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Parrots Playing With Molted Feathers


Moving in
My lovebird, Peaches, has a tendency to play with her feathers once they've fallen off as she's preening. She'll chew on them, take them with her when she flies, hold them with her feet, and chase after them if I take them away from her. She typically does this with her primary feathers, but will play with downy feathers too.

Does anyone know why parrots do this? I was curious about the behavior and couldn't find much online. I actually think it's kind of cute and wondered if there's any reason for it.

IMG_20210420_170702_839.jpg 0511212132a.jpg


Rollerblading along the road
Aww, Peaches is gorgeous! I don't know why birds do it to be honest. My parrotlet lives inside, and she doesn't like her toys at all. However, she does love her molted downy feathers to play with! She only likes playing with primary feathers if I am holding them for her to preen. I think she plays with them because she doesn't have a mate. I do have other birds, but she is not bonded to any of them, and so she doesn't get to preen any other birds. I think she likes to play with the feathers because they make fun toys and because it is fun to preen a 'bird'.