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  1. S

    Urgent My cockatiel is seriously sick

    Hello everyone, I really need your advice on what to do .. My cockatiel (Richard) started sneezing about ten days ago. When the sneezing didn't stop I took him to the vet on the fifth day. The vet gave me two immunity enhancement medications to be put in his drinking water, one in the morning...
  2. mango&dex

    911 Green cheek conure has a cut above nail on foot

    Yesterday I was trimming my conures wings which our vet recommended us doing. As I was doing so his foot got in the way and it cut above his nail. I was immediately panicking and called my vet while using some baby powder which was the only thing I had on hand to stop the bleeding. He didn’t...
  3. haze

    Urgent Toe Squished in Cage Door???

    About 5 minutes ago Pepper’s toe was squished in the jamb of his cage door while I was putting him in bed. He screamed loudly when it happened so I immediately opened the door. The toe has a red mark on it now and he is not putting all his weight on it, but he did eat a little bit. I want to...
  4. M

    Urgent Elderly cockatiel having seizures

    Quick overview so I can post something faster. I’ll add a detailed description after this. Elderly female cockatiel, assumed 24, rescue of about four years. Suddenly having seizures.what can I do?
  5. M

    Urgent: Ruptured air sac not healing

    I’ve been trying to get advice for this though my usual alleys but I’m not getting the information that I need so I’m trying a parrot forum instead. Birds are birds right? I have a baby chicken with a ruptured air sac which I have been treating for WEEKS now and it just isn’t healing. We went...
  6. MooFish


    Hey, I'm talking about Norman, my a little over 2yrs old budgie. He's a boy. He's always been a bird that molts a lot, but it was light shedding for the most part. I can't remember exactly when, but he stopped molting. He was normal other than that. Just like 2 or so days ago he's been losing...
  7. Diveks

    911 Egg Bound Finch on the ground! no vet available today.

    So my zebra finch laid an egg yesterday and today she should have the second one. She was conditioned beforehand but i guess something happened and she is now egg bound. She is laying on the ground straining to lay an egg every 10 minutes, after the contractions would go back up to the nest...
  8. M

    Urgent please help my budgie is bleeding from its bum and i сant do anything right now

    i just came home (its 11pm here) and i noticed my budgies bum is bleeding. i never have noticed it until now. the blood is bright red, i have had him for 5/6 years now , hes housed alone and he never had problems up until now (except once, when he had problems with eating 2020 because we had...
  9. sheeps


    my aunt and uncle are trying to force me out the house and they are targeting my pet bird , they are trying to take it from me and my uncle told me once i go to work hes gonna get my bird , what do i do if they kill my bird??? what can i do????
  10. J

    Bird lost his bottom beak

    We don’t know what happened but I’m pretty sure he was at the top of the door and one of the kids closed the door while he was on top. Anyways we are devastated. Took him to the vet and ran us up almost $2000 but we love him so it’s totally worth it. We haven’t seen him back yet but the dr said...
  11. D

    Need emergency help for my budgie (Warning: Graphic Photos) Good update#9

    Hello! I really need help as my babie budgie somehow got hold of a thread and got it wrapped around its leg and the stick in its cage. By the time i found out it had chewed its foot . Now the part above the knee is fine but the bone below the knee is poking out. It keeps chewing on the wound and...
  12. B

    Zebra Finch Housing

    I am new to Zebra Finches, I got a male and female from a friend with the intent to bring life to the house. Indeed it did. They are in a 42 inch wide, 22 inch deep and 37 inch tall cage. They quickly bonded and it’s been about 3 and half weeks. The male built a nest but they rarely sleep in it...
  13. 1

    Urgent URGENT!! Distressed & disoriented budgie after bath.

    Today, I decided to give my budgie a bath in warm water. I took him out & saw that he started having trouble balancing because he was shaking so much. He also began wheezing, which I cannot explain because I made sure he didn't dunk his head in the water or that it didn't touch his beak. This...
  14. D

    Urgent Dot bit my green cheeck conure

    Hello, i think my dog bit my bird. My bird went to the floor and the puppy went after him. Im not even sure if he bit him, since I reacted almost immediately. I dont want to risk it. The thing is I called emergency vets and they said they don’t check birds. The two avian vets in my area (one do...
  15. Frogpasta

    HELP!! Running out of pellets!

    hello everyone! i’ve run into a hefty problem...because of covid ( i feel like i’m saying that sentence all the time ) i am unable to ship Harrison’s pellets from the USA to Australia. does anyone know of any suppliers inside of Australia? or perhaps something i could get here that is just as...
  16. ZY28

    Urgent Help my bird chews on soap dispenser!

    Hello, My 4 month old green cheek was with me in the bathroom. Then he went and chewed on the soap dispenser! I stopped him right away, but I don't know how much he has ate! Every vet is closed! I don't know what to do! Plz don't tell me to go see a vet. I attached a photo of the soap dispenser...
  17. Csolis22

    Urgent Lovebird Spitting up White Foam in Morning

    Hi my lovie is 5 years old and she’s been acting normal but since yesterday in the morning she has been spitting up white foam. She’s known for regurgitating all the time on her toys but always food. i took her to the vet and they did blood work and an x ray and here are the photos the vet...
  18. L

    Is it crop burn?

    We just finished hand feeding our around 5 week old budgie. While we were feeding him, he leaped towards the spoon and ate some of the formula when it was too hot. We took it away immediately. It was only a little and at 113° Fahrenheit. Is this enough to cause crop burn? Is there anything we...
  19. layinlow

    Conjunctivitis or normal cockatiel eye?

    Hello! I will be going on vacation soon for about 10 days and leaving my precious baby with my sister. He is 4 years old, but a few months ago I noticed this slight ‘inner eyelid’ thing that he has going on. It is symmetrical on both eyes. He does not overly watery eyes or any gunk coming out of...
  20. H

    Need help please, 3 week old cockatiel not eating. (Sad update post #20)

    I recently got hold of a 3 week old cockatiel from a breeder. I was was hand feeding him for almost a week now and had no problems at all. Yesterday he started to try to vomit but nothing came out. Then today morning when I tried to feed, he wouldn't eat. I have tried to get hold of a vet but...