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  1. Sarah_K

    Eclectus Screaming at 6 months

    Hey everyone, I am relatively new to the Ekkie world. I am the proud owner of a 6 month old eclectus boy named Benji. I got him when he was just over 4 months. He was super quiet for 2 weeks, then in the last month and a half every time he sees me he caws really loudly. It will only start if he...
  2. M

    Eclectus Advice

    Hi all! I just wanted to start a thread for any advice or tips and tricks you guys could have for people looking to get an eclectus/new owners! I don't currently have an Eclectus, but I have been doing a ton of research and am seriously thinking about getting one. I never had a bird before, but...
  3. M

    New Member

    Hello all! I’m Molly. I don’t currently have a bird, but I am looking to get one! I used to babysit a budgie, and have always wanted a bird since I was a kid, just was waiting until the right time. I am seriously looking at Eclectus as they have always been my favorite. I am looking for any...
  4. E

    Looking for a male Eclectus

    Hi all, I’m searching wherever I can to try to find a male adult Eclectus for sale or adoption. My Eclectus just passed away He was an older rescue bird. I miss him so so much. Please let me know if there are any adult male eclectuses that need a home. I live in BC, I would travel anywhere...
  5. Dragonloverjas

    Pictures Weird coloured feathers

    so my female eclectus plucks a bit, (it’s not very bad) and I have noticed that she has a lot of green and blue at the end of her wings. I think this is visible because of her plucking, as it isn’t visible on the other wing. I would like to know if anyone can tell me what’s wrong? I know that...
  6. Malibu9

    Safest way to purchase a new friend??

    So, I am hearing mixed opinions on the safest method to use for putting a deposit down on a baby and then paying the rest at pick up time. I have heard don't do the friends and family option (as you can't get money back if it happens to be a scam), so only use the business option. I have...
  7. J

    Bald spine

    Hi guys, I've had my boy since mid September and in the shower today I noticed a strip down the middle portion of his spine that is almost completely bald. Is this normal for a birds spine? When he is dry you cant even notice it... You have to actually part the wet feathers to see it. It's about...
  8. Les charlson

    New member-Caiques, Alexandrines,Eclectus, Lorikeets.

    Hello everyone. I have been reading the forums but haven't introduced myself. I am female and live in Australia. I have a disabled Eclectus aged 3, 2 Scaly breasted Lorikeets one is disabled, a 5 month old Alexandrine and a 4 yr old Alex , a 4 year old black headed Caique and am getting another...
  9. Atomiklan

    Pictures Uh Oh...

    Lada found where I keep the mother load tonight...
  10. Miss Annamarie

    New Eclectus Owner!

    Just laid the deposit down for this sweet baby! He's 3 months old, I've been researching for weeks but any advice you have would be much appreciated! Super excited for my second bird, trying to think of a name for him too. (:
  11. Miss Annamarie

    Eclectus Diet

    Wondering how much they eat per day and what a good diet for them would be, what kind of pellets? I know they have a 'special' diet.
  12. Atomiklan

    Pictures New behavior

    Lada's behavior is changing again. Its amazing how much parrots change with time! She is now starting to let out this very loud high pitched chirp (sounds exactly like a VERY loud smoke alarm low battery indicator) at certain times usually when I first come into the room. She is not imitating...
  13. Atomiklan

    Pictures Lada fathers day

    Lada and I took a road trip down to Columbia SC this past weekend to spend some time with my father for fathers day. My dad (never held a bird in his life, just like me) is starting to fall in love with Lada and getting used to the idea of having a parrot in the family. My whole family (myself...
  14. Atomiklan


    So I already accidentally leaked this in another post without even thinking about it, but I still wanted to post this to make myself feel a little better haha. ITS OFFICIAL OFFICIAL NOW!!! I HAVE ADOPTED LADA!!! The signature has now been edited After a recent vet trip I had all her records...
  15. Atomiklan

    Lada vet visit!

    So Lada went to the vet the other day. I guess its time to officially call her adopted as I had all her past records transferred to my name. I finally learned her hatch date and some other great information! Anyways though, she was due at the vet for her feather picking and a potential weight...
  16. EclectusMoma

    Pictures EclectusMoma

    Hello everyone! I just joined this forum but have actually been her reading a lot for the past month at least. I have a female Eclectus that is my heart. I bought her from a breeder who didn’t share much information with me on how to properly take care of her. I’ve just recently learned that...
  17. Bird_lover1977


    Hello from Rose and Jasper. I’m the proud mom of a 7 year old male SI Eclectus. I’ve owned Birds my whole life. My mother and I used to breed and raise budgies and cockatiels.
  18. Atomiklan

    Lada being cute

  19. Atomiklan


    I know I have been down this road before, but I need some tips again please. Lada (female eclectus) is again getting broody. She laid an egg again yesterday. Last time was a few months ago... so not good in terms of span. The egg laying is not the problem though. She is and has been for quite...
  20. Barnaby Rose

    Urgent Female Eclectus plucking/bald spot on chest???

    Guys I am VERY worried. Emma was going through what I THOUGHT was a pretty heavy 'molt'... her feathers around her collar, her sides and around her neck and etc were looking a little dark and ruffled and thin in places, but nothing I was too extremely concerned with.. and then this morning we...