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  1. Celery

    My lovebird bites me after i got him a partner.

    More then a week ago i got a lovebird and called him kermit. Because im still busy i got him a friend yesterday and a few hiurs after when i come near the cage he bites me or starts to be aggressive how do i have him stop and rebond with him?
  2. Celery

    Toys choices

    So i have been ordering alot of toys and i wanted to ask if this is for a outside place or would it be able to go inside a cage? My cage it just arrived and idk if i should add it inside of it or find a place somewhere else.
  3. A

    Parrot pooped eggwhite-looking object

    I found this white colored boiled egg textured object in my Lovebird's cage. One if my Lovebirds has been taken to the vet in the past and has been diagnosed with a couple of things. One being that she had created an egg without the shell and it formed an infection due to that, that made her so...
  4. Feather97

    Lovebird refuses to go back into cage

    Hey all! Just wanted to ask for some advice on this. My Lovebird Helios has always been a very calm bird. I know hormones happen but I'm not sure if that is the cause of what's happening. Recently, whenever I let her out (in the bird room) she absolutely refuses to step up and will not return...
  5. Littlelovebird

    First bird Lovebird, second bird?

    Hello! I currently have a very social and clingy fisher loverbird. She is a hen, about 2yrs now. Only had lovebirds before. Would really like to get another bird at some point, maybe a bigger one. My question here is there a species that goes along better than another with lovebirds? Ive always...
  6. B

    It's been 2 months and pet bird is still scared

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum and this is my first post here! I brought home a four month old male budgie two months ago. I have a 2 year old male lovebird at home and despite the risks of having a lovebird and a budgie together, our birds have gotten along together quite well thankfully...
  7. BlueBird67

    A Guide to Parakeet and Lovebird Hormonal Problems

    - By an experienced conure and lovebird dad. PARAKEET (Includes conures, and more) So, It's been a year since you've adopted a 7 week old conure, and now he suddenly starts biting your family, puffing up, and doing his stuff on you. What caused this and what should you do about it now? First...
  8. S

    Going to college and having a single lovebird, will that be okay?

    Hello, before you guys start saying no, do hear me out :) When i went to a bird store, (i know that adopting is better but i don’t have any places to adopt birds in my area) i saw a lovebird in a cage with 3 other lovebirds. He looked rather lonely and distanced himself from the 3 other...
  9. B

    is my lovebird a hybrid?

    not sure if they're a he or a she, but i just stick with he for now. Hes about over a month and a half old. The place my parents brought them from is a place where they dont really care about animals (there are none where i live). It's getting supported by the wave of parents just buying their...
  10. MikoDaBirb

    How are young Female fischers when it comes to taming?

    Hello guys , I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this but I've got me eye on this GORGEOUS 2 month old fischer female. I am planning on taming her but I heard fischers are little bit timid and females are not usually outgoing as males are. So what are your thoughts and tips when it...
  11. S

    I bought Azalea wood perches & i’m unsure if i should give them to my lovebird or not.. Please help!!

    I bought Azalea wood perches online & at first i didn’t know that they were made out of azalea. I’ve searched online and it says that azalea wood is poisonous to birds, however, when i contacted the shop about this, they told me that it was safe and there’s no way that they would sell something...
  12. L

    Lovebird plucking own feathers

    Hi guys/gals, I have a lovebird that is about a year old and he's just started plucking his right wing feathers to a point that the bald patch is half of his right wing & part of his lower neck. We've brought him to the vet and they've said that it's definitely not mites & probably a...
  13. MikoDaBirb

    First-time parents, all five eggs hatched!!

    Hello everyone, My first-time parents lovebird just had the 4 eggs hatched and I am just waiting for the last one to hatch (I know it's fertile through candling) This might be a hassle for the mother bird since she has so many babies to feed and I'm worried that one of the youngest or the runt...
  14. F

    fast clicking sounds and wiggling??

    hi everyone!! i am new to the bird club, but i’ve had my 3 month lovie for almost 2 months now and she’s started doing this weird thing when she’s super energetic where she’s click her beak super fast and wobble her body. when i first saw it i thought she was choking, as it is like fast wiggling...
  15. jadesha

    New lovebird doesn't trust me yet, but loves my head

    So I've just brought home a new peach-faced lovebird named Pokka yesterday, and he is still very scared of me, but loves to be let out of his cage. Pokka loves flying around my room when I'm just working, but he doesn't trust me in general yet, however, he seems to love calmly sitting on my...
  16. conureluv

    Your bird wants you to read this (how to care for a bird)

    I’m wondering if someone has put a flyer/pamphlet similar to this one in a pet shop? What are your experiences? If you’re here from the title, this is a pamphlet I’ve constructed and I want to put it out to the world.
  17. C

    Tiny Home Living. Can it mix well with small birds?

    Me and my mother have been talking about tiny home living for a while now. It would be a tiny home on wheels. Custom built, so we are getting built in PROPER sized bird cages if we go with a tiny home. Now thing tiny home would be on the larger side of tiny homes. So its not a tiny tiny home...
  18. S

    An adult budgie and a baby Lovebird. Compatible?

    Like the questions say, are they compatible?
  19. B

    Lovebird Diet Advice

    Hi — I’m new to this forum! I have a 7 month old lovebird named captain! Captain is not my first bird, but he is my first lovebird. I’m really looking to improve his diet. Would anyone be able to recommend some good seed mix and pellet brands? How much of each do you give your bird per day? I’m...