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  1. Gemmy1057

    Budgie Squabbles For No Reason???

    I need some advice or just some enlightenment on what I should do. Pineapple (F 9months) and Sonny (M 6months) are cage mates. They live in a five foot tall and three fort wide cage with lots of room. They have always liked eachother and snuggle and preen eachother and get along very nicely...
  2. S

    Is my cockatoo plucking or molting?

    So I have recently adopted a 3 year old female SC2 (Charlee) that had previously been owned by a family friend, unfortunately they didn't have enough time to provide her with the attention and care she needs, and before them, Charlee had been in hand-reared in a house with other parrots...
  3. Celery


    My bird has been itchy for a while i thought he was picking his feather cause hes doing it rough but he was doing it once on my belly and saw a bit of white thingies fall. since i added veggies to his diet his droppings looked healthy. He is around the 8-10 weeks young.
  4. BirdLady13

    Molting, or..?

    Can anyone confirm this “just-weaned” Parrotlet is “just molting”, or is her lack of face feathers something more?
  5. Lothetiel

    Dropped feathers

    Hey, so I just came home and got my cockatiel out and when he was flying around I noticed he dropped a ton of feathers all at once. I’ll add a photo. He seems to be fine and I didn’t see any bald spots but I was just wondering what this is? It seems a little early to be molting and I haven’t...
  6. J

    long molt????

    so i'm not sure if this is where to post this, but I have some concerns about my gcc. i've had her for about five months, and as far as I know she's been molting for about four of those months. maybe i'm wrong about something and I don't actually fully know what molting is as she's my first...
  7. KatieKess

    Urgent Open sore on back?

    Hi everyone! My cockatiel Marvin has had very dry / itchy skin as of recently. I realized that the humidity in our home was very low- about 30%. I bought a hydrometer and am now keeping track of the humidity levels in his room, and I also bought a humidifier which is near his cage. I’ve been...
  8. B

    First time bird mom with questions about molt!

    I recently got my first canary, who seems quite happy here. I’ve done a lot of reading and googling, but can’t seem to find answers to two questions I have. I don’t think she is molting now, but want to be ready to provide the care she needs when it comes time. 1) How many feathers will I find...
  9. T

    Sick or chill budgie? - Very confused owner

    Tweety is 3-4 years old. She has always been VERY relaxed and chill often sleeping most of the day and playing more around night time. She'll sing sometimes and loves being scratched. She also molts very often, maybe every 3 months? I should have kept a log but never did. My concern is that...
  10. B

    Molting, Over Preening or Plucking?

    Hey guys! I hope you've all been well this year!! Lately Frankie, my IRN, has been losing some of his larger feathers, not his soft fluffy downy ones. He looks molt-normal? His colour is a bit duller and he looks scruffier than normal, just like he does when he's molting, the only reason I'm...
  11. T

    Pictures Is it plucking or molting ??

    Hi everyone, I have a quaker since he was 1 month old and now he’s 6 months old , recently I noticed alot of feathers everywhere in his cage, and yesterday I saw a one long feather that is from his tale (I don’t know what is it called lol) and I felt worried. There are no bald areas, I just...
  12. Grace_F

    Pictures Bald spot Green Cheek Conure

    My Green Cheek Conure is going through a molt right now, he is my first bird and this is my first time dealing with a molt. Yesterday I noticed a small patch of missing feathers right above his nares! He has been getting baths daily and plenty of nutritious vegetable chop. Is this normal for a...
  13. bird_mama

    Pictures Really bad molt?

    How to I get rid of them? Is it her diet? She REFUSES to let me near them, so helping her isn’t an option. :bignono:I just don’t want her to possibly be uncomfortable...
  14. P

    Plucking or molting?

    Hello, Today I found that there are no hairs on the inside of my bird's right wing. My bird seems to be molting right now, and his age is still less than a year. So I'm thinking my bird is molting. However, I would like to know your opinion if it seems that my bird is plucking. I will attach...
  15. Birdilove

    Urgent My cockatiel keeps scratching her head

    So she’s 5 and a half months old and is going through her first molt and she is losing lots of feathers. She first started itching her head first and it was fine but then I saw it being really dry, and now it looks like she injured it pretty bad from scratching. We don’t have any vets were we...
  16. D

    Daisy’s head?

    I checked on Daisy this morning and saw a red spot on his head. Is this just molting or is there something wrong with his head?
  17. oliviikate


    I'm still a bit new here, so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section. I just picked up my first birds (they're canaries!!) ever a few weeks ago now! This week I'm starting to notice signs of them molting...does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to help them get through it?
  18. M

    Is this feather loss normal?

    My Green cheek conure has been losing a lot of feathers lately, mostly on his belly, wing, and back, I don’t know if this is how they molt or if he’s strany way. I want to know if this is normal, I’m pretty worried for him
  19. W

    GCC Plucking or Molting?

    Hi there! I purchased my green cheeked conure about a month ago. Not sure the age, but pretty sure he's under a year old. He's definetly somewhere between 5 - 8 months. His name is Pico, and we spend all day together. He comes everywhere with me and wants to be with me all the time. Recently...
  20. Hoshi

    How old was your ringneck when they got their ring?

    Hello! My IRN just turned 2 in March and hasn't gotten his ring yet, he is DNA-sexed. He hasn't shown any female behavior, so I'm sure he is just a late bloomer. I was curious if anyone here had a late bloomer, too!