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  1. Diveks

    Baby bird fell from 3 foot height!

    I am unable to take her to the vet tonight as they have closed and it happened 10 minutes ago (8 p.m) and won't be open until tomorrow morning. I have scheduled an x-ray for tomorrow but Im worried she won't make it through the night. It was feeding time and she was inside of her tub on top of...
  2. J


    Hi there! So happy to have found this community! I own a male Eclectus who will be a year in Feb. named Charlie. Also, I’m about to adopt a Bare eyed cockatoo. He is a sweet boy who went to everyone in my family. This will be my first time owning a BE. Can anyone tell me their experience with...
  3. Hollybee

    New Puzzle Toys

    Would definitely recommend dog and cat floor puzzle toys to mix up the feeding routine! My ekkies are very entertained!
  4. J

    My Eclectus feet are changing color

    His name is Willie. He just turned one year old. He recently had toe tapping symptoms, but the symptoms stopped within two days after I stopped feeding him eggs. Then, when I suddenly looked at his feet, I noticed a difference in color between his feet and my female Eclectus. She has black feet...
  5. I

    Frustration with eclectus

    Hey there! My male eclectus is now 1 year and 9 months old, and his beak is nearly fully orange—just a tiny dot left, practically all gone. For the first year I had him, everything was good, but I had to train him to trust me for quite some time, even though he was just a baby. It seemed like...
  6. S

    Hormonal male feeding water bottle

    So, I've got a weird one. I have a 26 year old male Eclectus that I've had since he was a baby. He's super neurotic but wonderfully social and funny in all the weird Ekkie ways. He's always been somewhat hormonal, but he is went through a pretty rough chronic hormonal period about 10-15 years...
  7. StarTrick

    New cage setup!

    Heya! This cage was such a nightmare to put together, and we've still had to leave some parts out. Hopefully when we try again next time it'll be easier and won't take 4 days and 4 men, lol. It's safe and works though! Luca is loving his new toys, and is particularly fond of the ladder.
  8. M

    Health help!

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right section but I do need help with my two eclectus. I had just gotten these two over the weekend. I am including pictures. I would love some input… to me the female looks in bad shape. Male might be molting? Do they look very sick? Female isn’t as active...
  9. M

    Breeder birds

    Hello, I need any help or advise. I am considering purchasing a pair of eclectus. The person I am going to purchase these birds from said he had them for two years and had 4 chicks over the two years. They are aged 6-7 years old. The female was always a breeder, the male was a pet turned...
  10. StarTrick

    Large aviary in Australia like the one linked?

    Howdy howdy, I'm moving out to a more rural area in QLD, Australia soon (avian vet still within a 3 hours drive, thankfully) but I'm looking to set up a massive space where my Eclectus can hang out during the day whilst my mother is with him at home and I'm out volunteering at clinics, farms...
  11. pubbykid

    wing flipping

    I recently had my Eclectus boarded when I went out of town so I had no control over her diet for a week. Tonight while watching her I noticed she was wing flipping, I have not noticed any toe-tapping but I would like to address the issue as soon as I can. She has two cuddle bones as well as a...
  12. Elmafudd2

    Intriqued Ring Neck!

    Hello all, We hoped you had a good blessed and enjoyable Christmas! Just a quick question, Sky our not terribly tamed blue Indian Ring Neck is utterly fascinated by our newest family edition Yoda the Eclectus. We have been keeping their cages well apart so that they can get used to each other...
  13. Elmafudd2

    A new member of the family!

    Hi all! First of all, have a very wonderful blessed Christmas and a safer New Year! My beautiful wife works at the Animal Welfare League here in Queensland and recently one of her reception staff informed her that she had no other choice but to give up her two parrots due to landlord issues...
  14. V

    Aggressive Electus?

    Two weeks ago I obtained a female eclectus parrot (a year or younger) that I was told was tame and did not bite. However on the second day of having her she did bite me when I was fixing a perch. It wasn't super hard, but it did hurt a lot as I have fibromyalgia (more intense pain). Needless to...
  15. StarTrick

    Avian Vet Won't Cut Eclectus' Nails

    Hello once again everyone! My eclectus is in desperate need of a nail trim, but I've been putting it off for so long. When we first got him, we took him into the only one within a 3 hour drive and our avian vet was very lovely and had loads of experience. We got him to do a full health check...
  16. flyzipper

    The Unusual Pet Vets - 'Gromits irritated sinuses

    I thought this was very interesting -- that a foreign object lodged in the choana was triggering respiratory issues. Hmm, sorry about that title, it was supposed to be, "The Unusual Pet Vets - Gromit's Irritated Sinuses".
  17. K

    Rehoming my ekkie

    Hi everyone, My name Katie and I’m new to the forum. I’ve had Kermit, my male eclectus parrot, for around 4-5 years now. Sadly, I may have to rehome him as I don’t think my home is a suitable environment for him anymore. Our household is very busy and loud and try as we might to make Kermit...
  18. N

    Help with Ekkie

    Hi everyone. We recently got a female eclectus parrot from a bird shop at the start of May. The bird shop wasn’t able to tell us her age but we believe she’s still a bit young because the tip of her beak isn’t fully black. Anyways first couple of weeks have just been adjusting (for her and us) -...
  19. S

    Are these stress bars?

    My little guy is 10 weeks old, just wondering about his feathers if they are normal? And to see what everyone else thinks, 1st time owning a ekky
  20. RadiantG

    Video Chew chew chew.... except it's my fingers! But I have an idea

    Milo's going through an 'I MUST CHEW ALL THE THINGS' phase. Thank goodness he chose this bag of LEGO today instead of my hands. Like he did yesterday XD While I found that playing with Lego together (all small parts taken away, of course) helps when he's in the mood to pull apart my things, I'm...