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  1. Lothetiel

    Injured wing?

    So my cockatiel got spooked and took off and hit a chair. Didn’t seem hard but when I picked him up I noticed his wing was tense. He was moving it like it was bothering him and when I tried to inspect he started screaming and biting so I left him alone. He’s constantly preening it and still...
  2. Ashtyn Mccoy

    cockatiel doesn’t understand toys?

    so my cockatiel, jupiter, is 1 year and 5 months old already and still doesn’t understand the concept of toys. how can i introduce them to her and what type of toys would be good for a bird with no experience?
  3. sp0kd

    Urgent Budgie light green poops

    So recently I’ve noticed that my budgie has some light green poops. After breathing problems, now h3s breathing better but his poop is pretty watery and light green? im wondering what is the issue because the vet told me he’s a nervous bird and his poops are hormonal..
  4. L

    Tips on new lovebird (please help)

    Hi, I adopted a female masked lovebird 2 weeks ago. She is 3 months old and so far very unfriendly; the few times I've tried to approach her she runs away or tries to bite me. I decided to give her a while to adjust to a new setting before attempting anything further. She is also very loud and...
  5. sp0kd

    911 Budgie suddenly having stamina problems.

    Hello over the past few days I noticed that my budgie wasn't able to fly 3 rings around my room, my room is medium sized and then a few days later I noticed he couldnt fly for 1 ring around my room, he had to fly to one place sit there wait then fly to another, Im wondering is there any...
  6. P

    My Indian ring neck parakeet

    I have a male Indian ring neck parakeet and he is the most adorable thing! But I do have one question! Necko (my parakeet), is bought from a pet store! He was abonded there by his old family at 6 months old! So we brought him home. He prefers to be high up like on the curtains and lamps! He...
  7. G

    Sun Conure Aggression?

    My Sun Conure is super sweet when it comes to me and my sister but I noticed that whenever my mother approaches him, he grows all fluffy and enters some sort of " battle mode ". He will open his beak and keep moving his head up and down, as if he is nodding, with this crazy look in his eyes. And...
  8. CosmoKram

    Questions and Queries from a new bird owner.

    Hi! My name is Maggie. Just yesterday I picked up my first bird ever, an 8 week old hand raised suspected male cockatiel named Cosmo. He is absolutely amazing. Even though i have only really had him for a day and a half he is very affectionate and loves being pat. I just have a couple concerns...
  9. Fal

    How should i trick my boy into eating greens and Fruits

    So ive been wanting to trick my blue man Percy into eating fruits and veggies, but hes scared of them? like ive tried cutting up apples and putting them in the bowl and he just wont eat them. How can i trick him into eating them? Is there a specific way i should trick him by? I just want my man...
  10. Cocokiwi

    Budgie gender

    Does anyone know if my budgies are girls of boys? Sorry for the bad pictures, they’re still scared of me so I can’t hold them to get a better one.
  11. Cocokiwi

    Please help

    I’m new to the website, no idea how things work sorry lol. I have a question about two budgies I bought yesterday. They were both still scared when I woke up this morning so I decided to play recordings I found on YouTube and they both seemed to really like it, they were chirping, moving around...
  12. G

    Which bird should I buy?

    Hi:) I want to buy a bird. But I can't decide which bird to choose. I prefer a cuddly and docile bird, that doesn't bite or go through bluffing phase. I live with my mom and I don't want a bird that prefers one person over others at home. I would like my bird to learn some tricks or to talk a...
  13. P

    Sudden Change

    I just adopted a young conure (still learning to "step up". Hes been extremely friendly, loves attention, and is always wanting to be pet and scratched under the beak. Hes never been shy or skittish and in fact cries out if I leave the room for too long. Well I had an emergency after work the...
  14. N

    Is my conure’s beak ok?

    For as long as I’ve had her her beak’s been like that, but I’ve been looking at pictures of other conures and none of them have beaks like Olive’s. I just wanna know if it’s normal or something to be concerned about. Also don’t mind the ruffled feathers, she doesn’t really like it when I have my...
  15. Ashtyn Mccoy

    needing some cockatiel help!

    so just recently i bought a hand fed whiteface cockatiel. we have been really happy and he would come to me a lot; but recently he has made to discovery of my bedposts/bed rods. when i want tell him to step up he does and then he just flies back to the bed post
  16. Ashtyn Mccoy

    help! my new hand fed cockatiel

    hi guys! i just got a new hand fed whiteface cockatiel and his wings are clipped (so he won't hurt himself). we listened to the breeder and brought him to a bathroom and bonded with him and then introduced him to his cage. for the past couple of days it's been amazing; but now he's always...
  17. sjalfsmord

    Lovebird Just Passed Away

    Guys I'm so sorry that I'm writing this and making this a thread but I really need some help. Today's been so hard on me. I didn't actually want to write the whole story but I guess I should let everyone who read this post knows. Kavun was..very sick. And she didn't show any single symptom...
  18. T

    Please help!

    Hello! I am currently having some problems with my cockatiel, Piper. We are currently unsure of Piper's sex so I will be using male pronouns when I mention him due to how we think he is a boy. First Issue: What sex is Piper? - I have had Piper for little over a year now. The breeder we got him...
  19. Mason and Kiwi

    Need help with GCC diet please...

    There are a lot of questions in this, and I’m sorry if some seem dumb, but I am new to this so go easy on me please!! So I need help coming up with a diet plan for my 7 m/o green cheek conure, Kiwi. I’ve only had her for a little less than two months now. See, I’m horrible at making meal plans...
  20. CrazyCakes

    Are Himalayan salt lamps safe?

    I've been researching as much as I can before I turn this on but all I see are mixed reviews. Are these safe for use with my parrot?