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advice needed

  1. B

    Okay, more questions about my Java Rice Finches

    So, I finally had to cut their toe nails, my two finches nails were SO byond long. I hate the idea of grabbing them because I know it'll scare the living crap out of them. Had to though as allowing their toenails to continue to grow wasn't good for them. Fortunately I know how to trim the nails...
  2. Mariam2020

    Cocktail 2 weeks old not begging for food.

    Hello everyone ; I have bought two baby cocktails four days ago , first I took them to an avian vet to check if they are healthy which they were . I took them home in noticed the bigger one named Nazoo did not beg for food at all , so I assumed she/he was scared of the new home she/he was in so...
  3. S

    Urgent Worried about my CAG

    Hi everyone, I've read this forum for quite some time but these past few days have rough and I'd like to seek some advice. My congo african gray, Echo, hasn’t been doing so well lately. I rushed him to a vet yesterday and they took blood and fecal samples for lab tests, and the vet suspects he...
  4. Choco

    Urgent Baby cockatiel

    Hello guys I got a 3 week old baby cockatiel yesterday and I’m hand feeding him but he refuses to eat What should I do ? is he just not hungry ? He is kinda sleepy too idk what to do
  5. BabyBirdMa

    How To Preen?

    I have an African Grey, Ms. Bailey. As you all probably know finding her a cage-mate is an extremely difficult task since Greys are so hard to come by. I can’t even find a breeder that has any on hand right now. Anywho, Ms. Bailey’s feathers seem a bit scraggly and with her being an older bird...
  6. M

    Urgent Need advice and some help

    Hello! This is my 1st time own a bird or any pet. I wanted a pet for a long time, but was not allowed to. One day, I bought some budgies and now one for them is sick and in my country there aren't many vet hospitals for animals (and birds specially) , also due to covid, I'm not able to go...
  7. J

    Urgent Cockatiel Green Droppings

    Hey everyone, So since I got my cockatiel her droppings have been very green even if she's not had any greens to eat. Should I be concerned? I'm hoping nothing like parrot fever but from what ive looked up the droppings seem to match the description. Pearl (my cockatiel) doesn't have any other...
  8. sunnysara

    Video (Hormonal?) What is she DOING?

    My sun conure is 9 months old and has started to do this weird "walk" towards my phone, my hand, a charger. Is this hormonal behavior? She's still a baby isn't she? Here's a link to the video: https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/ctnDbVrHDQ0U
  9. peachypjm

    zucchini !

    Hi all ! I'm gonna start feeding mercury zucchini, I was just wondering if you guys feed it raw or if you guys cook it? And can I feed him this every day with his other veggies or should this be a once a week thing? Thank you !
  10. J

    Heating Bird Room

    Hey Everyone, So I'm moving in a few weeks and will need a heater for the room my 2 budgies and cockatiel will be in. It's next to impossible to source a bird specific heater where I'm living even having trouble finding any online that have good reviews and will ship to Ireland in time. I have...
  11. J

    Urgent Budgie Respiratory Problems

    Hi Everyone, I noticed that my budgie Blu had a blocked nostril the other day as well as audibly panting after flying, and had, still has, a bit of a tail bob, I brought him straight to the vet, unfortunately there's no avian vet near me as there's only one in the whole country here. The vet...
  12. Shack

    How do I make my cockatiel want to spend time with me?

    So I got my tiel 5 days ago. She's generally really calm and doesn't get spooked by much, is seemingly hand-fed/hand-reared and doesn't have a problem with hands. She doesn't know how to step up but will climb onto my hand if I offer her millet. I talk to her often both when she's in the cage...
  13. charlieboy

    Constant screaming... Help?

    Good evening, parronts! Charlie has never been a screamer (he is 2 years old and a half, had him since he was 2 months old), but I am starting to realize he may have developed a bit of a bad habit... :o: Whenever we (my mom and/or myself) are not in the room, he will start screaming. If we...
  14. MChiper

    Parrot in College? Travel?

    Hi all, I posted before regarding getting a bird for college; I was given very good advice to rather wait until I was in college or after graduation - so I am currently still bird-free. I know more about my schedule and the college policy on pets, etc. - it's very pet friendly and we may bring...
  15. Nostromo

    Preparing for a new (human) baby

    Hello Avenue! We have a 10 yo BH Pionus. She's a darling girl, fully flighted, very mated to my partner. No real behavior problems, never been a plucker, eats well etc etc. Screams like a banshee every morning during hormone season but that's to be expected. We are planning on having a baby...
  16. E

    Advice needed, should I get another bird?

    Hello, i wasn't sure where to post this, so please let me know if there is a better thread than this. I recently lost my cockatiel who had been with me since I was a child. I was pretty devastated when it happened, but she was beyond average age. She was out playing with me one day, and the...
  17. Bbybleu

    I need help!!

    So I’ve had my male budgie for almost a year now and I want to know if I should get a second one. My budgie, Bleu, has a strong bond with me but I’m scared that if I get another budgie, he won’t like me anymore. Is this true? Can someone help me?
  18. J

    Lovebird bit one of his toes off.

    Help please, the lovebird that I'm actually close to bit one of its toe off which made it bleed quite a lot and this happened 2-3 times, as in the bleeding stopped, but then it bit at it again, causing more bleeding. At the time it's not biting it anymore because there's almost nothing left for...
  19. J

    Which bird is right for me?

    I am here to ask a question that general information has yet to answer, what bird should I get? Just know this is not happening right now but I plan to in the future, hopefully near future. Here’s what I want: -Smaller bird(I have plenty of cages already of all sizes, just don’t want a big...
  20. Frogpasta

    Cage Location - I want to put my cockatiel in the main living area, but I’m not sure how safe it is.

    I have a cockatiel (Gnocchi), and he is a social butterfly (as I’ve heard lots of cockatiels are). I am currently keeping Gnocchi in my room, because...I have cats (I feel like there should be dramatic music here), but I feel as though this might not fit my Gnocchi’s big personality. You see...