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  1. C

    Bird sick and vreathing heavily (sad update #6)

    My sisters bird is Ryuk.Its 4 weeks old .recently noticed that it's a lot quieter thank usual .it looks very sick .Gave meds but it keeps its eyes closed and breaths with beak open.Ryuk is always sneezing these days and looks very weak.
  2. B

    Urgent Budgie randomly taken turn (sad update post #4)

    Hello! My 2 (ish) year old budgie, Pierogi, has randomly taken a turn for the worse overnight. He is still eating and drinking (less than usual but still doing it) but is very lethargic and fell off his perch earlier. I can’t get to a vet for a few days, I’ve been keeping him warm in a travel...
  3. X

    Sprained finch leg Help needed!!!

    Hello. Saturday evening I noticed my zebra finch had hurt her leg. It’s been hard for her to fly and stand on her perch. Today I took her to the vet and there was no fractures in the x ray. I was given pain killers and antibiotics. They told me she sprained her leg. They did not put a splint...
  4. M

    Pictures I'm worried about my baby budgie. Please help.

    I'm new here, so I'm sorry if there's a format I'm supposed to follow. (S)he, who I've named Momo, was born a little over 2 weeks ago. I did everything I could to not intervene and just let them look after my budgies' kids themselves. The first blow came when a week old kid fell from the nest...
  5. T

    Urgent EMERGENCY Baby Eclectus Slow crop(6 weeks old)

    Hi, i have a problem regarding my baby eclectus' crop. His crop is emptying but in a very slow manner. I am afraid that he has become under weight because of this. He can only eat 10 ml nutribird A21 formula and empty his crop in 6 hours. imagine it, 6 hours with a watery solution. I dont know...
  6. A


    Should a baby budgies feet look like this
  7. Pastel

    Urgent Red spot on new baby budgie feather

    Hi, So I just saw a medium sized (like a penny) red (or pink) spot when my new baby budgie (I got him today and the guy at the shop had to take him with his hand to put him in the box, after that she was in her transport box for almost 30 minutes). It's located on it's feathers but I only saw...
  8. J

    EMERGENCY!!! pest control

    I live in an apartment complex. I haven't lived here very long and when getting my conure, I was unaware that the apartment did routine pest control sprays every three months. People are trying to tell me it won't be that big of a deal because they spray just around the kitchen and bathrooms...
  9. Komsur

    Urgent Can't tell if my bird broke a blood feather or just cut himself!!

    Hi, My bird got his toe caught in his ring band and whilst trying to help him with that, there was a lot of flapping and panicking and he slammed against the cage floor. I noticed blood on a feather that came out, a tiny, tiny amount, basically nothing, and there's a red spot on his wing which...
  10. F

    Urgent Cockatiel lost voice

    Okay so it’s a long journey hope you guys can help me. My 2 year old female cockatiel started having a raspy voice exactly a month ago. I took her to vet as soon as her voice changed. We were on antibiotics for 2 weeks that seem to give her some energy but didn’t help with her voice. I took her...
  11. Zali_Jo

    Lost Eclectus (Found! update #4)

    We have lost a Male Eclectus Parrot!! Gippsland, Australia. He answers to the name Kirby and loves seed and nuts. He makes crow noises and says hello. Does anyone have any tips on finding lost birds?? Please help, Zali
  12. Dilla66

    Urgent Conure laying eggs

    My pineapple conure started laying eggs (due to male activity) and I’m wondering how long it takes to lay an egg? She laid her first egg 48 hours ago (the egg appeared to be healthy). She has an ‘egg butt’, and she is acting normal for the most part. I’m starting to get worried that her egg...
  13. C

    Urgent Sick & Wet-Looking Parakeet. Super worried, how do I proceed?

    This started yesterday. My bird was just sitting around in her cage in the morning pretty quietly and fluffed up. She looked fine. Even during the day yesterday, she looked fine. At night however, when I tried to put her in her cage, I noticed that she looked wet. I thought maybe her head dipped...
  14. A

    Urgent Cockatiel in shock and i don't know what to do.

    My cockatiel flew out the window into the neighbourhood about 30min ago, so i ran outside as fast as i could and found my cat holding him in his mouth while he was screaming for help, i picked him up and he started violently biting me to the point where i started bleeding, the right side of his...
  15. P

    sick cockatiel

    Hello. I have a 10 year old cockatiel. He's been sick for (kind of) a month now. The thing is, I'm not sure if he's even sick anymore or that he's just changed his behaviour. There are barely any avian vets where I live and my current one told me that she doesn't know what else could my bird's...
  16. A

    New Baby Pigeon Just Came in My Balcony

    A new baby pigeon though I guess a week older has arrived in my flat's balcony, It is unable to fly, its parents haven't arrived yet and he refuses to eat rice or drink milk. This is rainy season in India and night is going to fall soon I'm afraid that he will die of cold if left uncared and I...
  17. Arin

    Urgent HELP! Vomiting baby budgie

    Hello, I checked on my baby budgies as per usual and realised that there was a bit of vomit on the nests walls. I am not sure who it was but I think it was my second born (4 weeks old). I weighed him/her and despite his/hers age it is only 35 grams while the baby that is a week younger than...
  18. HenryFinch

    Urgent Lump on blue gouldian finch head

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. My name is Sebastián Barco, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I'm 23 years old and I'm about to graduate as a computer engineer, but I've always been passionate about birds. I've lived with pet birds since i was born: 4 budgerigars, 5 canaries, 1 red...
  19. E

    Urgent Emerg vet visit yesterday

    Hey I took my 24yr old dove to the vet yesterday. About 4 days ago i thought i saw signs of him favouring his foot, but it was so subtle, I thought I was imagining it. Day before yesterday, it became clear. He was not putting much weight on it at all..and it looked like it hurt when he tried...
  20. Z

    Urgent Baby cockatiel red and swollen crop

    I have recently hatched a baby cockatiel and it is 13 days old but 2 days ago, I found out that the baby’s crop was turning red and a bit swollen. We had always feed it at the correct temp around 40 degrees and it has always been in its brooder. It kind of looks like it was burned and it starts...