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  1. U

    Urgent Cockatoo Foot Bleeding

    Hello, I have a 1.5 year old female umbrella cockatoo. We noticed a while ago that she had white growths on the tips of her toes, so we took her to the vet. We were worried it could be mites, herpes, bumblefoot, or a number of things. The doctor did not seem too concerned and he gave us an aloe...
  2. Kanine

    Urgent Cockatiel is serious pain

    So 3 days ago, one of my cockatiels rio jumped too early from my hand towards the window and came a little short. He hit the windowsill and fell really hard on the ground, he laid there for about a minute barely moving and though he had broken his neck but then he jumped back up and looked at me...
  3. MILLE

    Urgent Urgent! Lovebird leg injury

    Guys please help! My 1 yr old lovebird slipped his leg inside of the electric fan. His leg is swelling and already turned into violet. Its really bad to look at and i think it's broken. :'( i just put some betadine on his wound. We don't have any avian vet here in my area. Im living in the...
  4. Mabel

    Urgent Bird Can't Move Legs After Injury- Sad Update Post #22

    :quaker:Hello all, I wish I had the pleasure to join this site under different circumstances. Today, my elder Quaker parrot, Mabel, flew into the window. She has always been a weak flier, due to having brain damage from her previous owner. She only just recently learned how to fully utilize...
  5. H

    Cockatiel With Bite- Nose Injury

    Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos Shared album - Hannah Barfield - Google Photos My 3 year old Male cockatiel, Alex, had an accident a few days ago with our male Pionus, Jack. The Pionus is very territorial, and although both of them...
  6. taxidermynerd

    Chirp hurt himself, again!

    So this knuckle-head we all call Chirp has hurt himself yet again! I'm not sure why or how, but he dropped his longest tail feather. I checked and sure enough, he was bleeding! I pulled out my first aid kit and clean the area with a wet cotton ball. Then INSTEAD of styptic powder (I've...
  7. taxidermynerd

    Creating a safe environment- It's just to dangerous for me to let him out

    Hi all! So as some of you might know, Chirp has hurt himself twice in the span of the last week. One was a broken blood feather from flying into a recliner, and the other was a small cut and extensive bruising sustained on his chest. He's been stuck in his cage since we went to the emergency...
  8. Klspires

    HELP!! Watery poop

    i have an 11 month old GC conure named Bruno that recently went through a traumatic even on Dec 24, 2016 (my dad was visiting and accidentally partially closed a Sliding glass door on him under my husbands faulty supervision-- I'm still very upset) anyway, took him to his avian vet and she said...
  9. jdmiller95

    Urgent Cornstarch removal after injury

    My bird was bleeding a lot an in stopping it he got covered in styptic liquid and cornstarch. How do I get the cornstarch off of him without submerging his foot that was injured?
  10. M

    911 Indian Ringneck Attacked by Dog- Sad Update Post #14

    Yoshi, my Indian Ringneck was attacked by our dog, a german shepherd/husky mix. Don't know how it happened since I was in the front yard. Went to the backyard and Yoshi was limping and covered in dirt. Brought her in to wash her up, and say that she had a puncture bite, close to her left wing...