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  1. RedCarpetEclectus

    Pigeon not eating much - otherwise healthy

    I have an adult male frillback pigeon, have had him for a few months now and noticed he has not been eating nearly as much as he should over the past few days. He is still a good weight, active and still flys about, feathers in good condition. He is coming to the end of his moult if that...
  2. Mico&Limon

    Diet: pellets and/or sprouted seeds ?

    Hi all. I have a question regarding the caique diet. I have been giving Mico a diet consisting of mainly pellets (Nutribird G14) because it was what he was used to from the breeder and they strongly recommended pellets to be the main part of the diet. Then of course I give him fruits and...
  3. RedCarpetEclectus

    Best organic pellets?

    I have been looking for some completely organic pellets to add to my Eckie's diet. They have 80% fresh fruits, veggies, mash, etc however in times when I lack the funding to buy so much fresh produce, I need them to be fine eating pellets. TOPS looks great, however I am having a hard time...
  4. Sweet Louise

    How much fruit?

    Louise is a CAG who is about 10/11 mos old. Daily, I have been giving her a fruit for breakfast, Harrison pellets, and then a veggie at dinner. Bites of things I am eating or a treat/nut/sunflower seed during training. At Pruess's Pets, the associate told me several times "only give fruit once...
  5. Daema

    Nekton-Lori Diet

    Does anyone know anything about the Nekton-Lori nectar diet? I read nothing but good things, but the woman I got Maui from had some concerns about it, something about glucose? However, Nekton-Lori instructions say it is a complete diet for lorikeets and can provide all nutrients needed as a...
  6. Omar1234

    Eclectus advice

    Hello everyone and thank you for reading this, I am a new bird owner and I could REALLY use some advice. Last week my family got our first pet birds. We aren't sure how old they are because the previous owners didn't give us very much info. However we believe they are both around 8 years...
  7. Embad

    Appropriate Fruit, Vegetable, Protein and Grain Serving Sizes?

    Hi all! I just brought home my first conure yesterday and he (I don't know the sex, obviously, but I call him he!) is already such a joy! His name is Terry P and he's a 5 month old golden capped conure. I have read that fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains are very important parts of a...