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  1. J

    just molt or something wrong??

    hey, i don’t know if this is the correct place to post this but my bird’s feathers have been looking bad/weird lately. i’m pretty sure she’s in molt right now but i don’t know if this is just part of that or if somethings wrong??? she’s my first pet bird and i’ve only had her a few months so i’m...
  2. E

    Few feathers on my conure?

    My sun conure Rio has much less feathers than my other conure Sonny. They’re both basically the same age and it worries us that they have so little feathers! Does anyone know what could be the cause of this? (P.S we don’t know the genders of our birds yet, we’re hoping to get a DNA test soon)...
  3. L

    Weird white stubs under feathers

    I I recently noticed these weird things under my cockatiels feathers. He bites them and white stuff comes off. I haven’t touched them yet. I don’t know how long he has had them. What are they? I’m worried for him
  4. Hoshi

    How old was your ringneck when they got their ring?

    Hello! My IRN just turned 2 in March and hasn't gotten his ring yet, he is DNA-sexed. He hasn't shown any female behavior, so I'm sure he is just a late bloomer. I was curious if anyone here had a late bloomer, too!
  5. Scarlet&Annie

    Is this normal for the feather shaft?

    I saw her tail shafts looks funny. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. She WILL NOT hold still for me to look at it look enough. I'm super frustrated and concerned. What is normal for the tail feather shaft anyways? Google provided me with no answers. Sorry for the meh photos, it was...
  6. H

    How can I clean my budgies feathers?!

    My 3 year old male budgie Zazu has been a bit under the weather so he’s having antibiotics as he has a respiratory infection. He doesn’t like being held too closely but I have had to by giving him the antibiotics via a tiny syringe. He isn’t too happy but he’s fine after! The only problem is...
  7. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Double Feather?

    Today I was replacing the paper on Kiwi and Blizzards' cage, and I found this odd feather. Its one of Blizzard's feathers and I'm wondering why it looks the way it does.
  8. pepsix

    Male or female cockatiel based on feathers?? HELP!!

    Hello Two weeks ago I bought a around 10 month old cockatiel from a local aviary where 6 years ago I bought budgies from. I requested a male cockatiel and I saw Pepsi and I couldn't take my eyes off him! I asked if he was indeed a male as he seemed to have really red cheeks and a sort of yellow...
  9. A

    why has my 2yo conure lost main chest feathers?

    My green cheek conure on the right has lost adult feathers like the left conure has and only has down feathers remaining; I just noticed this and do not know if this is normal for this kind of bird? I dont remember this happening with the other bird.
  10. SunnyBeak

    Tattered feathers

    Hello! First time posting here. This is my first bird. My Sun conure is 2 yrs old and I've had her since she was 6 months. I have her on Zupreem but currently trying to switch her to Harrison's. She has a very large cage and plenty of rope perches and safe toys. Her feathers are completely...
  11. Diveks

    Macaw likes holding her tail

    Hey everyone, So sunset, my macaw has been holding his tail for a long time. She would do this baby thing and be puffed up bobbing her head while scratching her own head, but while this is happening she would grab her tail and hold it while standing on the perch. This would destroy her tail. She...
  12. Mo Amjad

    Body marks?

    Hey guys I'm a little concerned on why my Ringneck has these black lines on his stomach is this normal?. He's out most of the time throughout the day and I usually have him busy as some of you may find him familiar. Can this be a sign of feather plucking I don't think so because he's usually...
  13. Littlelovebird

    Losing feathers and used ones

    Hi guys! My lovebird is losing feathers. Nothing to worry this happens ever year. But this time he lost a lot on his tail and the new ones are growing in weird angles. He is also at an age were he likes to release a lot of tension apparently lol. And by hopping on a cushion some feathers now...
  14. F

    Urgent lovebird bleeding a lot but now stabilized

    Hello guys. I've just created this account because im really desperate for answers as I dont know what to do, today I went over to see my lovebird thats 2yo, raised by my family, and i noticed blood on the bottom of the cage and he was bleeding a lot from the tail part, I then applied a saline...
  15. Khizz

    Pictures Feather deco idea

    @Zara recently posted something about using bird feathers...well today I was looking around for something to make my mini terrarium look pretty, and saw my jar of bird feathers...and voilà! Feathery planter! Alas, Jeff doesn't moult as much as Mabel so it's just yellow feathers for now! I just...
  16. M

    Sudden feather loss???

    I adopted a Panama Amazon about 7-8 months ago, she’s 19 years old (20 on May 9th!) and very sweet and loving. Not a plucker. For context, I work during the day, and occasionally at night too. I always come back and spend time with her before she gets out to bed to make up for that. Our system...
  17. Dostc426

    What Is Your Opinion On Blood Feathers?

    Hello everyone! I have endured several years of my sun conure being incredibly clumsy, and as a result, fractured/broken blood feathers amuck! At first we were extremely worried about them and would pull them out immediately more out of fear than for logic's sake. However as the years have gone...
  18. J

    Is my budgie okay?

    Hi everyone, i hope someone can help me. I have to budgies and they are around 3 and 4 years old, the older one is male and called Coco and the younger is female and called Zoey. For the past 1,5 years Zoey has occasionally portrayed different behaviour, and has a different appearance. Her...
  19. Y

    Canary cysts on wings help

    I have just recently bought a canary and discovered 2 cysts, caused by ingrowing feathers, one on each place where the shoulder would be in the wings, after much research I am left with a decision, do I keep picking the feathers out every time they appear, risking infection each time they do...
  20. RiccaE

    Bent then broken tail feather

    My baby GCC had a bent tail feather. It was roughly a 45 degree angle for a few days. Today when I changed his cage bottom, I noticed the feather had either broken off at the bend mark, or did he maybe chew it off? Is it normal for a bent feather to break off and will he be okay with just the...