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  1. B

    Lovebird Diet Advice

    Hi — I’m new to this forum! I have a 7 month old lovebird named captain! Captain is not my first bird, but he is my first lovebird. I’m really looking to improve his diet. Would anyone be able to recommend some good seed mix and pellet brands? How much of each do you give your bird per day? I’m...
  2. Beebleburb

    Opinions on Goldenfeast Australian Blend

    Hello- A while back the local pet store ran out of the superfine pellets that my elderly diamond dove was on, and so I tried Goldenfeast Australian Blend thinking it would just be temporary until the pellets were back in stock. That was about a year ago. My dove used to just sit in her nest all...
  3. B

    Urgent Please Help - Wild Baby Bird Australia

    Hey guys, A couple of days ago, we found one of my cats near a baby bird and took it in. I called a wildlife rescue and sent them photos, and the person I spoke to said the bird was a noisy miner. Now, my first instinct was to take it to a vet but the thing is, my mum hates taking wild animals...
  4. M

    New IRN Help (Feathers & behaviour)

    Hi, So I brought home a IRN 2 days ago, have him in his cage which has ample room for him to grow into. I know he's still getting used to the new environment and will take time to build trust but whenever I go near he cage he starts to fly across his cage. He does the same when I go to change...
  5. Lilnewbie8


    :hello:OKAY SO! My cousin works at a bird sanctuary and recently they were given an adult female nanday conure that was raised in the wild (we live in Florida so she’s not native). Well, long story short they can’t keep her since they’re at full capacity, so I am going to adopt her. They’re...
  6. CGrillo

    What do your budgies eat?

    I’m curious to know what everyone here feeds their budgies day to day, weekly, etc. Can anyone recommend some seeds or foods they swear by? Right now I feed Luke Natural Select Parakeet Diet but trying to add some zupreem fruit blend pellets to his diet. Here and there he will get veggies but...
  7. anurim

    First try on sprouted seeds :)

    Hello everyone! I have recently tried sprouting seeds for Finn, as I've been wanting to make his diet a little diverse. Now, I do have some questions that may be a little basic, but I just want to be sure. How do you store the seeds? Does it need to be a container with a lid, or not? Also, my...
  8. bird_mama

    Nuts.com? Anuts.com??

    I am trying to find the best place to find human grade nuts for my CAG. I’m mainly looking for walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. I found nuts.com and Anuts.com; I also think I found someplace called nuts wholesale (if someone could give me the correct name please :lol:) but if anyone could tell...
  9. Mango5

    Lovebird Diet

    Hi everyone, I’ve been doing some reading online about lovebird diets and apparently you are not supposed to feed them a lot of seeds. I’ve had my lovebird mango for less then a year and I occasionally give him veggies and fruits, I also give him pellets but he barely touches them. Do you guys...
  10. edenic

    Can budgies eat cockatiel pellets?

    My budgie Sky has been on Harrison’s lifetime mash for awhile now and she seems to like it (or at least tolerate it) but lately she has taken to sneaking into our cockatiel’s cage and eating his pellets as well. Our cockatiel is currently on HARI’s Tropimix, we were wondering if it would be...
  11. M

    Want to details conure daily food list

    Hello Anybody help me. I want details conure evreday diet chart.can i feed daily conure vegitable,fruits, and wet grains?how many days can i provide vegitable and fruits and wet grains in a week??? Advanced Thanks!
  12. M

    Want to see conure seedmix.

    Hello I want to see conure seedmix picture.because here i dnt find right conure seedmix.anybody give picture here please. Thanks!
  13. qiaolintan

    Food intake during moulting?

    My budgie is going through a moult right now, and I was wondering if I should keep her diet the same or increase it? Right now, she gets 1.5 teaspoons of seed, around a teaspoon of spray millet, veggies for breakfast and dinner, and there's always Roudybush pellets available in her cage. Should...
  14. Summzz

    Are all beans safe?

    I'm starting a new diet soon for my two conures. The recipe calls for bean mix ("made from 16 beans soup mix ") but all I could find was a 5 bean mix. I figured this was fine and was going to start soaking them so I could cook them tomorrow but thought I would double check if all of them are...
  15. O

    Please help because I am confused and lost.

    My bird, eddy, is a younger (4-5 months) male bird and I just got him about 3 or 4 days ago. Since I have gotten him, he was super normal the first 2 days, nervous of course, but even came out of his cage the first 2 mornings and was hanging about my room. This morning, I noticed that he did not...
  16. Z


    Help! My baby lovebird is eating millet spray, but aside from that, will not eat any other food aside from the handfeeding formula. Should I wait for her to wean naturally or should I do something? I provide her with pellets, apples, spinach, and cheerios but she ignores them. I am scared she...
  17. Scarlet&Annie

    How to give frozen veggies?

    I recently got a bag of frozen veggies for my Pineapple Conure I carrots, peas and califlour as well as fresh Kale. 1. Just want to double check that these are all safe to feed her? 2. How should I go about giving the veggies to her? Let them unthaw for a bit? Give them to her, frozen...
  18. bird_mama

    Cuttlebone? Mineral Blocks?

    Hi! I’ve been wanting to introduce some vitamins into my CAG and GCC’s diet, Romeo (CAG) gets fresh veggies, occasional fruit, some safflower seed mix (no peanuts or sunflower) and Lefeber pellets and ZuPreem natural pellets. And my extremely picky girl Tokyo gets her safflower seed mix (no...
  19. Dynasys

    Quick Update + Help with Lovebird Diet?

    Hey, hope everyone reading this is having a great day, I'm really enjoying this forum so far and I've already learnt so much. If anyone was wondering, my lovebird stopped biting/chasing my finger around the cage when I'm changing her food + water but I didn't want to push my luck and try putting...
  20. F

    Pellet Opinions?

    What brands do you feed your conures? I have been feeding my green cheek Zupreem (dye-free) pellets, but I’ve noticed that when he eats these his droppings have a sour smell, and his feathers seem to develop black spots (not entirely sure it’s due to the food or something else though). Either...