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baby lovebird: should i seperate?


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So my lovebirds have hatched 3 eggs. The eggs hatched around the last and first few days of May and June, I’ll insert photos as to how they look (photos taken a few days ago when I cleaned their nesting box) the blue is the oldest, then the middle and youngest, I guess you can tell which one is which.

My concern is now that I’ve taken them out and touched them, I’ve been hearing squawking coming from inside the nesting box. It’s the kinda noise you hear from birds fighting each other. I’m not sure if it’s the momma bird fighting with the babies or if she’s fighting with the dad since both the mom and dad go in the nesting box with the babies. The momma bird has shown signs of being territorial against the father in the past so I suppose that would be an explanation but I can’t help but think that she is aggressive with the babies. Another concern is that the last time I removed them from the nesting box, their crop wasn’t as full as I’d like it to be. As if the mom doesn’t feed them enough. Now thinking about it, I hardly ever hear the babies crying compared to my baby budgies. Baby budgies cry all the time from being fed by their parents so it’s odd that I’m barely hearing anything like that from the lovebirds. I also noticed that every time I took out the budgies from the nesting box their crop was ALWAYS full.

Eventually, I will separate the babies from the parents so I can hand-feed them since I want to form a loving and caring bond with the babies. however, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to do so sooner rather than later. I’ve hand fed before but I purchased that baby from a breeder which the breeder incubated and hand-fed the babies since day one so I’m clueless on how this situation would work out differently.



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Sometimes with parents raised lovebirds, the crop isn't bulging full, but they are being fed. As long as there is food in the crop and it is moving, then all is well. Keep in mind that you could have simply looked in at a time when they were coming up to a feed.

As for the noises, you would know if they were fighting with the chicks because they wuld have feathers plucked , or marks on their skin, or the chicks would cry loud. If they are not being picked on, best to leave the chicks with their mum for now.

Touching the chicks won 't trigger the parents to abandoning them or turn against them. Just try not to separate for too long when cleaning etc.