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Hi! New here but a quick question about my two lovebirds...


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Hi! Just recently got two lovebirds, Ayataka and Ponzu. (Both around 4 months) I got Aya around 2 weeks before Ponzu (just coming up to a week with ponzu) and they both seem pretty relaxed and happy in their new home. Then took them to an avian vet and after they were both cleared of any injuries/diseases decided to try and put them in the same cage. Also then found out that Aya is most likely a female and Ponzu a male (not 100% sure, the vet just guessed so based in their pelvis size) Obviously didn't do that without taking them out at the same time first. They kind of stayed away from each other before Aya went over and grabbed Ponzu's beak and shook it. Didn't think much of it until she started to nip his feet which caused him to start flapping and squawking/screeching. At that point, I separated them before they went towards each other again. This time, Aya put her foot down on Ponzu and tried to climb ontop of him, he shook her off and basically ran away from her. But then sometimes, they both show no signs of pain/anger when grabbing each others beaks, nipping, etc. Should I keep them sepearated or...?

side note: i don't think ayataka is jealous of ponzu getting close to me since ponzu doesnt tend to come near me anyways and ayataka nips me gently, almost as a warning when aya and ponzu are together.


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I would keep them separated.


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Hello! Ive never had lovebirds, but in my experience bonding finches, I’ve noticed they show more chasing/nipping behaviors toward each other while they are still nervous and getting used to each other, and then they calm down and work it out themselves. This is probably not your case as it seems they have already been together for a bit and their aggressive behaviors seem more severe. Just wanted to share my experience!


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As said above, house these birds separately.

The rule for lovebirds is simple;
1 bird per cage, or 1 bonded pair per cage.

As your birds are not bonded, they shouldn't be housed together, for both their safety. Forcing them together can impede any positive relationship they may have surged otherwise.
It is important to give them time out of their cages to interact, and do flock activities together in the hopes of them building a healthy relationship. Eating, bathing, playing etc.
Even when they are friendly with each other, you should still not house together. Wait until/if they bond. You will know if they bond because they will preen each other, sleep together, nap together, fly together, land in the same areas, follow each other arround, play together and generally be together/close to each other about 90% of the day.
It may take time, but it's crucial to be patient and give them the time they need and not rush them.

If they bond and you decide to house them together, be sure the cage is very large with room to get away from any squabbles.

Remember that lovebirds are not like other small birds. They are more likely to severely injure or even kill the other bird in their cage, and if they get stressed or anxious it can lead to feather picking behaviours and other self mutilation unlike softbills and parrots like budgies. Even those docile male lovebirds have spice and fiest.