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vet care

  1. F


    I don’t know what to do anymore and need help. It’s been over a month since my green cheek conure has been able to walk properly and $2500 in vet bills to find out absolutely nothing. Here’s the story: I’ve had my JJ for 9 years since he was a baby and I just rescued a green cheek and Quaker...
  2. Urgent Stunted baby need advice.

    Hi. Just want to start by saying that this is not my first time hand feeding . I am not a breader. A pair of cockateils that I took in and are very much bonded are egg layers and amazing parents had 4 babies who hatched starting Sept 29 ,30, Nov 3, and 4th. Everything was fine and they were...
  3. T

    Urgent Conure eye Injury Help

    Hi there, My 14 year old green cheek conure, Toot, flew into the side of the table a week ago and badly injured his eye. I took him to the vet, they dye tested his eye, and told me that it was just badly bruised and essentially a black eye. I was given pain medication to help for a few days...
  4. moonlight_

    Vetafarm Triple C

    Hi, So one of our two cockatiels her name is Tiki, yesterday we noticed that she was looking a bit fluffed up, she was trying to regurgitate a bit (Nothing came out I really couldn't tell if she was really trying to vomit) and just didn't look happy I knew something was off, so we kept her in...
  5. Z

    Please help parrot eye problem

    Hello i have a 5 month old alexandrine who is active, eating, drinking, and playing. His diet is very good. Nothing has changed in his behaviour apart from the fact that his right eye seems to be itchy and the skin around the eye seems to be a little red. He doesnt blink normally with the right...
  6. A

    Immune System Strengthening Tastes Like Garlic

    I have an amazon that has gotten sick, I brought it to a vet which he prescribed some antibiotics and something that strengthens the Immune system, I think it is vitamin supplements, that has a garlic smell and taste. Do you think it is safe?
  7. BluJay

    Urgent Sun Conure Yeast Infection? Intraconazole Treatment?

    Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read my first post. I have a 20 year old Conure who was diagnosed with a yeast infection via stool liquid gram stain. She was first taken to the vet at the first signs of runny stools. The first vet performed a gram stain which came up gram negative (she...
  8. J

    Bird lost his bottom beak

    We don’t know what happened but I’m pretty sure he was at the top of the door and one of the kids closed the door while he was on top. Anyways we are devastated. Took him to the vet and ran us up almost $2000 but we love him so it’s totally worth it. We haven’t seen him back yet but the dr said...
  9. J

    Urgent Budgie with dirty vent , been sleeping a lot throughout the day

    I just got 2 new budgies around 3 days ago. According to their previous owner they were on an all-seed diet ( specifically canary seed). So on the day I first got them . I noticed that Sugar, the dilute violet budgie had some feces( quite dark colored and dried up) being stucked on his vent ...
  10. maounm

    Medical tests for a macaw

    Hi i have a 6 year old GW macaw. He is fine and healthy but his droppings are a bit off. Recently, avian medical tests became available in my country and i want to get his general health checked up. No have tests have been performed ever so i want to get them all done. can you please tell me...
  11. Csolis22

    Urgent Lovebird Spitting up White Foam in Morning

    Hi my lovie is 5 years old and she’s been acting normal but since yesterday in the morning she has been spitting up white foam. She’s known for regurgitating all the time on her toys but always food. i took her to the vet and they did blood work and an x ray and here are the photos the vet...
  12. maounm

    6 weeks old greenwing macaw

    Hello everyone i am new here and i need help. I have a 6 weeks 3 days old Greenwing macaw and i have been handfeeding him tropican 125ml 3 times a day. I crop feed him with a psittacus red soft tube. I add about half tea spoon of peanut butter in every feed. Is my feeding schedule alright? He...
  13. E

    Baby Lovebird suddenly limping. No avian vet in town or anywhere near.

    Hello! This morning I let my 2 month old lovebird out of the cage to fly around - once she went back on her cage I noticed how she was standing on one leg and the other holding in in the air as you see in the picture attached. She had previously did this before but it only lasted about a minute...
  14. Csolis22

    I need help with my Vet Results. Please.

    Hi I took my lovebird for a crop exam and it came back with Staph Aureus and she’s gonna get antibiotics but I’m confused what this all means. I’ve never heard of this before and is it serious? Is the medication dangerous? Please help.
  15. L

    Some Guidance Needed on Tests to Pursue,feeling really sad and anxious...

    Hi guys,providing an update on my vet visit. I had to edit all my emotions out,as it was getting too long to read,so I'll just try and stick to the facts and make a separate post to cope later. I was told to collect fecal samples over a 24 hour period for the Friday appointment. I laid down a...
  16. scremme

    Pictures Scary Bump (>_<)

    Hello guys, I’m hoping for some more opinions on something! A few months ago, I adopted a sweet baby boy and named him Cricket. He is currently about 4 months old and is going through his first molt. He has many pin feathers on and around his head right now, so the other night, I was...
  17. Doctress

    Great News!

    Took Taco the 27 yr old Amazon to the avian vet for a checkup. Drew blood to make sure he was healthy, as he does snack on people food from time to time. His diet is mainly ZuPreem pellets, with fresh fruit, and about 20% seeds and nuts. I was worried that he may have high cholesterol. His...
  18. O

    Mother bird needs vet visit?

    Hello all, I am very new to breeding and baby birds, and never intended to breed my birds at all. However, my parakeets were determined despite all my efforts to prevent it. They now have 3 babies (10 days, 8 days, and 5 days old) and 3 eggs still in the nest. Mama bird got a fright tonight...
  19. M

    Urgent My Budgie Suddenly Sick

    Hi, one of my budgie since one week her activity became lower. This is her one week ago poops pic A . One of my local expert suggest me to give her metronidazole and sulfaclozine sodium monohydrate INN. I use it for 1 week. But now her poops pic B. But her condition is critical. She became sick...