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vet care

  1. Vmax

    A rant about an event that happened in the vet's office

    I took Max and Gus for their annual check up. All was well with the birbs, but the vet tech asked me to wait about ten minutes for the fecal test results to show. I didn't think that was a big deal. This veterinary office has a nice set up. They require all small animals (including cats)...
  2. EmmaAndEiffel

    Bumble Foot Surgery

    My parrot had surgery for bumblefoot yesterday and is doing fine thankfully, he is now bandaged up and on pain meds and antibiotics. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with this and could tell me how long it usually takes to heal/how long the bandages will be on him? I asked my vet...
  3. S


    so i just found out that my parrot has tumor and there is not any avian vets in my country for some reason.i took her to zoo and they told me that she had tumor or inflamation. they told me to get some pill for her which im getting this afternoon. also she is eating and drinking but she sleeps...
  4. Reggie

    Finally Set Vet Appointments!

    So after a few months of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, I've finally got enough money (and steady income) to take my flock (including Cooper after the first of the year) to the vet! Jersey is going on Tuesday - November 29th - and I'm actually going for more than routine blood...