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  1. B

    Crackling sound while breathing? (Sad update #7)

    My cat got a hold of a sparrow. When I found it it had a single puncture wound on its back and blood on its nostrils. I believe it also has a broken wing. It makes a strange 'crackling' sound, kind of like gently scrunching a plastic bag, every couple seconds. It doesn't match the frequency of...
  2. danisark

    Urgent Scab on my sun conure Zazu's face

    Hi all, this is my first post so please correct me if I make any mistakes. My conure Zazu had a fall a couple days ago and everything was fine until today. For backstory, I live with my parents and they just switched out carpeting for hardwood floor so my Zazu has never experienced a fall like...
  3. Beebleburb

    Goodbye, Tip of Green Cheek Conure's toe. Seeking advice.

    Yesterday, we had an emergency vet visit after an injury. I was re-arranging the bird's toys- something they HATE. they do not like it when I touch their stuff and they get very territorial and wound up. They have squabbled with each other in the past only a few times, never resulting in...
  4. haze

    Urgent Toe Squished in Cage Door???

    About 5 minutes ago Pepper’s toe was squished in the jamb of his cage door while I was putting him in bed. He screamed loudly when it happened so I immediately opened the door. The toe has a red mark on it now and he is not putting all his weight on it, but he did eat a little bit. I want to...
  5. M

    Urgent Budgie Making weird noises after flight

    Hi everyone, new to the forum just so I can get some help and advice for my sick budgie, Gwen. On Saturday, my husband and I came home to find Gwen breathing a little heavily, puffy, and leaning to one side. She was limping a bunch and we thought she may have hurt her leg when we were gone...
  6. flyzipper

    Jericho broke Marvin's foot

    TL;DR - Marvin's doing ok after receiving proper care, but she's got some healing to do. Wednesday June 7 I was in the kitchen and about to get ready to leave for dinner when I heard Jericho fly to a rope perch where Marvin was sitting -- then, Marvin's squawk. Looking up, I briefly saw...
  7. Diveks

    Urgent Finch with bumblefoot?

    So i got an older finch a few days ago and he is in quarantine right now. He is not using one of his legs much, I also see a growth, im not sure if this is bumble foot or something else. I don’t want to stress him out too much and catch him over and over again although i will if needed. How do I...
  8. S

    Urgent Arthritis in Cockatiel Foot / Leg

    I have a 10 year old male cockatiel who had a fall a year ago and injured his left foot. The guy who clipped his wings, clipped them too short. In any case - I took him to the vet and got pain meds for him - metacam. The vet said it was not a break, but a sprain. The vet suspects that he could...
  9. S

    Urgent Budgie post-vet injury

    Hi all, my first time posting but I'm in a bit of a bind. I took my little guy to the vet yesterday for a checkup but he hasn't been acting normally since. He took a big tumble at the vet after having his wings clipped and he's normally free flighted. Now he's holding out his right wing and it's...
  10. Akoge

    Urgent Homecare for injured foot

    Hi all! My little Greencheek has had a rough couple of days and has received a pretty severe toe injury. I took him to the local vet when the injury first occurred, but they aren't avian specialists. They advised me to take him home and keep an eye on him, and take him to an avian vet hospital...
  11. Z

    Cause of sickness

    Hi everyone, so long story short I'm here in hopes of finding some imput as to what caused the sickness and later death of my tiel. I had 3 tiels, one male and two females. Last Tuesday my male was his normal self, I typically let them out of the cage when I get home from work, and they all stay...
  12. C

    911 Blood feather loss

    My tiel was attacked by another tiel and a blood feather started to bleed.i tried corn starch and it worked a bit but its still bleeding a bit.its been about an hr .now what?
  13. mybirdandi

    911 Injured cockatiel. Help

    Old wound opened up after he fell from his quarantine cage. It’s a pyrostyle injury. I’m worried about the recovery. He’s taking antibiotics since Friday and I’ve started topical ointment today which is why it’s wet. Does it look very concerning ?
  14. mybirdandi

    12 week old cockatiel with various problems. Help?

    I homed a 12 week old cockatiel a week ago. I scheduled a vet appointment to check Toby in for a health check. Turns out he is a little special. Firstly, he has a nasty pygostyle injury and reinjured himself today so it opened. He was given antibiotics 2 days ago which has to be done twice a day...
  15. A

    Retinal Detachment/Blindness

    Hello, I wanted to join this forum to give back all the help and information that I have gotten so that if someone were to Google this information it might be helpful to them like it was for me. I have a 10 year old lovebird named Kai who is fully flighted as of right now. On Saturday October...
  16. A

    Peeled foot?

    Hi guys, so I kinda tripped and fell against my bird’s cage and he yelped (he was climbing the bars) and was lifting his foot up for a bit but there’s no bleeding, and this is how his foot looks like. Should I put anything on it or does it warrant a vet visit? thank you!
  17. EmmaAndEiffel

    Disabled parrot no perches??

    My rosella had bumblefoot surgery on his feet years ago and since then we've been battling blisters on his feet, I go up and down to the vet often and they can find no cause so I've been told "it's just something that's gonna happen because of the surgery". He's on long term anti inflammatorys...
  18. M

    Urgent Green Cheek Conure Broken Leg - Advice/Opinions/Reassurance?

    Hi there, Unfortunately, our 2 month old green cheek conure got a little too excited, flew around frantically and hit one of our tall shelving units. This happened about 3 weeks ago, we took him to the vet, who splinted his left leg and he's been recovering. I have copies of his initial xray...
  19. A

    Cocatiel hen attacking her babies

    Hi why would the mother attack her babies and will she do this again in the future. She was a first time parent her partner was outside the nest box when she attacked them. I'm just very sacred she does this again the babies was 3 days and Older. I tried to safe all 4 of them. But after a few...
  20. J

    Lovebird bit one of his toes off.

    Help please, the lovebird that I'm actually close to bit one of its toe off which made it bleed quite a lot and this happened 2-3 times, as in the bleeding stopped, but then it bit at it again, causing more bleeding. At the time it's not biting it anymore because there's almost nothing left for...