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  1. EmmahJadee

    Is paw paw ointment safe for parrots

    Hi guys, I'm new here and have a question that I can't seem to find the answer for anywhere else. Does anyone know if paw paw ointment is safe for parrots? I'm asking because I'd like to apply it to my two alexandrines beak's as they are molting and peeling, I thought this may help the process...
  2. MayJ

    Does a male Cinnamon Pearl Cheekspot darken after molting?

    I wonder if this bird I have now is the same one I have lost before. Can anyone help me figure this out? I lost my male Cockatiel (4 months old) on June 25, 2022 before molting, 3-4 months after, someone caught a similar one and reached out to me. The only difference I noticed is the intensity...
  3. nspiro

    Urgent My ringneck seems to be plucking

    Hi, about a month ago I bought my first ever bird, an indian ringneck, his owners had to sell him as they couldn't spend enough time with him and their neighbors would occasionally complain about the noise. Fast foward to now, he lost so many feathers, we provided him with food, attention and...
  4. Tenleigh

    Help! Is this normal?

    My cockatiel is molting and this just fell on the floor. I was so confused was this is and why is it so long. The breeder clipped all the birds wings before giving them away, but other than that I never will clip my birds wings. Please help me I’m a new bird owner and no idea what this is.
  5. T

    Crest feathers in need of a good preening

    This is my first Cockatiel so this is one of those 'trivial beginner questions', yet has to be asked non the less ;) My Cockatiel is going through his first molt and he has three crown feathers that has been in their sheaths for a couple of weeks now. He often scratches at his head but the...
  6. H

    Moulting moodiness in budgies?

    Hi everyone Winston (8-10 months) is going through, I think, his third moult with new pin feathers. I’ve noticed based on the last couple that he seems to get moody and grumpy, less generally happy. Is this normal in your experience?
  7. B

    Urgent!! Please help me out.

    Hi! I've had tweety for 4 years, and his back has been like this for a few months. I thought it was just molting at first but I think it's not the right season for that. I honestly don't know what to do, whenever I go near he spreads his wings and opens his beak as if he were to get agressive...
  8. R

    Cockatiel is super itchy! Need advice!

    Hi my one and a half year old cockatiel has been itching like crazy and when she preens will make little painful cries. I'm not sure if shes maybe shes itchy because she about to molt? But she hasn't started losing feathers so I'm not sure. Will they get itchy before molting? Could it be mites...
  9. ZY28

    Molting since 3 months old...

    Hi, I'm a new bird owner. I just read on this forum today that green cheeks only starts molting around 6 months old. Mine has been molting since I got him and he was 3 months old. He is born in July and I got him in October. I am not sure what a molt looks like, but when he first came home there...
  10. katm89

    Feather Up Supplement

    Hi all! I was wondering if any of you have tried this supplement for feather regrowth and molting support. I have used it for a couple years and have had good success supporting my conure through his molt. My avian vet recently recommended stopping it and only giving vetomega oil, but my birds...
  11. katm89

    Seasonal plucker, bad molt or low humidity?

    Hi everyone, I have a hybrid Jenday/Nanday conure who for the last 3-4 years has been going through what I assumed was a bad molt. Starts around September/October and goes sometimes through April. Then his new feathers come in and he’s a happy bird through summer. We moved from Louisiana to...
  12. Gemmy1057

    Budgie Squabbles For No Reason???

    I need some advice or just some enlightenment on what I should do. Pineapple (F 9months) and Sonny (M 6months) are cage mates. They live in a five foot tall and three fort wide cage with lots of room. They have always liked eachother and snuggle and preen eachother and get along very nicely...
  13. S

    Is my cockatoo plucking or molting?

    So I have recently adopted a 3 year old female SC2 (Charlee) that had previously been owned by a family friend, unfortunately they didn't have enough time to provide her with the attention and care she needs, and before them, Charlee had been in hand-reared in a house with other parrots...
  14. Celery


    My bird has been itchy for a while i thought he was picking his feather cause hes doing it rough but he was doing it once on my belly and saw a bit of white thingies fall. since i added veggies to his diet his droppings looked healthy. He is around the 8-10 weeks young.
  15. BirdLady13

    Molting, or..?

    Can anyone confirm this “just-weaned” Parrotlet is “just molting”, or is her lack of face feathers something more?
  16. Lothetiel

    Dropped feathers

    Hey, so I just came home and got my cockatiel out and when he was flying around I noticed he dropped a ton of feathers all at once. I’ll add a photo. He seems to be fine and I didn’t see any bald spots but I was just wondering what this is? It seems a little early to be molting and I haven’t...
  17. J

    long molt????

    so i'm not sure if this is where to post this, but I have some concerns about my gcc. i've had her for about five months, and as far as I know she's been molting for about four of those months. maybe i'm wrong about something and I don't actually fully know what molting is as she's my first...
  18. KatieKess

    Urgent Open sore on back?

    Hi everyone! My cockatiel Marvin has had very dry / itchy skin as of recently. I realized that the humidity in our home was very low- about 30%. I bought a hydrometer and am now keeping track of the humidity levels in his room, and I also bought a humidifier which is near his cage. I’ve been...
  19. B

    First time bird mom with questions about molt!

    I recently got my first canary, who seems quite happy here. I’ve done a lot of reading and googling, but can’t seem to find answers to two questions I have. I don’t think she is molting now, but want to be ready to provide the care she needs when it comes time. 1) How many feathers will I find...
  20. B

    Sick or chill budgie? - Very confused owner

    Tweety is 3-4 years old. She has always been VERY relaxed and chill often sleeping most of the day and playing more around night time. She'll sing sometimes and loves being scratched. She also molts very often, maybe every 3 months? I should have kept a log but never did. My concern is that...