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Tea tree oil smell?


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Hi everyone! I’m usually so careful with scents, but this afternoon I mistakenly opened a bottle of tea tree oil near my parrotlet. She was within close smelling distance of the bottle (so decently strong scent levels) for maybe 5 minutes tops, after which I moved her to a different room with lots of fresh air. After looking it up I learned how toxic it can be. That was over an hour ago now and she seems totally fine (beak grinding, getting ready for bed and fell asleep as usual) but I’m nervous about her still and will continue to monitor her. Has anyone had something like this happen? I can’t find anything helpful online other than that it’s bad for birds when ingested or applied, but nothing about reaction times or if just smelling the fumes for that short of a short time can be harmful. TIA for any advice and hopefully stories that end well!


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Omg I just posted yesteday about tea tree oil being toxic to birds. As for how long it would take for it to affect them, or what proximity, I have no idea.
If you call your avian vet, they may be able to give you answers, or possibly a more knowledgeable member here can reply.
Good luck, and I hope your wee one will be okay. :)