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advice needed

  1. L

    Wired feathers

    Hello I have had my bird since 2020 but until recently I've noticed that lemons feathers are looking like this I noticed like 2 weeks ago and started to take extra care of lemon (since I go to medical school, the term that I was on at the time didn't allow me to give them the time lemon...
  2. Gabby_l7

    Needing some help with my birds behavior

    Hi :) I was wondering if anyone had some advice with regards to my birds behavior. Just over a year ago I rescued a baby house sparrow (it's a long story that I would have to put in another thread) but long story short; I couldn't release him and he ended up becoming more of a pet. He has been...
  3. dougk1989

    Potentially dangerous?

    Is microwaving things that have a microwave safe film on them potentially dangerous to birds? The plastic doesn't burn but are the fumes or whatever the plastic can potentially give off any danger? Does anyone microwave things like that around their birds?
  4. dougk1989


    Just received a rescue Amazon about five days ago. He was badly neglected. When I arrived to rescue him he was highly agitated and distressed, obviously. I got him home. Set up his new cage and the works. The first two to three days he was highly energetic. We would wrestle and play and...
  5. dougk1989

    Bird proofing the house

    Just received a rescue Amazon. I love him so much and I'm bird proofing the house. I removed all non stick cookware and things with Teflon or PTFE. Including even irons and ironing boards and hair straighteners. My question now is, are things like microwaves, toasters (not air fryers or toaster...
  6. BourkesKid

    Would I be able to cohabitate a bourkes parrot and a lovebird?

    Hello. One of my bourkes parrots recently died and I am looking for a new friend for the other one. I do not want it to be a ground forager due reasoning about my other bird’s death that I will not get into. Would I be able to cohabitate a lovebird and a bourkes parrot? What sex would be the...
  7. C

    Sudden aggression/biting.

    So, I've had my male green-cheeked conure Jock, for a little over 2 years now. At first, he wanted nothing to do with me, but with constant exposure, he's warmed up to me the past couple months. For awhile he'd play with me, preen, dance, take food from my hands, and sit on my shoulder. He has a...
  8. S

    Urgent My cockatiel is seriously sick

    Hello everyone, I really need your advice on what to do .. My cockatiel (Richard) started sneezing about ten days ago. When the sneezing didn't stop I took him to the vet on the fifth day. The vet gave me two immunity enhancement medications to be put in his drinking water, one in the morning...
  9. Clown.C0ff

    Possible Respritory Infection?

    I have an almost 5 year old cockatiel (Alba) and she suddenly began to have a strange noise as she was breathing, such as whistling in her nose. It was very sudden and happened as of yesterday morning (it's currently 5am the next day) and she's been sneezing excessively and seemed to struggle...
  10. aidan16

    Seeking Tips and Advice for First Time Bird Owner!

    Hello! First, apologies, because this will be quite a lot to read! :shy:My name is Aidan, and I was looking into getting potential advice and input from experienced bird owners! I've wanted a pet bird my entire life, and I am finally in a financial and realistic place to do so! I am getting...
  11. danisark

    Urgent Scab on my sun conure Zazu's face

    Hi all, this is my first post so please correct me if I make any mistakes. My conure Zazu had a fall a couple days ago and everything was fine until today. For backstory, I live with my parents and they just switched out carpeting for hardwood floor so my Zazu has never experienced a fall like...
  12. bri_923

    Lacey the Cockatoo - Need advice please!

    Okay, this is a bit of a long story, so thank you in advance for taking the time to read this... Lacey is a 28 yr old sulphur crested cockatoo that lives at the vet clinic I work at. She was the bird of two nice elderly people who had been bringing her to our vet clinic since she was a baby...
  13. C

    Video I hope this is not him dramatizing but...

    My cocky cockatiel Zizo has been limping for the past two days.. it's always his left foot. It all started after my mom presumably stepped on his teeny tiny foot in the dark (she wasn't sure..). He doesn't react at all when I touch his little grippers, (except for the usual silent whining (he...
  14. B

    Lovebird nail length: is this overgrown?

    My bird has been standing at the bottom of the cage recently and I’m worried it’s because his nails are overgrown…
  15. L

    Help! medicine advice

    My lovebird turns out has pneumonia and she was prescribed Enrofloxacin but she vomits it out right after, do I give him another dose? plus she has stroke like symptoms today , any advice?
  16. LilFrodo

    Urgent Frodo dropped a feather with a slight bit of blood at the end

    So far he seems fine, and no obvious/major bleeding after a few look-overs. He’s in bed right now and I’ve popped over to check on him a couple times and he seems just fine. I’m just extremely paranoid and would appreciate some reassurance. He was sitting next to me when something freaked him...
  17. S

    Tea tree oil smell?

    Hi everyone! I’m usually so careful with scents, but this afternoon I mistakenly opened a bottle of tea tree oil near my parrotlet. She was within close smelling distance of the bottle (so decently strong scent levels) for maybe 5 minutes tops, after which I moved her to a different room with...
  18. B

    Is this a healthy lovebird beak?

    Worried about the colour and what seems like a crack at the front…
  19. N

    she's bitting hard and acting weird

    Hi! So I have a precious female green cheek conure which recently turned 1 year! She's my little baby and I've had her since she was 20 days old so we have a really strong bond with each other. Her name is sunny! She's very smart and pick up everything really fast, but I have to say...
  20. M

    How to keep parrot lungs healthy

    Hello! I've made a couple other posts about my Meyer's parrot Trinity (who is displeased that I stopped scratching her to type this) and it seems like as soon as I get one issue dealt with, another pops up. The air quality in my city has tanked. Google Alberta wildfires for more information. My...