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  1. teena87

    Diet and hormones

    Hello, I just wanted to see if anyone would have any experience or feedback on the below. My male lovebird has been on pellets most of his life. First Goldenfeast brand and then when the small beak formula became impossible to find in Canada I switched to Tops. He ate both. Several months ago...
  2. charlieboy

    Need help with Charlie's seed part of his diet!

    Hi guys! Charlie is running low on the homemade seed mix we got from the breeder (pictures above mixed with a bunch of colored pellets) which is pretty far away, so I decided to go to the pet shop and give commercial seed mixes a try. I tried my best to pick the healthiest they had, at least...
  3. Flynn

    Before and After Pellets

    Hey! I was wondering if anybody has pictures of their parrot before and after using pellets. I love seeing those types of comparisons :). Also, for those that did convert their parrot off of seeds, how long did it take to see a real difference in plumage?
  4. pelmenyi

    Conure food?

    I recently got a GCC and I was wondering if Zupreem fruitblend pellets were alright to give her or is there a better alternative. She was raised on those specific pellets. I provide her with daily fruits and vegetables but I'm unsure about the pellets themselves. Please let me know if theres...
  5. pelmenyi

    Food for the conure

    So being a new bird owner and such, I've come to understand that I don't know a lot about the proper food. I feed my GCC Zupreem fruit blend flavored pellets and I just wanted to get some advice if this is a good brand and if there are better options out there. Thanks! I do feed her fruits and...
  6. B

    Post Gallbladder Removal Diet and Lifestyle

    Hey guys! I've mentioned in passing before I was about to have surgery and I did have it last Tuesday. I'm only 20 but unfortunately I had to have my gallbladder removed due to gallstones that run through my family on my father's side. Several other family members had their gallbladders removed...
  7. B

    Which Pellets are Best?

    Just curious as to which pellets other bird owners have found work best for their birds? I live in Australia and I haven't seen a lot of the brands mentioned by others but I'm happy to order online if it's better for them! I'm currently feeding them with Vetafarm Nutriblend pellets, I've...
  8. B

    Sprouted Lentils

    I read from lots of sources that sprouted seeds and grains are an excellent source of nutrition for birds so I got straight to work on sprouting my own! Then my sister came along and reminded me that the lentils I was sprouting were a source of protein!! I don't think it's as much as in eggs...
  9. lillie


    so, the I understand why zupreem pellets aren't the best. My birds will EAT THEM UP! but... they discolor their poop and it can become VERY concerning. I know it's just the dye, but it made me anxious so I gave them back their seed and pellet mix and it went back to normal. Since Bobo is a...
  10. Mason and Kiwi

    Need help with GCC diet please...

    There are a lot of questions in this, and I’m sorry if some seem dumb, but I am new to this so go easy on me please!! So I need help coming up with a diet plan for my 7 m/o green cheek conure, Kiwi. I’ve only had her for a little less than two months now. See, I’m horrible at making meal plans...
  11. Les charlson

    Advice on diet.

    Hi. So my two Caiques have settled in and I am thinking their diet is wrong. All of my parrots have the same food. Fresh vegs and some fruit in the morning and some vegs , seed, sprouts and nuts for dinner. I find conflicting advice re Caique diets. My two seem to only want vegs and some fruit...
  12. Cockatango

    How do you get your tiels to eat their greens?

    Tango is a bit of a picky eater, and becoming a bit of a seed junkie. She used to take broccoli and lettuce, but now she doesn't really take any wet food. I've tried her with grape, apples, carrots, corn, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries - she'll shake her head like it's wet and back away...
  13. O

    Best D3 Supplement?

    Hi all! A quick question for you: it seems that egg is a good source of D3 for birds, but are there any other good ways to supplement that you guys would recommend? Tried-and-true products/foods? I'm looking for a nice, balanced way to give my sennie a D3 boost for the winter months. I'm...
  14. Leih

    Favorite linnie foods!

    What are your linnies' favorite foods!? We know they're little piggies, but what's their fav? My boys love grapes. Also, I made a mash for the first time and they loved it! Quinoa and broccoli all over their little beaks.
  15. Miss Annamarie

    Eclectus Diet

    Wondering how much they eat per day and what a good diet for them would be, what kind of pellets? I know they have a 'special' diet.
  16. kifird

    What veggies do your birds like the most?

    Hi, I've been looking up and around over the inter webs for good recipes for chop, and veggies to feed to my two wonderful budgies. Nua's favorite is bok choy, and the baby's is also bok choy. I've been trying to diversify their veggie diet other than bok choy and my mother's money tree. What do...
  17. BesserBirds

    Need help with cockatiel diet

    I got a cockatiel just over 2 months ago and it is my first bird. I gave him all seeds for 2 months until I realized he was getting fat! I did some research and discovered that was wrong but can’t find any good diets! Can someone give me some diet info and what percentages of what I should...
  18. S

    Specific food needs

    I know most of people advice to put a parrot on a pellet and fresh fruits and veggies diet. But the breeder I got my parrotlet from has that to say: "Parrotlets are a naturally seed and fresh food eating bird so a high quality seed mix is VERY important. An all pellet diet is a bad one for a...
  19. Cockatango

    Dislikes wet food & baths

    Tango is 18 months old and is mainly living off seeds. I try to give her fruits and veggies, but she doesn't seem to like wet food. She's fine with broccoli or lettuce, but foods like fresh apple, grapes, or strawberries not so much. The moment her beak touches them, she shakes her head like...
  20. T

    Reluctant/Hesitant Cockatiel

    I have two wonderful cockatiels, Teddy and Stevie, and they both are scared of and fruits and veggies! I am very worried about their diet, and I need tips on how to show them that it's yummy treats!