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  1. B

    Canary and finch

    Hello! I've been wanting to get me a little bird for a while and I'm really interested in canaries and finches (zebras specifically). I was wondering if I can get a female canary and a female finch in the same cage or if it would be bad for the canary? I've read that canaries don't mind being...
  2. Diveks

    Finch plucked by clutchmates

    So I’ve been raising up a few finches (a gouldian, 4 society, and 2 zebra finches). Well I’ve been having a little issue with one of the societies. Everyone seems to be bullying the poor guy and even plucked his tail feathers out. Im wondering if i should separate the one that is getting bullied...
  3. B

    Pictures Need Help, Male or female?

    Hi. Any idea what the gender of this beautiful bird is? The bird has only chirping sound, generally in the mornings and trying to build the nest.
  4. Diveks

    Bulbul paired up with finch

    Hello I would like to share something interesting that is happening in my aviary. A month ago i started seeing my female sooty headed bulbul cuddling up against my male gouldian finch. I didn't think much of it at the time cause I just thought "maybe they just like eachothers company". Well a...
  5. FinchORI

    Meet Siouxsie!!!

    Hey Everyone! I recently made a post looking to rehome my finch, Arlo after her mate passed away. Ive posted on many sites and no one has been interested. Arlo has been getting more and more depressed and confused without a partner. After many discussions, my grandparents have decided to take in...
  6. FinchORI

    Zebra Finch in need of new home + where I’ve been + sad story

    Hello everyone. I have not been active for a while for a combination of mental health stuff and bird stuff. As some of you might remember, I had two female zebra finches, Arlo and Will. Quite a while ago, Will started acting very strange, drooping over, pecking at her foot, many other symptoms...
  7. G

    Bioactive birdcage?

    Hi, Sorry if this is not in the right category, I’m very new to this forum! I currently have two zebra finches. I’ve kept many different species of parrots and passerines but have settled down and am pretty happy with my two little finches. For a long time I’ve felt that they need an upgrade...
  8. Ziekenzie

    Finch Personality

    Hello everyone. I've fallen down the finch rabbit hole recently, and I figured that the wonderful people of this forum would be able to offer answers to some of my questions. 1) Is it true that finches can only be 'tamed' if they are hand raised? What is considered 'tame'? 2) Has there been any...
  9. Diveks

    Urgent Finch with bumblefoot?

    So i got an older finch a few days ago and he is in quarantine right now. He is not using one of his legs much, I also see a growth, im not sure if this is bumble foot or something else. I don’t want to stress him out too much and catch him over and over again although i will if needed. How do I...
  10. FinchORI

    Should I cover my finches?

    Hey Everyone! When I first got Will and Arlo I didn’t cover their cage at night because my friend with budgies said they can get night terrors if you cover them the first night. So I decided to wait till they were settled in. I have had them for a while now, (over a month I believe) and I still...
  11. FinchORI

    Foraging for finches

    Hi! I got my finches almost a month ago, and I was wondering if you guys know of any foraging toys (can be store bought or diy) that are small enough for finches tiny beaks. So far the only foraging activity I’ve gotten them to do is pull millet sprays out of a sea grass mat. Thank you!
  12. Diveks

    911 Egg Bound Finch on the ground! no vet available today.

    So my zebra finch laid an egg yesterday and today she should have the second one. She was conditioned beforehand but i guess something happened and she is now egg bound. She is laying on the ground straining to lay an egg every 10 minutes, after the contractions would go back up to the nest...
  13. FinchORI

    Meet my girls!

    Everyone… meet my baby girls Will and Arlo! (As in my favorite musical artists, Will Wood and Arlo Parks) Arlo is the fawn one, and Will is the gray.
  14. FinchORI

    Getting my babies tomorrow!

    Just announcing that I’m getting my first birds, zebra finches, tomorrow! Im so excited! If anyone has tips on the first few days and getting birbs settled in, that would be appreciated!
  15. FinchORI

    Lee’s exotic birds

    I am looking for a breeder for a variety of finches, and there are none in my state (Massachusetts). I have come across a breeder online that has all of the birds I’m looking for, called Lee’s exotic birds, and I’m wondering if any of you guys have purchased from him and/or know if it’s legit...
  16. FinchORI

    Where to get finches

    Hello! I am new to finch owning, and I am thinking of getting a mixed finch aviary in the future. Where I live (Massachusetts) there are only Zebra and Society finches available easily, and the only way to get the more uncommon finches I want is through shipping. What are your guys thoughts on that?
  17. FinchORI

    Hi! I’m Ori!

    Hello! I am picking up my first birds in a few weeks (Zebra Finches), and I joined this forum to learn more about all things BIRD! If anyone here has owned finches before, feel free to offer tips!
  18. kitty04

    a little finch, or 4.

    hi I'm new here, I hope it's the right thread, anyhoo I have 6 finches, all together, I love their honks beeps or what you call it. 2 diff species have bonded well, a society and zebra. I have 2 other society male and female, and 2 other zebra male and female. my one female is trying to climb...
  19. brinney

    Widowed Finch and Advice for the Future

    Hello friends, We said goodbye this morning to our dear Spice finch hen, Nutmeg. Her mate, Cinnamon, has been calling out today and it breaks my heart. They were purchased together, and I've had them about six years. I'm worried about buying just one more finch for him, and having him leave us...
  20. Ziekenzie

    Finches vs. Canaries

    Hello everyone. Currently, I'm choosing between some finches or canaries. I've heard good things about both, but I was wondering what you guys thought. I'd prefer a bird that was on the larger side and it would be great if they were known for getting along with other birds. Also, I'd love to...