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4 1/2 month old Conure molting?


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Hi all,

my almost 5 month GCC appears to be molting. I am concerned because it seems so young. He’s been losing a fair amount of the fluffy down feathers for no apparent reason (no plucking, and even when he’s not grooming). Behavior wise he doesn’t seem out of the ordinary- sleeping as usual, eating, drinking and always playful and snuggly. 2 weeks ago he never lost any feathers except for maybe a couple here and there, now he’s losing the down feathers it feels like constantly. Attached is a picture of his back where he seems to lose the most from. Just to emphasize, it doesn’t normally look like this I just happened to get it at the right angle when he was done shaking his wings out. Normally, you can’t really tell where the feathers are coming out of aside from seeing the pin feathers. He also loses a lot from his head and chest area. Thank you!


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Molting at 5 months isn't a problem one of mine molted at approx 14 weeks, they can molt for quite a while as well especially when younger.