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african grey

  1. Doctress

    CAG travel cage advice?

    I'm currently using a Top Wing brand 22" H x 15" L x 15" W cage with a very large drawbridge door for Taco the Amazon, which has worked well for decades. I've been looking for the same type for the CAG, but apparently they aren't made anymore. I ordered a 24" H cage on eBay; the description is...
  2. Doctress

    What’s the strangest thing...

    .. that your rescue birds have told you about their prior owners? I was introducing Smoky Blue to the neighbors, and explaining all the sounds and phrases he knows. My neighbor said it sounded a little creepy... we have an unintentional window into a family’s intimate life based on what the...
  3. N

    Iso: cag

    Hello, My name is Nicole. I am looking for a cag that is either still hand feeding or just weaned, for an emotional support animal. I live in North East Ohio and I have years of experience with parrots and hand feeding. If you can please pm me and let me know what you have/Will have available I...
  4. G

    Grey hates right side

    Hi all, My wife and I just today adopted a 16-year-old male Timneh Grey. I previously had owned an Eclectus and therefore have some familiarity and experience with parrot behavior. This Grey, we were told by the rescue agency, will only step up onto your left arm. The foster mom, who appeared...
  5. A

    Please Help : Second Bird?

    Hi everyone ! I currently have a 7 month old female CAG :laugh:and am planning on getting a second bird in anthe near future. I have always wanted a macaw ( i am open to looking at other birds also) and was wondering what would be the right time to introduce another bird into the family.. i...
  6. S

    New CAG owner

    Hello! I really love birds (especially parrots) and I'm from Baku, Azerbaijan. People here know less than nothing about proper care for pet birds and it's really hard to find any pet bird supplies here, too. But parrots mean world to me and I want to do my best for them. Recently I took in a...
  7. N

    Looking for Mentor

    Hello, I am new to bird handling and I am very interested in getting an African Grey after spending a bit of time with one and bonding with him. I have experience with Conures and Cockateils though I have never actually owned one I was employed at a pet store for a while before deciding it...
  8. FlockofFive

    How to watch movies with your parrots!

    This is how we watch movies with our parrots Bella Lemon, and Happy. Bella especially enjoys watching Disney movies and it helps her learn English. The birds are able to get along on one playstand with enough practice and patience.
  9. FlockofFive

    How to take your birds on a walk and drive!!

    We think taking your birds out for a walk and a nice drive around town is a great way to socialize and get some much needed vitamin D! It is also a great bonding opportunity and family fun as long as it is done with safety in mind! Here are some things we recommend:
  10. FlockofFive

    Pranking our african grey with a "talking" paper roll :D

    Have you tried this with your Grey? We decided to up our paper roll game by making funny sounds on the other end of the roll - she LOVED IT!
  11. FlockofFive

    Introducing our flock and youtube channel!

    Hello! Thank you for letting us join this wonderful forum which has helped us through some of the toughest times with our rescue fids! We are a flock of 3 parrots and 2 cats - African grey, Meyer's parrot, and Green cheek conure (yellow-sided). We have a youtube channel: Flock of Five -...
  12. T

    A mate for my parrot? Oblivious owner.

    Hi guys! I'm in need of some help. I've had my female 14 y/o Congo for 13 years, but I think she could be happier if she were not in an indoor cage and got more attention (I live in a coop so she lives with my parents). Someone coming over to do house repairs saw her and said he has been...
  13. T

    Baby-Making Considerations

    Hi guys! I'm in need of some help. I've had my female 14 y/o Congo for 13 years, but I think she could be happier if she were not in an indoor cage and got more attention (I live in a coop so she lives with my parents). Someone coming over to do house repairs saw her and said he has been...
  14. Barnaby Rose

    Need help... Baby/Young Timneh African Grey.. Bipolar???

    Hi guys... I have not posted in a while, (a good thing I believe!), but unfortunately, I am having to post tonight. So last August we brought Oliver home, a tiny weeny baby Timneh grey, the sweetest little thing you have ever seen. Now we have gone through some phases no doubt, from begging...
  15. X

    Has anyone bought a African Grey from Xotic Parrots in Ohio

    Here is their website AVAILABLE PARROTS I'm looking to buy a Congo Grey and they seem to be great communicators and have reasonable prices etc... But hey first hand experience from someone who has owned one of their birds would be even better. They are located in Columbus Ohio and only do hobby...
  16. Barnaby Rose

    Thinking about bringing home a new baby :)

    Hey guys... So as the title implies - we are on the brink of bringing a new baby home. Well, not so much a baby.. he is a 4-5 year old male white bellied Caique. His name is Reggie and I am absolutely in love with him.. I just have a few concerns I am hoping someone can help me with. So...
  17. Barnaby Rose

    Having trouble with a new baby Timneh Grey - Please help!

    Hi guys.. so we have had Oliver now for about a month, and have just finished out his 30 day quarantine period, have had all blood work, cultures, CBC and polyoma tests back negative for ANYTHING, so we have had both Oliver (the baby grey), and Emma (3 year old female Eclectus), in the same...
  18. Vickyrob

    What's he doing?

    Our African grey keeps doing this to me, is he seeking attention or something else? He's recently been rehomed by us and won't have us touch him yet but when he does this he asks for a kiss or cuddles.
  19. Vickyrob


    Hi, our African grey keeps making this noise at me is it a sign of him wanting fuss? As we rehomed him we can't touch him properly yet but he asks for a kiss making this noise to me at the side of the cage ☺️ Tried to put vid but won't let me.
  20. Barnaby Rose

    New Bird, New Species - need some advice please!

    Hey guys... Ok, so I am about ready to bring Oliver home (a brand new baby Timneh African Grey), and although they may seem stupid, I have some quick general questions. So right now we only have one parrot, Emma, and she is an Eclectus, so her diet is very specific. No seeds, no nuts, no millet...