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  1. Atomiklan

    Living Room of TERROR

    As I anticipated, had a small spat today in the living room. Emma was being adventurous, but keeping close by (doing laps around my head near the cage). Well Charlie finally built up enough courage and charged full steam ahead out of the cage and around the corner. Emma of course decided to...
  2. Atomiklan

    Video Adventure time

    Yet another update. I swear I would not normally be posting this much if they weren't making so much progress so quickly. They have been making what seems like exponential progress in the last few days. Its also absolutely hilarious how they trade places every day. They must have "pillow talk"...
  3. Atomiklan


    I'm so happy! Decided to do a little early morning training with the fids (after they had a little breakfast of course). Had a huge step in the right direction with both of them. Started off offering them both their favorite seed/food on the edge/outside main cage door. Took Charlie a few touch...
  4. Atomiklan

    The fids

    Decided to use a YouTube Channel to centralize all my bird videos going forward. They are almost too cute for YouTube... Will continue to update my training progress on here as I go. AtomiFlock - YouTube
  5. Atomiklan

    Hand taming

    I can tell already (and I expected as much) that hand taming these guys is going to require the patience beyond sainthood... I do recognize that they may not be able to be tamed, but I am going to continue to try my hardest. Here is what I have been working on lately (and yes I know it is still...
  6. Atomiklan

    Pairing up

    So I am getting a little concerned about my pair and need a veteran here to put my nerves to rest. I am fairly certain now, lets say 90 - 10, that I have a male and a female. The light brown finch seems to be the male. The first two nights I had them, they perched together. I cant say for...
  7. Atomiklan

    Coconut nest

    Any suggestions on how to encourage my new finches to use their coconut nest? I know there is a lot more to consider regarding encouraging/discouraging breeding with and without a nest, but I guess I will cross that bridge a little later. Still not even sure yet if I have a male female pair...
  8. Atomiklan

    First birds!

    So I finally took the plunge (granted into the shallow end of the pool) and picked up two society finches yesterday. I observed them for quite some time before making a decision and I noticed a pattern emerging with two of them seemingly enjoying each others company more than the others so I...
  9. Atomiklan

    Pictures The journey continues 2.0!

    So as most of you can guess, I have been doing more and more research as I have been "waiting" (More on that soon). A few days ago, I was basically at the point where I felt I had done all the research I could possibly do and my only next step was to foster (sorry, but still not going to just...
  10. D

    New to Birds: Choosing a Companion?

    Hello everyone! I'm not yet a bird owner but I'm very seriously considering it and collecting all the research I can on the subject. The species I'm most seriously considering are budgies, finches, and--most seriously of all--ringneck doves. I'm looking at different breeder option but I have...
  11. PA parrot

    Parrotlet and finch?

    i have a male pacific parrotlet a year and a half old. I am a college student and am gone for a 5-6 hours a day. I feel like my parrotlet can be lonely. I have been very interested in finch keeping but can not deal with breeding. Would I be able to keep a single finch to keep my parrotlet...
  12. FinchCanary

    Pictures How to care for our new birds ??? (Long Post)

    Hey all! This is a LONG post! We picked up 2 canaries and 2 finches from a rescue sanctuary towards the start of March. Initially they were in a small cage with no perches when we got them. All of them have damage to varying extents on their feet (some bent and even missing toes :() and the...
  13. FinchCanary

    Hello! Welcoming new rescues

    Hi all! A new bird owner here. I have recently come into the care of some rescues, two finches and two canaries. I am working on a more detailed post for Bird Boulevard with their circumstances, lots of questions, and some pictures for reference. All the best!
  14. B

    Finch/Canary Newbie

    Hi, My name is Makayla Friedel and I am a student at Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL. I am involved in the work study program and I am currently working in our science department in the vivarium where we own snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, salamanders and fish. My upcoming project for...
  15. Canary Mikelo

    Canary Timbrado song (good for training)

    Hi guys ,i post here one of the best Timbrado songs that i have in my collection,and is very good to train your canary with this song.Njoy and thanks for watching
  16. Amanda6

    Indoor Aviary Help

    I have some finches and have recently purchased an old china cabinet. So far, I've cleaned it and painted it and put a covering on the back mirror. It's a good sized aviary for the finches. I need some advice on finishing it. I planned on putting linolium on the bottom for easy cleaning. I...
  17. finchly

    Pictures Andy and his Babies

    I posted in another thread that I quicked Andy while trimming his nails... his babies fledged this morning and he's tending to them as if his foot never hurt! Thought you might like to see a few photos.