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  1. veronica2000

    Healthiest Pellets

    Hi, I just got a gcc yesterday! I’m keeping him on the same food he had at the pet store for a little while and then I’d like to transition to something healthier (right now it’s a seed mix and pellet mix, half and half). I haven’t done a ton of research yet about different pellets but so far he...
  2. Kiwiscremsong

    Flour muffins? Cockatiel

    Hi guys, so i recently discovered healthy muffins for birds so i looked up on YouTube for a few recipes since birdzone (where i found the muffins) doesnt ship to my area. So i found a video on youtube with several healthy ingredients for birds to eat and the start of the ingredients was flour...
  3. Pip and Gracie

    How to get bird to eat veggies and fruit?

    I always supply my bird with fruits and veggies but she never eats them, i always find them thrown to the bottom of her cage. How do i get her to eat them.
  4. Whoviana

    Eating eggs

    We have been slowly introducing Sunflower to new foods, and we gave her some scrambled eggs. She absolutely loves them. I was wondering how much she can eat. Right now, she eats one egg a week, and I give her a little bit each day for about four days. It's her new favorite food, and I was...
  5. AmandaFitz

    Is this a good diet for budgies?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice regarding my budgies’ diets. I give them ZuPreem fruit blend pelleted food as a daily diet staple. Once or twice a week I will give them a commercial seed blend as a treat, as well as some spray millet. My real questions regard what I prepare for them...
  6. Atomiklan

    Picky eaters

    Any suggestions for picky eaters? Lada (Female Eclectus) gets a huge variety of fresh fruits and veggies every day. Originally when I first got her (and still today really) I would completely fill up her bowl. I know she will not eat everything, but since some days she seems to only want one...
  7. Jas


    Hi everyone, Diet is one thing that I have been reading up a lot on lately, and the topic of vitamin toxicity pops up. I'm curious to know that I'm feeding my babies a healthy diet, and not one that is too rich in certain vitamins or low in others. So my two Green cheeks are about 7 months old...
  8. Rainchaser

    Getting Scarlet Macaw to Eat Fresh Produce

    Hi all, I apologize if this topic or something similar has already been discussed, but I'm having some issues with getting my big mac to eat fruits and veggies. He's a 17 year-old re-home that I've had for a couple of weeks. He's eating pellets and nuts fine, and shows interest when I present...
  9. Zoepr143

    Pictures Is this too fatty?

    So i got a new snack for my budgie and she loves it! But since it’s labeled snack i get worried that she’ll just eat the snack and neglect her usual seeds and veggies. So my question is; is it okay to leave this in her cage or should i take it out and only give it after she has eaten her...
  10. Natalia

    How do you disinfect your bird's veggies?

    Without using any harsh chemicals of course. Also, do you disinfect fruits like strawberries, etc?
  11. pkrang

    Confused about what to feed cockatiel?

    I recently bought a handfed cockatiel from a bird specialist and plan to pick it up soon. I asked an employee about what exactly to feed my bird and he said to feed it about 3/4 seeds and 1/4 pellets (because as he stated "too many pellets will calcify its liver") but from all the research I've...
  12. Roemeida

    Video Hello! New to the Forum

    Hello! My name isSara but I prefer to go by my username Roemeida (or Mei) online :) I have owned two budgies since 2012 and just this week got a loving silly Green Cheek!! I've been bonding with her in the store and she had taken a liking to me since she's been there (all of the employees felt...
  13. ghostpress

    Fruits > Veggies?

    So I've always fed my GCC fresh fruits and veggies, and she's had no problem cleaning out her bowl entirely. Recently, though, I increased the number of foraging toys in her cage and filled them with dried pineapples, apricots, and millet, and she stopped eating the veggies. She'll go after the...
  14. BirdDad

    Is this an okay diet?

    Hey there! I'm the owner of two budgies and a cockatiel. I've had birds for five months now and I'm still a bit ignorant when it comes to their nutritional needs I guess. I understand that an all-seed diet is bad for them. I know that pellets are considerably better and that they require fruits...
  15. W

    Whaaaaat do you feed your quaker?

    sorry it's been a really long time since I've been here. My life went topsy turvy. I had Apollo on Higgins small bird formula and it doesn't seem to sit with him well (we went to vet, they were clueless) What do y'all feed your quakers? I know seeds are bad. What can I buy for him that would be...
  16. Nazguul

    Greetings, information needed.

    ive been browsing this page for a while now on my journey to learn as much as possible before getting my next bird. All the information is very useful and I can usually find the answers I'm looking for. So my birds in mind are either a Parrotlet or diamond/ring neck dove. I've read the most...
  17. WhatsUpDoc

    ABV and cuttle bone?

    Hi everyone! I recently adopted an CAG named Doc who tested positive for ABV a few years ago. He's on a strict diet to avoid flair ups and medication and seems to be doing really well. I've seen a lot about cuttle bones for parrots however. I don't have any problem getting him one but I'm not...
  18. Amanda6

    New healthy diet

    So I am wanting to change up my cag's diet. What is the healthiest diet to feed a congo grey? Scarlet is 1 year old and is currently on a fresh chop (mostly veggies and a fruit or 2) morning diet with a dry mix (zupreem natural pellets, nuts, dehydrated fruit) for dinner. I want to feed the...
  19. taxidermynerd

    Chirp tried his chop!

    Hi everyone! Today I made chop for my budgie, Chirp! I put broccoli, green beans, green bell pepper, carrots, acorn squash (steamed) and a little bit of steamed sweet potato in there. During the process, I offered him little bits of carrot and broccoli. He seems to at least recognize them as...
  20. BeeBop

    Budgie Diet

    Hello. I'm wondering how much seed a budgie should be fed a day. I know that budgies eat lots of seed in the wild, but should seed be the main part of their diet? Are pellets better as a main diet (right now I'm feeding TOP's pellets)? And, how much veggies and fruits should I feed a day?