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budgie advice

  1. R

    Budgie flew out of the cage

    I've owned my two budgies for 9 days (first time owner) and i've been slowly trying to gain their trust, I clean their cage daily, change food, put my hand in the cage, clean bowls etc etc so they have grown to not totally despise my hands. Today while I wanted to clean some poop off of one of...
  2. Rio&Friend

    Can my budgies eat this!?

    Hi, everyone. I just wanted to know if this vegetable are toxic to birds because they semed to love it but I’m not sure if its toxic for animals. Its called Banana Stem. Its 97% made of water and its good for humans.
  3. madyb

    Stressed over the mama budgie and her babies

    Hi everyone. This is my first time here on this forum. I may mumble a bit; apologies in advance. Backstory: I've had my gang of budgies since 2017 and successfully stopped their egg-laying adventures. They're cage-free birds (they've got a room of their own, about 25 m2), and unfortunately...
  4. Rio&Friend

    My budgie is flying over the ceiling fan!

    Hi guys… Whenever I bring my bird yellow colour out he would be a good boy when the fan is off but when the fan is on he would be flying over the fan! I dont know how to control his flight. Please help me! :budgie8:
  5. Gersha

    Father budgie panting, what can I do to help?

    Father budgie panting, how can I help him? So around 2 and a half weeks ago my female budgies eggs hatched, all has been good and well until recently we noticed that our male budgie is panting a lot. The female isn't and seems fine. He doesn't seem to be hot as he's not extending his wings...
  6. B

    Poor Posture in Budgie?

    My budgie tends to lean forward when perching, which I assume isn't normal because my other budgie sits up straight. He also been sneezing often these past months, and has some extra weight behind his legs. Any ideas on what it could be about? Money's too tight to see a vet atm so help would be...
  7. J

    Budgie That Gurgles

    Hello! So, I have two little adorable birds, and they are specifically budgies. One of my budgies, we’ll call her S, has been having this issue with her throat (?) I am unsure, but it sounds like she’s trying to keep a lot of mucus down. When I got my other budgie, we’ll call him N, he always...
  8. I

    How do I get budgies to trust me

    I've had 2 budgies for about two weeks, and they seem not to trust me at all. They keep turning their backs on me and when I get too close, they sometimes try to fly into the cage. Is this normal or should I do something about it? How do I make 2 budgies trust you? Thanks.
  9. berrynkiwi

    Driftwood: safe or not??

    Recently, I have been struggling to find good perches for my budgies since most of the ones I've found are mostly in the same shape. I want to get them better perches to better exercise their feet. I found some driftwood online in good shapes for my budgies, I can easily do some handwork and...
  10. A

    Abandoned baby budgie

    Hi! So i have a baby budgie that the mother rejected and threw it out of the nest. So i’m hand feeding it and i’m new to this. I’ve read online that we have to feed every 2 hours from 6am till midnight. Do i have to feed the baby at night as well after every 2 hours? Because i’ve read on...
  11. OrangIsld

    Is this a broken foot?

    I just noticed this on my budgie, her foot appears to be stuck like this after she slipped off her perch after a bath - not sure if this is the cause or I only just noticed from a previous injury She appears to be standing on it fine, and is grooming it okay, but the toes dont change shape as...
  12. P

    Urgent Tumor or Egg bind?

    Hello, I have my little budgie girl for about 7 years, I got her since very early age, so she would be around 7 years old. She is well bonded with me over the long years, but I let her be free in the house, so she has always open cage. She was growing old and sad recently, so I got her a...
  13. N

    Help with weird budgie sounds

    Hi, I am new here so I hope I'm doing this right I have a 2 year old female albino budgie and today she's started making weird sounds I hadn't heard before, so I am a bit worried. They're this kind of high pitched, soft "eeeeee" breathy sounds, I don't know how to describe them other than...
  14. AlfieMyBab

    911 Budgie regurgitating, fluffy, and lethargic.

    My sweet boy Alf, 8 years old, was absolutely fine yesterday. Today, he's been... Off... I love him so much and have never been this close to a rescue budgie before. He's been regurgitating a lot today, at first he was just eating it again, and he was talking to me, so I didn't worry (he got a...
  15. berrynkiwi

    No more pellets left for my birds

    I ordered pellets for my budgies around 6 days before it ran out and the order said it would arrive in 3 days. There was a huge delay and it now says it will take 5 more days for the pellets to be delivered to my house. Unfortunately, there aren't many pet stores near my area and the ones that...
  16. berrynkiwi

    How do I get my budgies to eat bird chop from their bowl?

    I've had my (2) budgies for 8 months now. They eat vegetables happily but when I make chop for them, they don't eat much, even though I use different the veggies (and grains) every 3 days. However, when I feed them veggies from my hand they eat all of it!. How do I get them to eat the chop I...
  17. Rio&Friend

    Something problem to my bird eye (sad update#7)

    I don't know what happened but suddenly my bird eye is injured. Please tell me :budgie:ASAP
  18. M

    Urgent please help my budgie is bleeding from its bum and i сant do anything right now

    i just came home (its 11pm here) and i noticed my budgies bum is bleeding. i never have noticed it until now. the blood is bright red, i have had him for 5/6 years now , hes housed alone and he never had problems up until now (except once, when he had problems with eating 2020 because we had...
  19. PairOfKeet

    Automatic feeders for birds?

    Hi everyone! I was navigating the internet the other day and came across these automatic/digital pet feeders that you can control through your phone, even when you’re away. As I live in shared custody and am away half the time, I was curious if this would be a viable option for feeding my birds...
  20. M

    Video My budgie (Yellow) is acting strange since yesterday and I'm not understanding why? :(

    Hi guys! So recently we have got a new family member called Yellow. It's actually been two weeks since we brought him/her/them home (not sure about the gender yet). I think my budgie is 2-3 months +/-? Anyways, since the start of this week my budgie has been restless and literally moving here...