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  1. C

    Update on Pebble--the cockatiel who's original owner cut off the tail and wings

    So Pebble has been doing well overall but last night he had a night fright at about 4 am. As far as I know this is his first one as his previous owner (the one who chopped his feathers) said he never had one before. The problem is that Pebble must have broken blood feathers as he was bleeding...
  2. L

    Urgent Help! Budgie flew into ceiling fan-permanent damage?

    Help! I have 2 six month budgies. They are my everything. They love to fly and have tons of freedom. I unfortunately forgot that the cage was open and was working on my computer when one of them got out and flew directly into the ceiling fan while it was on high speed. She immediately fell to...
  3. B

    My cockatiel fell and is limping and won't move! HELP!!!! (sad update #16)

    Hi everybody, first time posting on this forum or any forum for that matter. I'm still new to the whole bird keeping world, so forgive me if I don't get some terms or concepts right. A bit of backstory: We got a 2 month old cockatiel a few days ago (his name is Mochi) and now he seems to be hurt...
  4. mybluebirb

    Urgent Injured wing!

    My Indian ringneck parrot has an injured wing! I was so scared when I saw it, I searched it up (which I knew I shouldn’t have done because it makes me panic even more seeing the results) and it came up with info about tumours and stuff like that. That made me break down crying, I’m really...
  5. cinnamon

    Urgent Feet Problem in Cockatiel

    hello my cockatiel is 9 months old and at the time this problem started he was 5 months old. in the beginning of january he got his foot caught in the bottom of his cage and got this injury he started limping and we brought him to the vet they said nothing was wrong. here’s a photo of his feet...
  6. P

    Quaker foot problem

    Hello! Our 29 year old Quaker suddenly has a limp foot and the other one seems to becoming more limp. We are worried he had a stroke. Has anyone seen this?
  7. lunasalix

    Lovebird toe necrosis progressing (Sad update #81)

    I had to work late on Thursday, 10/3, and got home about 15 minutes before the birds' light cut out for the night. I looked in and Peaches came flying straight into my face, as usual. Mango, however, just peaked out of the curtain and went back in to nest. I figured he was just tired and left...
  8. 12345678910112

    Disabled diamond injured again

    Some of you guys may heard of Lovey my disabled diamond who has a permanent broken wing that causes him to flip over on his back. He recently recovered from a serious injury but sadly it has happened again. While we were asleep he flipped over and his claws dug into his head trying to flip...
  9. K

    Urgent Cockatiel Cannot perch/balance

    Cockatiel fell in her cage and since has he balance issues. She shows no signs of broken bones, loss of grip, or pain. She is eating drinking playing as normal she just struggled to climb the cage and perch herself. And walking on the bottom of the cage she stumbles. I’m going tomorrow to the...
  10. B

    Frankie's Accident and Irn

    Hey guys! I haven't posted here in a while unfortunately, I've been super busy. But I have been reading up on posts now and then! Thought I'd post an update on Frankie. We took him to his new avian specialist vet a week or so ago for a health check and nail trim and I was beyond happy to hear...
  11. R

    Sparrow broken toe help

    i found a sparrow with a broken toe and its bleeding and the broken part is like hanging off? Its been super quiet and it has its broken toe-leg up and its fluffed and its been closing its eyes like sleeping and im not sure what to do. please help.
  12. J

    Urgent conure ripped off nail

    hi <_> my q y/o gcc ripped his whole toe nail off while i was at work. in the span of 3 hours he managed to lose his nail (on his favourite bell), bleed everywhere and stay quiet while my mum was around. he’s been acting tired all night and i didn’t notice till i had been home for an hour and...
  13. B

    Indian Ringneck Nail Cut

    We recently brought our Indian Ringneck home, and I don't think his nails have ever been clipped. They dug into our skin and cut it up so after lots of research we decided to trim them ourselves since just a consultation at the vet is over $100 I know it will happen to every owner at least...
  14. charlieboy

    Urgent Charlie has a booboo! :(

    So Charlie got spooked and flew into a window.. I checked him all over and the area between his nostrils was red! It didn't look like it was bleeding, just super red, but when i cleaned it up a little with a wet Q-tip (only water) it was pink. Considered using cornstarch but it would've...
  15. hrafn

    Ending the year with a bang...literally...

    I'm sure most of you know where this is going. :mad2: All the mentions of Taco's habit of getting himself into trouble on the 2018 memory thread and here he is again, sending off the Year of Vet Bills with yet another mishap. I mean, at least he didn't fly into the wall a second time...he DID...
  16. R

    Urgent Wound on wing worsening- has anyone used "Lick Guard" ointment before?

    Hello community - first of all, I apologize for my lack of knowledge - I am a first time cockatiel owner and quite new at this, so I'm not sure how life threatening this wound is and clearly I've been doing the wrong things. So I adopted Peaches early November from a rescue foundation. Long...
  17. K

    Urgent Woke up to budgie with bloody head & missing feathers

    Last night my budgie had an accident, the cage was not closed as I was trying to capture this one budgie multiple times so I put my other two inside the cage and left the door open for (now injured) budgie, Sprite, to get in. After finding feathers in the kitchen and blood scrapes on the...
  18. hrafn

    Pictures Taco broke his beak -_-

    Remember when I joked about this kid needing to be swathed in bubble wrap? :shifty: Pro tip: When you're getting so excited over a new toy that you've already bonked yourself hard on your cage bars twice, maybe you should stop smashing it for a second and let your mom move it to a safer...
  19. B

    Eye Surgery

    Does anyone have experience with budgie eye removal? I may have to choose between an eye removal (likely expensive and with uncertain outcome) and euthanasia. My bird was attacked by another parakeet and has other injuries including having a portion of scalp ripped off and lacerations. Has...
  20. hrafn

    Pictures Ouch!! :(

    Is it just me, or does my poor girl have a MASSIVE lump on her head? :( Poor sweet thing. She definitely wasn't lopsided this morning. I did hear her give a squawk sometime around midnight last night, but when I checked on her she seemed ok. Maybe she slipped off of her perch and fell? Would...