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New Here n Need Advice !!


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hi everyone !
I have a Lutino Lovebird named Arch who’s about 3 years old now!! we took him from his last owner, who apparently never spent any time with him (he worked 10 hour work days, 6 days a week). When we got him, Arch was afraid of hands and never came out of his little cage. We’ve had him for about 6 months now and he LOVES me. My only concern is.. maybe a little too much? He refuses to play with most of his toys because he would rather be cuddling with me all. day. He also regurgitates and tries to feed me a lot and does his little mating dance for me- which is cute, but i know should be encouraged. I love Archie with all my heart, but is this normal for a lovebird? I used to have two parakeets and a conure and their behavior was SUPER different hahaha.
hopefully someone can shed some light on this!!!
Thanks y’all


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hmm, maybe he doesn't know what to do with toys? Maybe you could engage with toys and foraging activities with him. Make sure youre only petting his head as well.


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Arch sounds exactly like my pico I can’t wear my hair in a messy bun because apparently that’s a massive turn on and he would spend all day making love to it o_O which obviously I don’t want

I’ve found with him that foraging toys stuffed with millet nurtiberries seeds help him play more and me playing with balls bells plastic hoops etc he’s too nosey and wants to join in

Teaching him tricks for treats helps discourage behaviour for a bit too as he’s focused on that

I don’t cuddle him though and stopped giving g him kisses back when he’s in that mood as I’ve found it encourages him to try feed me

do you have a play area for him outside of cage lots and interactive toys on their forging toys finger traps stuffed with millet are a massive hit with my lovebirds foraging wheel and drawers etc they also love a foraging box full of old bits of toys and seeds shredded paper
Balsa wood cork a massive hit with them too