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advice needed

  1. L

    Deciding between a Blue Throat Macaw and a Miligold Macaw.

    This weekend I’m going to be meeting with a couple Blue Throat Macaw babies and Miligold Macaw babies. I’m having a hard time decided between the two. If there’s anyone out there whose had experience with both can you tell me some important characteristics of the two? I’m wanting to know the...
  2. peaches13

    Friends for my bird?

    Hello. I am not sure if i should write here but i am sorry if i wrote it in the wrong place. I am now taking care of a Green Cheek Conure. I'm spending a lot of time with bird now because of the corona epidemic. Now, if I go to work after the pandemic is over, when the bird is alone, he will be...
  3. peaches13

    Please advise if the bird is okay on the shoulder or head

    Hello, My bird steps up to my hand, but he likes to sit on my shoulder. As I see some information about birds on internet, I saw that birds should not be put on the shoulders or head, because if the birds were on the shoulders or head, the ranks were higher than humans. My bird prevents it from...
  4. L

    Should I go through with getting this Macaw.

    Note this may be a long story but I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing for this bird and myself. I’ve been looking into getting a Macaw for awhile now. My best friend of 10 years got her blue and gold macaw 3 years ago. I’ve been with her from the very start with her bird. Even...
  5. scremme

    Cricket’s Strange Behavior

    So a few weeks ago we noticed our cockatiel Cricket acting kind of strange. One night he was eating and tried regurgitating. Nothing came up. He then began to exhibit some very strange behavior. He would begin feverishly “preening” his chest, close to his crop area. But he wasn’t actually...
  6. niamhk

    Conure being aggressive to cockatiels

    Ask Yoshi my GGC is quite aggressive at times to the cockatiels. Today he pulled a few of Kiya’s feathers out and at one point they were both on the net and Yoshi went to Kiya so she jumped off and then Yoshi bit hold of her tail feathers and I had to get over to help Kiya. luckily she was fine...
  7. niamhk

    should i get my conure a friend?

    I have a green cheek conure called Emi! she’s lovely! she’s super playful and friendly. the only thing is is she’s very attached to me, which is fine i don’t mind most the time! at night times when i put her to bed she still is desperate to come out and play. even at 8:30pm after a day of...
  8. tiki07

    Can I get my petshop budgie to eat fruits? Help.

    I've had my budgie for a few months now and she has only been eating millet ever since. I tried giving her fruits and vegetables when I first got her, but she ignored them (I did not try feeding her directly, only leaving them in the cage for her. I boiled carrots, I gave her peeled slices of...
  9. tiki07

    Update on my new bird!

    This is my budgie Tiki. A few months ago, I was worried about his beak and also about how to get closer with him so I posted here! I got so much feedback and I am thankful for everyone's advice. His beak is definitely better! I am still confused about his gender - but I believe it's a male...
  10. Robsooty

    Pictures Hello

    Hello everyone. Me and my stepson built our first Avairy today and will be kitting it out over next few weeks. We are looking at getting budgies but also like lovebirds. Read so many different reviews saying yes can be houses together and no they can't. Has anybody got advice please
  11. Rio72

    Moving with Lorikeet: Advice Needed

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to ask this but eventually found this forum. I am intending to move out of home in just over a year, but need to start looking into this now to decide whether it is safe for me to take my lorikeet with me or if he will have to stay with my mum. I know for some...
  12. mothhteeth

    How could I get my bird to stay away from somebody

    I don't know if this is the right thread to post this in but recently my bird (Pineapple GCC) has taken a liking to my father. He has a habit of feeding the bird treats like salted pasta, bread, cheese, chips and even chocolates. He doesn't want to cooperate on not allowing the bird that kind of...
  13. bosh

    Pictures Hello from San Francisco

    Hi! My name is Danielle. I'm a 27-year-old registered nurse from San Francisco, CA. I recently welcomed an almost-six-month-old Solomon Island Eclectus boy into my home, named Pancho(or "Panchito" if you like). He has been home with me for a little over a week now, and so far, all seems to be...
  14. W

    Young Conure Behaviour issues

    Seeking advice, I recently adopted a Jenday conure (born 09/09/2019). She was doing fine with adjusting to her new home at first, being super cuddly and an absolute sweetheart, but after a month I noticed she became hyperactive, screams all the time especially when I leave or enter the room, if...
  15. Evenlydz

    Recommendations for a new cage

    I am getting my baby Senegal in 2 weeks. I have been searching endlessly for a cage for over a month and now I need help deciding between these two! I have included interior dimensions. 36Lx24Wx36H with 3/4 bar spacing or 64Lx21Wx34H with 1/2 bar spacing. If neither is ideal, I would...
  16. tiki07

    New budgie! Some questions

    Hello. I'm sure there are thousands of this type of posts. I think I've read all of them. But I still feel hopeless... or at least, I'm not sure what would be right for me to do. I got my budgie on 11th of October. He's a male. He's always been distant. For 5 days he refused to eat. He...
  17. B

    2 Green Cheeks

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, so I am unsure if I am posting in the correct place. I am however in need of some help making a decision in the next week and any advice would be welcome. I have absolutely fallen in love with a pair of green cheek conures at my local petco and I would...
  18. Salami

    Shirt bird, nipping, and treats

    Hello! I'm a new lovie parent, and am in need of advice on day 2 with my new child. Here are my bird specs: name: not quite sure yet, but am thinking about ''Pistachio'' age: more than 9 weeks old sex: apparently a female, not DNA tested weaned: yes, was able to find and eat pellets on day 2...
  19. PogoTheConure

    Roomate VS Conure

    Tiny rant / Advice? I have adopted my green cheek conure and had him for 4 months now and we are best buddies in the whole world. As soon as I come home from work and walk into our room I see him bouncing up and down in his cage. BUT I want to take him out of my room cause i am sure he is going...
  20. mama.marci

    Desperately in need of help and some quick education

    Backstory: Mother was an experienced bird lover. Her first parrot was attacked by a terrier and sadly passed. About a year later (2010) she was gifted a rose breasted cockatoo from my father. Fast forward to 2018, She was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and passed that year Dec. Present...