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advice needed

  1. charlieboy

    Constant screaming... Help?

    Good evening, parronts! Charlie has never been a screamer (he is 2 years old and a half, had him since he was 2 months old), but I am starting to realize he may have developed a bit of a bad habit... :o: Whenever we (my mom and/or myself) are not in the room, he will start screaming. If we...
  2. MChiper

    Parrot in College? Travel?

    Hi all, I posted before regarding getting a bird for college; I was given very good advice to rather wait until I was in college or after graduation - so I am currently still bird-free. I know more about my schedule and the college policy on pets, etc. - it's very pet friendly and we may bring...
  3. Nostromo

    Preparing for a new (human) baby

    Hello Avenue! We have a 10 yo BH Pionus. She's a darling girl, fully flighted, very mated to my partner. No real behavior problems, never been a plucker, eats well etc etc. Screams like a banshee every morning during hormone season but that's to be expected. We are planning on having a baby...
  4. E

    Advice needed, should I get another bird?

    Hello, i wasn't sure where to post this, so please let me know if there is a better thread than this. I recently lost my cockatiel who had been with me since I was a child. I was pretty devastated when it happened, but she was beyond average age. She was out playing with me one day, and the...
  5. Bbybleu

    I need help!!

    So I’ve had my male budgie for almost a year now and I want to know if I should get a second one. My budgie, Bleu, has a strong bond with me but I’m scared that if I get another budgie, he won’t like me anymore. Is this true? Can someone help me?
  6. J

    Lovebird bit one of his toes off.

    Help please, the lovebird that I'm actually close to bit one of its toe off which made it bleed quite a lot and this happened 2-3 times, as in the bleeding stopped, but then it bit at it again, causing more bleeding. At the time it's not biting it anymore because there's almost nothing left for...
  7. J

    Which bird is right for me?

    I am here to ask a question that general information has yet to answer, what bird should I get? Just know this is not happening right now but I plan to in the future, hopefully near future. Here’s what I want: -Smaller bird(I have plenty of cages already of all sizes, just don’t want a big...
  8. Frogpasta

    Cage Location - I want to put my cockatiel in the main living area, but I’m not sure how safe it is.

    I have a cockatiel (Gnocchi), and he is a social butterfly (as I’ve heard lots of cockatiels are). I am currently keeping Gnocchi in my room, because...I have cats (I feel like there should be dramatic music here), but I feel as though this might not fit my Gnocchi’s big personality. You see...
  9. Frogpasta

    Attached too soon

    Hello, brand new bird owner here! I’m panicking a bit (understatement) because I’m worried my cockatiel is too “attached” to me already... I literally just got them today, and I think I might’ve accidentally given them too much attention (because I have a hard time saying no) and now he freaks...
  10. Birdman696

    Budgie leg ring and DNA testing?

    So, yet another question about my new budgies. One of them, the big English budgie male has a leg ring, which I hadn’t noticed before. he’s pretty fluffy, so I only noticed it now, but now I’m wondering if there is any information on the band I can read? Also, I was thinking about DNA testing my...
  11. cricketiel

    Pellet Problems

    Hi all! I’ve been having a very hard time converting my cockatiel to pellets. I’ve tried multiple (healthy) brands to find her favorite, and she 100% recognizes them as food, but she will only eat them if I sit with her and pretend to eat them too. And even then she only eats a few before...
  12. vrnkstxx

    Advice wanted

    Hey guys! So far our baby Luna has been a blessing to our family. We love her very much. However since she came home, her sleeping ritual changed and she sleeps more at day and is more active at night. So i decided that covering her cage at night would be the best solution. However i am...
  13. C

    Considering Rehoming - Looking for Advice

    So a little backstory: Up until very recently I had two budgies, Aerie and Soleil. I got Aerie as a baby and had her as a solo budgie for awhile. She was totally happy and very much so our little princess. She loved people and was completely content to hang with us and definitely saw us as her...
  14. N

    Roach Problem

    My little guy is a Green Cheek Conure. We have a small roach problem. We even moved to a new apartment but his cage still seems to attract them. Feels like we can never out run them. They show up only at night in his cage and mainly go for the water. No where else in the apartment to they have...
  15. P

    Pictures New Ringneck Aggression

    Hi there, I just got a 1.5 y/o indian ringneck male from a lady who had him for a few months. She said he was dna sexed and that he was incredibly sweet with her. He is tame and steps up readily but after a week of having him and he's gotten more comfortable, he's exhibiting aggressive behavior...
  16. B

    Unsocialized Ringneck

    I have a Ringneck. I got her from a bad situation at a pet store- she was sick, had a severely imbedded ankle band and severe clipped wings. She was at the petstore for 7months and I’m assuming with little to no contact (they just kept transferring her to different sister stores trying to sell...
  17. L

    Risk vs Benefit on X-ray for Budgie?

    Hey guys,it's been a long depressing, and at times infuriating whirlwind of trying to get vet help for my budgies. I've finally found a vet clinic who seem advanced (as can be on this island) and willing enough to help me figure out what's going on with them. They are general vets,but have been...
  18. anurim

    Neglected cockatiels

    I have a neighbor who has had birds for a long time. I have recently (about 4-5 months ago) first saw her 2 cockatiels. They are in an extremely small cage, probably never taken out before, scared of everyone and everything, on an only seed diet, with plastic perches and some kind of swings...
  19. P

    Plucking or molting?

    Hello, Today I found that there are no hairs on the inside of my bird's right wing. My bird seems to be molting right now, and his age is still less than a year. So I'm thinking my bird is molting. However, I would like to know your opinion if it seems that my bird is plucking. I will attach...
  20. P

    Body weight of Green Cheek Conure

    Hello! My bird weighed 63g when I get him by Petsmart, but when I measured the bird's weight today it is 65g. As far as I know, a regular Green Cheek Conure weighs between 60 and 80 grams. If you look at the picture of my bird, the kneel bone seems to be a little overweight, so the bird is normal..?