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  1. ConureMom95

    Strange Behavior. Help please :)

    So I have an almost 1 year old gold capped conure. Recently he/she (dna test pending) has started molting. Today they started acting very out of character. Mango is quite the independent conure. He’s rather content sitting by himself to preen his feathers. He’ll swing by for the occasional...
  2. lovebirb

    question about molting

    my little dragon is going through his first big molt and although i've done quite a bit of research on what to expect and how to help him through this tough time, i'm still new to birds and fuss over him like an overprotective mother lol. :dead: i've been giving him frequent baths and helping...
  3. sheeluhwhet

    What do you do after an off-season molt?

    Peeps appears to be done or close to being done with his off-season (and first) molt. Which brings me to my questions: What do you do after an off-season molt? Should I readjust his daylight hours for summer? If i do increase his lighting hours, would it be safe if he ends up molting again...
  4. sheeluhwhet

    Tail feathers growing back

    I recall feeling panicked when I noticed he only had 1 feather left. He looked even tinier without his tail feathers! Though it was pretty dang cool watching them grow out day by day :) with the exception of his head, I think he's pretty much done with his first (off-season) molt! January 29...
  5. music2music

    Always having pin feathers?

    My parakeet has always seemed to have at least a few pin feathers on his head since the first time he molted. Are these just stubborn and not falling out or is it because he doesn't like me rubbing his face and helping them come off? Or maybe it's because he hasn't cared for the fruits or...
  6. Birblover

    Started Shredding/Plucking today

    My one Grey has a history of plucking. The first time was when I first brought her home (fixed with love and attention) and then again last year March which resulted in vet visits that didn't make a difference, but I never did figure out the cause. We just distracted her as best we could as she...
  7. Birblover

    Shredding/Plucking feathers

    My one Grey has a history of plucking. The first time was when I first brought her home (fixed with love and attention) and then again last year March which resulted in vet visits that didn't make a difference, but I never did figure out the cause. We just distracted her as best we could as she...
  8. Whoviana

    How many tail feathers does a conure have?

    How many tail feathers does a GCC have? Sunflower has been slowly molting for about 6 months, and we thought her tail was done. She shed two tail feathers today. I'm starting to think she will just be molting for the rest of her life.
  9. sheeluhwhet

    First Molt (?)

    Hello again guys! I just wanted to ask a question about molting, and the signs that you have witnessed personally as canary owners. As some of you may have read in my previous thread, my canary Peeps was showing some strange behaviors, but they were a bit difficult to read since they coincided...
  10. Whoviana

    Preen, preen, preen

    Sunflower was preening today when she pulled out a tail feather (she's molting). This didn't stop her though. She continued to preen the feather for a while until she dropped it. I guess it was easier to preen it that way.
  11. Whoviana

    Pictures Alfalfa Birdie

    Sunflower got some yogurt on her head. She is also molting. One of her head feathers got stuck, resulting in this adorableness:
  12. P

    Does anyone know what this canary noise means?

    My canary has been making this noise for exactly a year now but only at night and mornings when he would wake up. Someone told me the noise is teeth grinding. However, he is molting right now and making this noise all day. Idk if it's because of the stress from the molt. He is eating and...
  13. pc2716

    Conure Sudden Change in Behavior - Feather Growth? Or More Serious Problem?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the site :) My pineapple conure is only 6 months old and she's been going through her first molt for over three months now. Her attitude during the molt is what we expected from reading the forums, but recently her mood has changed drastically. She was a huge snuggler...
  14. McBird

    maybe molt time? :o

    looks like I'm about to start my feather collection!! I wonder how many baggies I'll end up with. :cool:
  15. N

    Green Cheek eating molted feathers

    My husband and I just got a green cheek conure a few months ago and is our first and only bird. I stay at home while he works so I spend a lot of time with her and so does my husband when he is home. She has started to molt and I noticed that she eats her feathers when they fall off. Is that...
  16. T

    First molt AND sexual maturity?????

    Hi everyone! I hope somebody can help me figure out what's going on with my green cheek. I've had the bird for a little over two months and it has been molting since I adopted it. It has already bonded to me and I spend at least three hours of on one on one time with it everyday. The last two...
  17. birdashes

    Not molting..?

    ( my apologies if this isn't the best place to post this) My peach front conure, Erica, seemingly hasn't molted yet. For some background; she was purchased from a pet store where she was being neglected , in a scarily small cage that looked like it was supposed to be a reptile cage, and was...
  18. H

    How bad is a molt?

    I've looked all over the web, but have only come up to what feathers are, what they're made of, what they do, and the molting process. Now, I know that parrots molt symmetrically. However, I haven't seen threads on how molting can affect a household. I'm mostly asking this due to mess wise. How...
  19. Wasif Jawed

    Help me put molting at ease

    My budgie seems to be very irritated from molting. She would move his head rapidly right after scratching a spot (trying to get a feather out). She would also make those mad budgie noises (if you have a budgie you know what im talking about). She would make the noises them while she his...