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  1. Baileybea

    Worried about poor feather quality? Green cheek conure

    Hey again. I know I’ve been posting here a lot lately, I’ve just been really worried about Momiji, my green cheek conure. I’ve had her for about 3 years now and her feather quality just seems to be looking pretty rough. She’s a pineapple-turquoise mutation. I took her to her avian vet twice in...
  2. L

    5 week old lovebird with no belly feathers ? Is this normal ?

    Hello! About 2 weeks ago i found Leo, a 3 week old lovebird that was raised by its own mother in a large cage full of birds and was attacked by other lovebirds, which I assume was because the birds were territorial. The poor things feathers were ripped out from the back of its head to its neck...
  3. ok12

    is this plucking?

    hi ever since a few weeks ago i started noticing my gcc belly feathers look wierd, it doest seem like plucking because i dont see any feathers that have blood on them. seems more like he is chewing down on his feathers like you would with your fingernails or somthing. image attached below...
  4. katm89

    Hormonal feather destruction

    Hi all! My bird is at it again with barbering/chewing her feathers. I found out this past spring she was a girl when two eggs appeared in her cage initially I thought her barbering/over preening was due to low humidity in the house over fall and winter, but now it seems the barbering begins...
  5. D

    Flight Feathers

    I am new to having a young tiel. My previous experience was with one that showed up on our doorstep and adopted us. My new baby is somewhere in the 4 to 5 month old range and came from the store with his wings clipped. Not that unusual, I know. I plan to let him have them grow back and be...
  6. A

    GCC’s feathers are ragged and dull

    Hi everyone! My green cheeked conure ‘Blippi’ (named lovingly by my little nephew) has lately had some issues with his feathers. His feathers seem a bit ragged and dull. I have no idea why. Please send help!
  7. paimeezy

    are my budgies tail feathers okay?

    when i first got my budgie, his tail feathers were already pretty janky. he isn’t molting much yet, he’s still pretty young, but i was wondering if his tail will turn out healthy and fine? i got him a few weeks ago. his name is morax. ive also noticed his balance isn’t always the best, and i was...
  8. N

    Pictures Dark spots on feathers

    Hello, Ive had my green cheek conure for about 6 years now. He is usually well grooms him self, has a mild problem with biting his tail, but its gotten better over the last year. My concern is he developed a dark spot on his right wing and im worried that it might be like a fungus and it might...
  9. P

    Urgent Budgie Blood Spots?

    I am worried about my budgie. He has a few blood spots that weren't there last night and this morning I saw them... Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated! The one spot on his one wing is the easiest to see. Above his cere and on the other wing is harder to see.
  10. Airman21

    Wavy feathers

    Hi, my Lutino female Coco, has wavy feathers. I heard it is an anormality, and might be because of the seeds, right? I give her most seeds, she s 4 months old and i got her for 2.5 months already. I want to switch to pellets so i already ordered NutriBird G14 Original. If i feed her 80% pellets...
  11. FeatheredM

    Doing feather necklaces for Car Bowl!

    For my small town Car Bowl we are selling pastries, but on the side I am selling necklaces I made out of my budgies feathers! There are so many varieties
  12. squeak514

    Parrots Playing With Molted Feathers

    My lovebird, Peaches, has a tendency to play with her feathers once they've fallen off as she's preening. She'll chew on them, take them with her when she flies, hold them with her feet, and chase after them if I take them away from her. She typically does this with her primary feathers, but...
  13. S

    Are these stress bars?

    My little guy is 10 weeks old, just wondering about his feathers if they are normal? And to see what everyone else thinks, 1st time owning a ekky
  14. S

    Cockatiel chewing and swallowing powder down feathers??

    My cockatiel lately has been picking at and chewing and swallowing his powder down feathers on the sides of his back, kinda below his wings. He chews on them, makes them into a fine powder, and then swallows them. Is this normal? Is this due to stress? Or lack of protein or calcium? He does...
  15. Lothetiel

    Dropped feathers

    Hey, so I just came home and got my cockatiel out and when he was flying around I noticed he dropped a ton of feathers all at once. I’ll add a photo. He seems to be fine and I didn’t see any bald spots but I was just wondering what this is? It seems a little early to be molting and I haven’t...
  16. keikoasmom

    Naked Goffin Plucks Buddy Bald

    Our Goffin, Bubo, has had a feather chewing problem for years. In the last year we tried soft collars and dresses but she can destroy those too. I just read the article about giardia, and I'm going to ask my vet what he thinks. It does seem that January is molting time for most of our...
  17. Sunni Tiel

    Broken tail feathers?

    Sunni is a 4-month-old cockatiel, and his wings are clipped. Anytime he gets spooked he sort of jumps backward and flaps his wings, sliding down the nearest wall and landing on his tail feathers. He has cracked 3 in half so far and there are 2 that are snapped but not quite fallen off. Is there...
  18. J

    just molt or something wrong??

    hey, i don’t know if this is the correct place to post this but my bird’s feathers have been looking bad/weird lately. i’m pretty sure she’s in molt right now but i don’t know if this is just part of that or if somethings wrong??? she’s my first pet bird and i’ve only had her a few months so i’m...
  19. E

    Few feathers on my conure?

    My sun conure Rio has much less feathers than my other conure Sonny. They’re both basically the same age and it worries us that they have so little feathers! Does anyone know what could be the cause of this? (P.S we don’t know the genders of our birds yet, we’re hoping to get a DNA test soon)...
  20. L

    Weird white stubs under feathers

    I I recently noticed these weird things under my cockatiels feathers. He bites them and white stuff comes off. I haven’t touched them yet. I don’t know how long he has had them. What are they? I’m worried for him