took in a lovebird that we believe was cage-bound for most of his life. We have found that if he hears us or our other bird, he will start going off and he can go for hours! We give the lovebird the option to stay in or leave his cage but whether he is in the cage or outside of it, he won't stop making loud sounds. We think it's a mixture of excitement and anxiety about his new environment/stimuli and ability to leave his cage. It's hard to believe but this lovebird is noisier than our 2 GCC and Senegal combined! We have started keeping the lovebird's cage in a separate room. Although it has largely fixed the constant loud noise, we want him to be around us and preferably the other birds for better enrichment and socialisation. Has anybody had a bird that is constantly very loud when around people and other birds?


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Lovebirds are known to be noisy, any hints of a bird sound will cause them to respond. Watching movies is the worst some times lol. On that note when I visited a breeder who bred 5 different parrots... the lovebird section was definitely the loudest. :laughing2:

He probably just hadn't settle down yet and you are probably right that it's excitement and wanting to be where the action is.