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  1. Barnaby Rose

    Who has more than one bird..? Help!

    Ok guys, so sorry to keep posting but this will be the last question filled post for a while I promise! So, we have made the decision to bring home the little baby Timneh African Grey, his name is Oliver. My wife and I have been like 50 times over the last few months and so it is anything but...
  2. D

    Best way to oderize the cage?

    I am changing jaspers cage twice a day but wondered if there was any tricks of the trade you people use to stop the room smelling thanks in advance.
  3. RedCarpetEclectus

    Is this a good indoor cage? Or suit outdoors?

    I am getting an Eclectus pair, and am wanting to get them this: Walk-in Bird Aviary Dog Reptile Cage Wrought Iron | GTmall Online I am not sure how it would work indoors as I have never had an indoor aviary, so I dont know about cleaning and other stuff (apart from having enough floor space haha)
  4. RedCarpetEclectus

    Best organic pellets?

    I have been looking for some completely organic pellets to add to my Eckie's diet. They have 80% fresh fruits, veggies, mash, etc however in times when I lack the funding to buy so much fresh produce, I need them to be fine eating pellets. TOPS looks great, however I am having a hard time...
  5. RedCarpetEclectus

    Where to buy SS Double Macaw Cage in Aus?

    I am really wanting to get a stainless steel double macaw cage for my Eclectus pair, though I cant seem to find anywhere that sells them in Australia? I don't really want to spend a million bucks on shipping after buying a $4000+ cage.
  6. RedCarpetEclectus

    Double macaw cage pictures?

    Hi! I am thinking of getting this double macaw cage for a pair of Eclectus Big Kahuna Extra Large Double Stainless Steel Bird Cage - Double Macaw Bird Cages and Double Extra Large Stainless Steel Bird Cages at Bird Cages 4 Less Does any one have any pictures of their eckies (or similar sized...
  7. mars

    Wing Flipping Advice

    Hi all! This is my first post here. I care for a 5 year old SI eclectus female, Nefertari (Nef for short). She's my only bird (and first "big bird"). I've had her for 3 years and she is the sweetest creature on earth. I'm moving and inadvertently causing her a lot of stress. She and I are...
  8. D

    Average price of Eclectus parrot

    I am looking at buying one from a breeder and been offered one for £650 from a guy in Nottingham who has his own site. He is called Grahen Edwards and just wondered if that is average price for 12 week old eckie thanks in advance.
  9. frogfoot

    Feather question

    I think I've noticed that Ruby's feathers break down more than normal. When she is preening she leaves a LOT of dust and feather fragments which I think is atypical based on comments from other Ekkie owners. She doesn't barber her feathers or anything and has full plumage, but whenever she loses...
  10. xyloshan

    Oliver's hormonal phase going on 2 years

    This is Oliver. I posted about him a long time ago on here. He's a great bird, except for his raging hormones. I know plenty about birds (I work with them for my jobs) and Oliver definitely sees me more as his 'parental figure'. But unfortunately he sees my fiance as his mate. We make sure...
  11. frogfoot

    Preening dust

    Hi!! This is a parrot question in general. Ruby is my first "big" bird and I've never experienced a problem with this before with my parrotlets and budgies. Basically, she preens violently and constantly, especially when she's sitting on me (her favorite activity). It looks like she's got a...
  12. H

    Eclectus vs GCC?

    Hi there! =3 I'm not too experienced, and I'm looking into some parrots as a friend. I'm really considering the Eclectus or a Green Cheek Conure. ^-^ Overall, what I'm looking for is an animal that appreciates my presence. I just want a feathered companion. I don't ask for much. It doesn't...
  13. Omar1234

    Electus advice

    Paco is a 8 yr old male Electus parrot. I just got him last week and I'd appreciate some advice on breaking some of his old habits. 1) Paco only approaches me, and hardly interacts with anyone else. 2) he always crawls up my arm and in trying to hold him without him being very close to my...
  14. Omar1234

    Eclectus advice

    Hello everyone and thank you for reading this, I am a new bird owner and I could REALLY use some advice. Last week my family got our first pet birds. We aren't sure how old they are because the previous owners didn't give us very much info. However we believe they are both around 8 years...