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  1. A

    Diet advice and homemade daily feed mix

    I recently took in a budgie from a family that didn’t want him anymore and was planning on abandoning him. I have been reading about budgie care needs. I see that pellets are strongly recommended but I live in a very remote part of my country and can’t afford to ship pellets here. The pet store...
  2. mybluebirb

    What to feed when pellets are finished?

    Hi! I realised parrot only had a few pellets left in the packet so I ordered some more but it’ll take a few days (maybe 3) to arrive so what can I feed her in the meantime? The pellets left in the packet will only last a day and I feel so bad that I didn’t order any earlier :( I will be...
  3. G

    Food/Diet Plan Help! What to feed my birds?!

    I need to know the percentage (by weight) of pellets, seeds, veggies, and fruits to feed to my cockatiels and budgie. They all share the same food (yes, they do each have their own food bowls & water), and right now i have a food plan of 60% pellets, apx. 18% veggies, apx. 17% seeds (sprouted)...
  4. G

    Is Corn Bad?

    Is corn a bad thing to feed my cockatiels and budgie? I read that some people never feed corn and that it is bad to feed due to yeast infection. Should i completely cut corn out of their diet and avoid food mixes and pellets that have corn in them? Thanks!
  5. G

    Percentages of Food

    When I measure out my birds food in percentages, such as 60% pellets, 20% seeds, 20% fruits and veggies, etc., should I do the percentages based on weight or volume? So let's say I make a hundred grams of food, I would do it based on weight, 60 grams of pellets, 20 grams of seeds, and 20 grams...
  6. G

    Vegetables Help

    Does anyone know of a dried or freeze dried wide variety blend of vegetables (preferably human grade or made for humans) that doesn't contain alliums (garlic, onion, etc) and is completely safe for birds? Thank you so much. My birds don't like to eat fresh vegetables. I've bought them freeze...
  7. G

    How many grams of food daily should a cockatiel eat

    How many grams of food should an average cockatiel typically consume in a day? I've read anywhere between 6 grams, 15 grams, and 30-40 grams, so now I'm really confused. Those are huge differences. I'm also wondering how many grams of food a parakeet should consume daily. Thanks so much for your...
  8. G

    'Tiel & Budgie Diet

    I'm wondering if a mix (in all equal parts) of Zupreem Natural Pellets, Harrison's Adult Lifetime, Dr. Harvey's Colossal Cockatiel Blend, and Top's Parrot pellets is a healthy well rounded diet for my cockatiels and budgie to eat? Of course they will still get fresh fruits and veggies as well as...
  9. WillowQ

    Which pellet brand, Harrison’s or zupreem?

    Hi, Jasper my ten year old Meyers parrot will need new pellets soon. She is ok with zupreem natural parrot and Conure or Harrison’s coarse maintenance diet. Does anyone have a preference between these two for their poicephalus? Prices are pretty comparable. she leaves lots of dust with tops...
  10. J

    Expired pellets

    I have a bag of All Living Things (old Petsmart brand) Conure and Lovebird Diet fruit flavored pellets. I got them about 2 years ago when I was switching my GCC from seed to pellets and have continued to use them as treats since them. I gave her a few today and realized the bag said Best By: May...
  11. K

    Boy is my story ever interesting….

    Hello! I am a 26 year old birb mom to two wonderful (most of the time) birds. A little about myself is that I have pretty severe ADHD and possibly high-functioning autism as well. Having birds has been SO hard for me, but so very rewarding and has taught me a lot about myself. I work at a pet...
  12. HabibiMom

    IRN loves Doum Palm Fruit - What do your Ringnecks like?

    I don't know if this is available everywhere, but I'm in Egypt, so its everywhere here, and our ringnecks love this. They don't eat the fruit inside, because we buy just the outer casing....and they love to eat and chew on that and just destroy it. It's one of their favorite things. If you...
  13. Baileybea

    Worried about poor feather quality? Green cheek conure

    Hey again. I know I’ve been posting here a lot lately, I’ve just been really worried about Momiji, my green cheek conure. I’ve had her for about 3 years now and her feather quality just seems to be looking pretty rough. She’s a pineapple-turquoise mutation. I took her to her avian vet twice in...
  14. Baileybea

    A few questions for my Green Cheek Conure (long post, mental health/OCD)

    Hey guys! I’ll admit, I’ve been very stressed out lately. I’ve been having a lot of health issues (physical AND mental) which led to me realizing that I need to step up my game when it comes to caring for my green cheek Conure, Momiji (Momo). This is gonna be a LONG one, so thank you in advance...
  15. JulietRose

    Foods I could share with my Quaker?

    So, I was thinking about making recipes that me and my Quaker could eat together. He’s a kind of picky eater but when he sees me eat things he likes to try them out to, and I’m hoping to take advantage of this! I prefer more “natural” or “plain” foods, which would make it easier to share, I...
  16. rayoliver

    Help with parrot droppings

    Hello everyone! I recently got a baby quaker parrot (2 months old) the person I got it from was feeding him just seeds and Maseca (a corn flour treated with hydrated lime). Having read a lot about a healthy parrot diet I knew I had to change his diet and start implementing veggies and pellets. I...
  17. X

    Losing progress on pellet conversion ?

    Hi all, I currently own an 8 year old rescue lovebird who was fed an all-seed diet by his previous owner. Basically I've been trying to convert him to Harrison's (it is the only brand available here) for the past 6 months or so using the Zupreme slow and steady method. Initially progress was...
  18. GeezLouise

    Does my vet know what he’s talking about?

    I recently took my pineapple green cheek to the vet (a vet I didn’t particularly like after an initial visit, but wanted a quick nail trim for convenience sake) which went fine. Once we got to the topic of diet, just like last time, I was told extremely conflicting information. All I’ve ever...
  19. GalaxyDog9

    Newbie lovebird owner food advice

    Hello everyone! So, about two months ago I acquired a peach-faced lovebird. When I got him he was only on seeds, soon after I got him on zupreem fruity, now I have realized he should have better pellets, I’ve seen different things about good brands and I was thinking I would try Harrison’s? any...
  20. Codyyjohns

    Getting my Cockatiel To Eat Chop

    Hi everyone, My cockatiel Petey is 7 years old. I’ve decided to change his diet up, as for most of his life he has only agreed to eat Roudybush mixed with some Nutriberries. I’ve decided to add Dr. Harvey’s colossal cockatiel mix for seed and grain intake and also am preparing fresh chop...