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Urgent (Bit of blood warning) Feather Scare


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My girl Sunny is currently on her first molt, but is also still growing out her clipped wings from before I got her and getting new tail feathers as her baby ones broke at various times. Today, she gave mommy a nice scare. She tried to fly off the top of her cage and hit the floor because she only has 2 new flight feathers at the moment and most of her tail feathers are still pretty tiny. She had one tail feather that was growing decently, but when she fell on the floor and came running over to me to step up, it was barely hanging on. As I was trying to check it out, she turned on my hand, stepped on it, and it popped out. The tip of the feather was very squishy and when I squeezed it a bit, blood came out. I assumed that the entire feather had come out by the root and I checked her for any blood, but didn't see any. She was sitting on my fingers and I knew she was in some pain because she kept tweeting (there was still no blood that I saw) and I was calling the natural stores in my town to try and locate some organic linden flowers that I could go grab for her to ease the pain. Well, after about 7-10 minutes when she decided to move to my shoulder, I looked down and saw blood drops on my computer and table! I wrapped her safely in a towel and tried to find exactly where she was bleeding to put some corn starch, but she wiggled out of the towel before I could find it. My only avian vet is a 46 minute drive away and he hasn't seen Sunny yet, so (yall may think I'm nuts for this) I called my local pet store where I got Sunny because one of guys that works there has cockatiels of his own and another guy that works there used to have them. I explained the situation and that it seemed to have clotted by the time I was talking with them, and they said that as long as it clotted to just try and keep her calm because stress would make it take longer to clot. So I gave her some dried organic chamomile flowers and she took a little nap after a bit. Well, when she woke up from her nap, she preened a bit as she normally does especially with her molt and she preened the clot off! :scared2: It re-clotted a couple of minutes later and hasn't bled anymore that I can tell. She's behaving normal maybe a little sleepier, pooping the same, drinking water, and enjoyed some food, but should I watch for anything other than more bleeding? She's preening the area again. Thanks in advance



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If it rebleeds, to help the clotting apply some corn flour to the tip with gentle pressure.

but should I watch for anything other than more bleeding?
My lovebird boy bled badly back in January and he was very docile, wasn't himself. Obviously I took him to the vet for the bleed, and the lethargy was just an observation.