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african grey

  1. Barnaby Rose

    Who has more than one bird..? Help!

    Ok guys, so sorry to keep posting but this will be the last question filled post for a while I promise! So, we have made the decision to bring home the little baby Timneh African Grey, his name is Oliver. My wife and I have been like 50 times over the last few months and so it is anything but...
  2. Barnaby Rose

    Just about to bring a new baby home - have a question!!

    Ok guys... So my wife and I have decided on an adorable little baby Timneh African Grey boy (actually he kind of chose us), and are going to put our deposit down tomorrow afternoon. We are both SUPER excited, and he will be ready to come home in about a month, give or take of course. Here is...
  3. Barnaby Rose

    Question for the African Grey owners out there!

    So I'm back again.. I STILL have not made a conclusive, definite decision.. But I am getting close. Here is where I am at. The same breeder I am talking with has just taken in 3 adorable little baby Timneh African Greys. Of course she told me, and of course I went and met them, and of course I...
  4. Bravo604

    Lost Congo African Grey

    My baby, Storm, a 3 year old Congo African Grey, was spooked away on 05/07/16 by the lawn care services. We spotted him yesterday, but the crowd chased him away. Please call me if you see him or know of his capture. 952-807-1233. Thank you! We are located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota
  5. bananacaique

    Caique and New Addition?

    I'm Britney, and I have a year old white bellied caique. She will be two in July. We've had her since she was six months, and though sometimes its been rough, we love her and value her as a member of our family, instead of a pet. However, we've been looking into adding another avian to our...
  6. themacaw

    grey adoption question

    Hey everyone I'm back after quite a long time sorry for not posting sooner. So there is a guy here in my town that own a congo, grey and recently the old man that he was attatched to died so he's quite depresive and on top of that they have to move somewhere where they cant take her/him with...
  7. C

    Being offered African Greys that have come from the Congo...

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and was struggling to find many opinions through Google, so thought I would do a post in here. I'm an experienced parrot owner, I've hand reared umbrella cockatoos and African greys, as well as rehabilitated & re homes abused birds such as eclectus. I live in...
  8. BatmansWife

    Advice for a sleep cage

    Hello all! I am new to the forum. We are getting a CAG, our first bird! It will be about 4 months old when we get it, provided everything goes smoothly with the weaning. My husband and I are interested in a sleeping/roosting cage but would love some advice! I've read a lot about it but can't...
  9. Sweet Louise

    Toy suggestion for an African Grey

    short story: looking at an atom or a rope coil: something to extend the play space off a cage. long story: I bought Louise a 26x38x68 inches high cage and a cage that is 23x32 41 inches high guest cage for my friend's grey when he visits for socialization. Louise now spends all her time in the...
  10. Nimily

    Urgent African Grey Bald Spots - Worried

    Hello everyone, About three and a half years ago, I was given the most amazing opportunity (because of these forums) to adopt my African Grey Henry. Henry is now 14 years old, and has only plucked once in his life during a time of distress many, many years ago (literally he plucked for one day...
  11. T

    does anyone have advice for cat owners who want to own a parrot?

    Hi, I live in a house with two cats and 6 people (including myself) at the moment. I plan to get a bird in the near future, (probably around late January, early February of 2016), and my top options for my future bird is either an Indian Ringneck, or and African Grey. My dad seems much happier...