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  1. E

    Should I get it? or no?

    58 days hand rasied male Eclectus baby. As a beginning, please give some advise on this bird base from these pictures. Thanks everyone! Parents are healthy and no peaking feather histories. I think he got a really cute face. <58days> <55days>
  2. Atomiklan

    Weird lightswitch behavior

    My foster Eckie (female) is so strange sometimes. I'm hoping someone can explain this behavior a little more and tell me its fairly normal. When Lada gets on the ground she is usually snooping around for a nesting site. So when she gets in a dark corner she likes I can understand this behavior...
  3. Atomiklan

    Ear woobie?

    Any one else out there have an eckie with an ear woobie haha? Lada when on my shoulder likes to hang onto my ear. I know what you're thinking... I promise you she is not holding it to keep her balance as she does that as well when we're moving, but its a very different action. She also is not...
  4. Atomiklan


    So I'm pretty sure it's not news to almost every bird owner here that birds love to shred stuff, especially cardboard. Lada my ekkie in particular LOVES to shred the small boxes I give her at mail time (Amazon boxes and such). I stopped giving her boxes she could fit in as this was obviously...
  5. Atomiklan


    Before starting, we really need a new subforum for avian physiology... So was just sitting with Lada and learned something completely new. I feel like maybe I knew this about birds at one point in my life long ago, but still, I was SHOCKED by this when I saw it! Lada has a semi transparent...
  6. M

    How late can I start handrearing?

    Hi I have been in the market for an eclectus chick for a while now and I have recently been offered a 6 week old chick that is currently being raised by its parents. Is it too old to successfully start handrearing it now? Thank you for the help
  7. Atomiklan

    Favorite Toy

    Does anyone else have an Eckie that plays like this hahahaha? This is seriously the ONLY time she makes any sounds! She's so weird lol.
  8. Atomiklan

    Advice for ornery Eckie

    So Lada the female red sided Eckie is staying with me for a while. I am having some trouble working with her though and could use some advice other than from her parront. Lada is 7 years old and generally VERY sweet and easy going. She is probably the most chill parrot on the planet. She almost...
  9. Atomiklan


    Ok, I am about to ask a very dumb question so prepare yourselves... I assume most if not ALL parrots get very grumpy late at night and potentially aggressive (well, lets just continue to call it grumpy) as a result. I'm probably going to get a lot of negative comments for this, but it was...
  10. Atomiklan

    Video Eckie coming to visit!!!

    So I talked with Lada's parront today and she is finally going to let Lada come stay with me! At least that's the plan. I am going to go by tomorrow morning to pick her up. I'm very excited! Looking forward to some real time with a larger species instead of just visiting, viewing at a bird show...
  11. Atomiklan

    Pictures The journey continues 2.0!

    So as most of you can guess, I have been doing more and more research as I have been "waiting" (More on that soon). A few days ago, I was basically at the point where I felt I had done all the research I could possibly do and my only next step was to foster (sorry, but still not going to just...
  12. Taylor Zaugg

    Parrots first plane

    My last thread I posted didnt get the responses I want. My mom lives in California and I visit her 3 times a year for a week. My Ekkie is 4 months old. He's good with traveling in cars and comes with me to petsmart. Is it sad if I bring him to California with me? Is it sad to have him go on the...
  13. Atomiklan

    Uh Oh...

    Back on topic now after my previous posts :p So I am a little worried............ I fear I may be falling in love with Eclectus parrots now too. The red and blues of the females are so beautiful and they are soooooo fluffy! I am really worried that if I bring Lala home to stay with me for a...
  14. E

    Developing Bald Spot? (NOT Plucking)

    hello Everyone - Seeking any input or possible information regarding my dear girls developing bald spot. I've never had an Ekkie before so I am unfamiliar with visual signs and whether they may indicate cause for concern or if this is part of a normal molting process.... She is ~ 5-6 months old...
  15. E

    Welcome Home Poppy!

    Hello everyone - Seeking some general guidance on how to "tame" my new baby. She is a ~4-5month of Solomon Island Eclectus that was hand-fed. She was very cuddly/tame with her owner. However, she's bitey with me. I brought her home Tuesday afternoon and she appears to be settling well in her new...
  16. E

    New Baby

    Hello all - I posted a few weeks ago about deciding on a new FID. I finally decided, and found the new family member. She is a beautiful female Ekkie ~ 3 months old. She is not fully weaned yet, so she may not be home for another month (possibly longer). However, I've paid a deposit to hold...
  17. T

    Seizure-type night attacks

    Hi All, I've had my dearest sweetest Zhora in my life for the past 8 months. He's a beautiful make Ekkie, and just turned 1 year old, so still quite a young bird. In the past two months he's started having these strange attacks in the night. At first I thought it was toe-tapping, and although I...
  18. E

    Considering an Eclectus

    Hello ! I am here to gather some opinions on some of y'all Ekkie experts. . . WARNING SUPER LONG POST AHEAD! Stay with me.... & help! lol MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: I've owned birds all my life, budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, etc... My Mom currently has an African Grey so I'm familiar with...
  19. E

    Considering an Aracari

    Hello ! I am here to gather some opinions on some of y'all Aracari experts. . . WARNING SUPER LONG POST AHEAD! Stay with me.... & help! lol MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: I've owned birds all my life, budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, etc... My Mom currently has an African Grey so I'm familiar with...
  20. J

    Ekkie suddenly afraid of me?

    Hello, my husband bought a 4 year old female eclectus about half a year ago. The shop owner warned us she didn't like females, but I am willing to work with her, or just live comfortably with her. For a couple months, she seemed pretty calm as long as I wouldn't touch her. She adores my husband...