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  1. E

    Natural incubation in button quails

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here because I need some insight from someone more experienced than me in this "field". I have two button quails (male and female), they are now a little over two years old, but just about 6 days ago the female became broody. She kind of tried in the past...
  2. Selin

    HELP!!! Bird sneezing after medication??

    PLZ HELP!! I have been giving my tiel an oral medication for 1 week because he had blood in his droppings, which is now gone! HOWEVER, a few days ago, my tiel started violently sneezing at night, every hour I'd say and it has been going on since. He seems to be fine during the day, he dances...
  3. P

    Please i beg for help (IDK WHAT TO DO ANYMORE)

    Hi. I have a male African ringneck. I have had it for 3 years now. I bought it from a shop. They told me they rescued it from a previous house that used to abuse it. When i bought it had different wounds. I wasn’t planning to buy any birds that day. I just went to buy food for my other 4 birds...
  4. mango&dex

    Urgent Two conures ate brownie pieces

    (Help!) Today, I made brownies because I felt like baking something. My birds love coming to the counter see what I’m making. After I made the brownies I put them in a plate and covered it with a paper towel, I put my birds near the window where they watch outside. I was gone for maybe 15-20...
  5. S


    ( posted this to a wild bird forum on accident <\3 )okay so . about a year ago me and my mom rescued a peach-faced lovebird that was a baby, it couldn't have been more than a few weeks old (was still grey w/o all his colorful feathers) and we got him checked out and he didnt have any diseases or...
  6. N

    she's bitting hard and acting weird

    Hi! So I have a precious female green cheek conure which recently turned 1 year! She's my little baby and I've had her since she was 20 days old so we have a really strong bond with each other. Her name is sunny! She's very smart and pick up everything really fast, but I have to say...
  7. H.Z

    accidental hamster litter URGENT

    Wow... I am shook... Came back home after a week away just to be greeted by a naked hamster pup. How not fun. I own 2 adult roborovski hamsters which I adopted from what could possibly have been a hoarding situation (11 hamsters in 1 cage). The previous owner separated them from the rest saying...
  8. Clairdelun

    Urgent Sick bird

    My cocktiel has been sitting silently for 3 days or more .just sleeping and very less to no vocalising.doesnt seem to to eat or drink water much. Noticed it very weak today .It was sitting at the bottom of the cage.And looks like might fall anytime now .HELP? ALSO ANY CHEAP ONLINE VET I CAN...
  9. mango&dex

    Stupid Bird eats Alfredo Pasta

    I made some Alfredo Pasta for myself and I was accompanied by my two green cheek conures. I was also making chicken broth so I was going to put a lid on it so neither of my birds would turn into the broth it’s self, while I was doing this I noticed one of my conure Mango eating my Alfredo pasta...
  10. Bunchobird

    How to raise a hand-fed budgie RIGHT.

    Hello, I found this little breeder that hand-feeds his birds and sells them for only $15. Wasn't rlly looking for another budgie but somehow i keep getting budgies. God works in his ways lol. The baby won't be ready for another 5-6 weeks he said or until the baby decides to wean ( he lets them...
  11. K

    Urgent I think my Green cheek conure injured his leg. Please help.

    My green cheek conure was climbing up his cage and somehow got his toe squished between 2 bars in his cage. He was just stuck wiggling around for about 30 seconds before I noticed what was happening because he didn’t alert me or make any noise. I pulled the cage apart and got him free, but ever...
  12. D

    help please:(

    my budgie has been growing a weird nasty bump on her beak and she had one on her right side, but she managed to take it off, it does hurt her only a a little cause she makes tiny squeaks but when she took it off there was no marks there. it’s really bothering her though
  13. Kaylie


    This Is my 3yr old cockatiel, Ollie. He has been fine all day and I just got home and there was matted feathers and somthing that looked sticky? All over his face. I looked at what he could have gotten into but I left nothing open. I'm afraid he threw up or somthing. Please help, it's night here...
  14. Grigals

    New carpet

    Hi everyone! So we are renting a new place and about to move our 5 birds in. The only problem is the owner installed new carpet just over 2 weeks ago now. We got the keys on Wednesday and have had the windows open and fans on ever since but it just hasn't helped with the 'smell'. I've tried...
  15. Sponje

    New bird not eating (Help Asap)

    Hi all, after my last bird flew away (Theres a post about it) I decided to get another one... I just couldn't bear having no cockatiel to wake up to everyday, so we got Bobby! Thing is... Since we got him (Just yesterday) he hasn't ate, he has pooped a few times, his tail feathers are a bit...
  16. Grigals

    Sun conure behaviour

    Hello!! I have a new sun conure (awaiting DNA test so no name yet) I have my 2 green cheeks but this is my first sun so I'm still figuring out what their behaviours mean! I'm worried about my little guy, he's quite anxious from his previous owner. He has been very badly clipped and has no...
  17. Grigals


    Hello to all my non Australians, it is currently 3am. Our power went out and turned back on causing the 2 cockatiels to have a night fright. I'm sitting with them calming them down and I notice that violet is bleeding. Its been a good 20 minutes now and no more blood. I think she has...
  18. M

    Baby Sun conure

    Hello! today I got a baby sun conure he’s 4 months old (hatched oct 27th) and I’m worried he’s been weaned too early. He’s been screaming, taking My finger and trying to get me to feed him, and he’s a little underweight. He’s been eating and drinking but I’m still worried.
  19. Grigals

    Bird room or Aviary?

    Hi Everyone! I know this might be a silly question but I need the best for my birds. My 2 green cheeks now one/one and a half are living in the same cage together after a year of outside cage bonding time (male and female pair). I take them out 4 hours everyday but they are still turning more to...
  20. N

    New bird lover here, I need advice about my bird outside the cage

    So whenever my bird come out of his cage he gets spooked and flys around my room, he runs into stuff and he isn’t fully trained to step up on my finger so it’s a struggle getting him back into the cage. I was wondering if I should be bringing him out if he isn’t fully used to my hands.(He can...