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advice needed

  1. WallyCockatiel

    Bird doesn't like scritches?

    I have a 7 month old male Cockatiel, tamed and clipped by breeder, hasn't molted yet, I have had a few birds in my past experience. My buddy is tame and steps up, likes having company. But he wont let me touch or hold him. He occasionally lets me scratch him a little in the morning, but other...
  2. Miss Annamarie

    New Eclectus Owner!

    Just laid the deposit down for this sweet baby! He's 3 months old, I've been researching for weeks but any advice you have would be much appreciated! Super excited for my second bird, trying to think of a name for him too. (:
  3. Nostromo

    Zephyr refuses fresh food!

    I am starting to run out of ideas for coaxing my Pionus Zephyr to eat her veggies!!! She eats Roudybush maintenance pellets as her base diet, which she absolutely loves. If there are any pellets available to her, she will not even look at a vegetable or fruit, and often even refuses seed in...
  4. V

    What Type of Bird Should I Get?

    Hi everyone, I have decided that I am ready for a parrot and I have been looking into a couple species, but I'm not sure which one is right for me. Also, regardless of which species I choose I plan on spending another year researching so that I am fully prepared. I have been looking into...
  5. A

    Lovebird having trouble pooping

    Só...my 9 year old lovebird seems to struggle to poop sometimes. I also don’t think she poops as often as a lovebird is supposed to. For the first time ever, Petey the female lovebird became eggbound earlier this year. She was put on Lupron shots for a couple months to help prevent her from...
  6. Nostromo

    Pictures Meet Zephyr, Our Re-Homed Pionus!

    Hi everybody! Yesterday we brought home Zephyr, a sweet 8 year old female blue-head who was needing a new home after her former owners gave her up due to health concerns (theirs, not hers). She is our first bird! She appears to be a very sweet, tame, well looked after young lady. We're so, so...
  7. Hoshi

    Very Scared Indian Ringneck!!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on Avian Avenue. I was directed from Reddit to come here because I really need help with my bird. I have a violet indian ringneck who’s 17 weeks old. I got him at 15 weeks and he’s extremely scared of people. I haven’t been able to hold him yet, have him take...
  8. andrea_45

    Don't know if I should get my lovebird a mate?

    Hello! So I've been looking around through posts here that are related to this topic, but I would prefer to seek out advice that is specific to my situation. I was recently gifted a male masked lovebird, and I have had him for about four months. I'm not sure exactly how old he is, but I was...
  9. S

    Phantom pregnancy?

    Hi there! Yesterday I brought home 3 canaries (a hen, buttercup and two cocks, prince and chase) for breeding. I still need to get another hen, but thats besides the point. Yesterday all 3 were happily flying around my aviary, all very active and seemingly healthy. This morning I went into the...
  10. Stevetomobs

    However Much I Hate To Admit...

    In this post I am going to be completely honest by my own knowledge and I refuse to let myself live this lie any longer. For the last few posts I have made, I have been talking about my budgies Sherbert and R.R and how I have been attempting to ‘train’ them. At first I was excited and wanted...
  11. Pip and Gracie

    How to get bird to eat veggies and fruit?

    I always supply my bird with fruits and veggies but she never eats them, i always find them thrown to the bottom of her cage. How do i get her to eat them.
  12. S

    I want to adopt a caique

    (Im reposting that here where it is more relevent) I want to adopt a little feathered friend and I kinda fell in love with caiques... But I've read a lot about them and I am a bit weary of their agressivity. I am wondering if behavioral issues can be avoided/alleviated with a combination of all...
  13. S

    Im new and I need halp ><

    Hi! Im a passionate bird lover and I joined to gather information on birbs :) I want to adopt a little feathered friend and I kinda fell in love with caiques... But I've read a lot about them and I am a bit scared of their agressivity. I am wondering if behavioral issues can be...
  14. Pip and Gracie

    My parakeet wont leave her corner

    I just got a parakeet from the shelter and we set up her cage and transferred her. She is already trained to perch on your finger but she will not let me take her out of her cage and she just stands in the corner and will not eat or play with her toys. It's only been a day but i'm worried and...
  15. Zeke&tiki

    Help! Lorikeet doesn't stop screaming!! Tried everything!

    hi guys! I'm a new member and I'm urgently seeking some advice from people who have successfully been able to get their bird to stop screaming. I've spent so much time and money trying to get my little guy to stop screaming and nothing has worked, and I feel like I'm at the crisis point now...
  16. pocketrocket

    want to rehome lovebird in british columbia

    this is actually my first every post, unfortunately it is not a happy one. ok here we go. i have a male peach faced lovebird by the name of pocket that is about 12-13 years old. i have been considering rehoming/surrendering him on and off for the past 2 years, not because of any behavioural...
  17. A

    Please Help : Second Bird?

    Hi everyone ! I currently have a 7 month old female CAG :laugh:and am planning on getting a second bird in anthe near future. I have always wanted a macaw ( i am open to looking at other birds also) and was wondering what would be the right time to introduce another bird into the family.. i...
  18. Cabo15

    HELP- My male BG bonded to Male Scarlett

    I have a 2 1/2 yr old male B&G and a 2 yr old male Scarlett. Up until a couple weeks ago they’ve both always been bonded to me. The B&G recently became aggressive towards me anytime I go near the Scarlett. I took him to the vet a couple days ago and was told that he’s matured and is now sexually...
  19. Epsilon

    Choosing a Bird

    So, I've done a lot of research and a lot of digging around for which bird might be right for me. But of course, I'm always up for more advice. I've talked to my family about it and they all seem fine with getting a bird. I believe being flexible is very important when picking a bird, because no...
  20. Rivka

    Pictures Please help with some advice for weaning baby sun conure

    Hey so I just got a baby sun conure about 3 weeks ago that has been weaned but still begs for formula especially in the morning. She's about a little over 4 months old and from what I've heard I'm scared she can turn to be one of those birds that's always need formula. I've been handfeeding her...