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budgie advice

  1. J

    Separating Budgies

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right thread. My newest budgie Sky has been in the same cage as my original budgie Blu, but I think Sky has been stressing Blu out a bit lately, being a bit territorial and so on. I have separated them this morning, they've not hurt each other or...
  2. J

    New Cockatiel

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the world of birds so still learning. I got my first Budgie last December and he's settled in great, his name is Blu. During the week I had got a Cockatiel and I called her Angel unfortunately she must have been sick or too stressed and she passed away during the first...
  3. Molly4keet

    New Budgie Kicking Seeds Out

    Hello, I have a baby male budgie that I brought home just yesterday. He is in his own cage on the far opposite side of the room from my 3 budgies in a large cage. He only stays on the side nearest the other cage. Also, he gets in his bowl and throws/ kicks the seeds out with his feet. I have...
  4. Molly4keet

    Introducing New Parakeet

    Hello! This is my first post (so I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place). I have three parakeets- 1 male and 2 females. The second female is younger than the first two. I had her in a separate cage but in the same room and she would call to them all day and only sit on the side of her...
  5. N31

    Is my budgie male?

    So I believe he is male but I just wanted others opinion. Thank you
  6. S

    Should I get a second budgie or another bird?

    My budgie Loui has been alone for 4 years. I recently realized that pet stores aren't who I should listen to about bird care. I am switching to pellets, and adding fresh food to Loui's diet. I am taking her out every day and hand feeding & whistling to her. Now, I am wondering, "Should I get...
  7. Q

    Troubleshooting Odd Behavior with 1st Batch of Eggs

    Hi folks, This is my first post on here, I need some info that I can't find online. I've never had birds before, so bear with me. My relatively new budgies (the hen is over a year old and the male just recently became an adult as far as I can tell from his eyes) just lay 4 eggs in their...
  8. S

    Why can’t my parakeet fly??

    This yellow bird’s name is Lemon. I’ve had her for 6 months now, and when I got her she was under 8 months old. She still can’t fly at all! She can’t sort of try and flutter away a little further than she used to but it seems like her long flight feathers just won’t grow! And when they do grow...
  9. bijoux

    Help! Coughing Budgie

    Hi all, Longtime reader, first time poster, so I apologize in advance if this question has been answered elsewhere...and for the VERY LONG post! o_O My little 18 month old budgie has been displaying some symptoms lately that have me concerned that he may have a respiratory infection / illness...
  10. The_Duck02

    Lumps on budgie eyelid

    Hello everyone! This little guy is Dango and he is my baby. He's fully tame and he's approx 8 months old. I've had him for about 7 months. When I first got him, he was in rough shape as he had been attacked when he was a baby. He had lots of feathers that didn't grow back for a while. However...
  11. BananaBird

    Budgie Information Appreciated!

    Hello humans. I'm a budgie sitting in a tiny glass cage that's crammed full of other budgies at petland, waiting for my person to come and get me. My future human is worried. He has spent countless hours watching youtube videos, and reading articles on budgie care and feeding, but he's still...
  12. SkyOcean

    Is it too much sunlight?

    Hello my lovely people. This is my first post, yay exciting! Hope everyone is in good health. I recently bought 2 budgies and ofc like everyone I had tons of questions/worries since it is my first time but this site has helped me a lot :heart: thanks. I read budgies need sunlight, I wasn’t aware...
  13. S

    My budgie died Suddenly

    My female budgie died suddenly today afternoon.....I had a pair Cherry (fem) and Blossom (male)......The female died today afternoon without any symptoms......She had some feces on anus when she died and it looked to me like infection......What could be the reason of her death?......We have...
  14. Britnicorn

    Urgent Newborn Budgie laying flat on stomach?? Help!!

    She ate fine about 20 minutes ago, now she’s laying like this and hardly moving. She curls up and chirps at the presence of my hand, but that’s it. Is this normal?? (She’s one day old, neglected by breeders)
  15. Britnicorn

    I need some advice on a neglected baby budgie I received

    Hi! For some context, one of my family friends started breeding her parakeets... it was a terrible idea in my opinion, because she has no idea what she’s doing. The budgie in question hatched yesterday (01/20) and was not being fed by the parents, and basically shoved away. Honestly, I had seen...
  16. J

    Parakeet Developed a Recuring Cyst That Keeps Growing - Deperately Seekin Advice - Thanks

    Hello everyone, First time posting a thread, long time fan and visitor. Over the years I have come here looking for advice and info about raising and caring for parakeets and am very thankful and grateful for everyone who contributes. I have a special needs family member and the parakeets bring...
  17. L

    Questions re Budgies

    Good morning: I plan to purchase two male budgies for our family, as my children love animals, and we recently lost our beloved 16 yo dog, which has been very painful. I had budgies as a child, and they gave me such joy, and I am willing to make a long-term commitment to making budgies a part of...
  18. R

    My Budgie's trust

    Hey, I'm Rachel and I've had around four budgerigars, whom I'm in the midst of taming. My concern at the moment is of whether they trust me after this incident. Yesterday, after hand training them, I decided to give them a relatively huge foraging toy. They were fluttering about when I put it...
  19. Bex90

    Are we making progress?

    Hi everyone, I’ll give you a bit of our background story. 6 days ago we brought home our first male budgie (22 weeks). He seems very sad and lonely. He let us touch him, step up sit on our shoulder but he was sad. He came from a breeder who handled them as babies but not so much as they got...
  20. B

    Budgie cage mates

    So I currently have a year old male budgie who I am separating from my two cockatiels (he loves them, and kept getting really sad when they were separated) because I caught him attempting to mate with the female cockatiel. I’m going to attempt to quarantine the new birds. (key word attempt, if...