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  1. Sparky

    Keeping macaws with cockatoos?

    Good day all, I apologize in advance for the very long post. I really need advice please... I have a couple questions, and hoping to get answers here. Recently I have discovered the risks of keeping macaws and cockatoos in the same household - I never knew how damaging the dust from a cockatoo...
  2. J

    Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary-WA

    Does anyone have any experience/information/etc about The Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary in Stanwood, Washington? I’ve read their website cover to cover, and it looks good but I’ve got some misgivings about some things. Their policy of no pre- (or post-) surrender visits..EVER makes me nervous...
  3. S

    Swollen eye on my cockatoo

    My bird has a bit of a swollen eye. Under her eye is a bit white and I tiny bit swollen. She had a piece of dandruff in it earlier that I got out about 40 minutes ago but the swelling still there. I may be freaking out over nothing but I'm kind of panicking. When it was in her she was being...
  4. B

    Citron Crested parent-to-be

    Hello. I’m not a cockatoo mom (yet) but will most likely be inheriting one. I know Sugar the citron crested cockatoo only from caring for her in her owner’s absence and she was extremely sweet and interactive with me. I have never had a parrot of my own but have cared for many them in my work as...
  5. I

    Plucking Particles

    My RB2 suddenly started aggressively preening. He would preen way more than usual, but would not pluck. Now, however, on top of aggressive behavior he started plucking small, brownish particles. They’re minuscule and I have no idea what they are. I’ve issued treatment and have also considered...
  6. Atomicor

    First Umbrella Cockatoo

    So today I got an Umbrella Cockatoo, (unsure of dna sex, I think it’s male,) and the bird is absolutely the sweetest when it’s in the cage, and when it’s out and on me. If it’s on the floor completely different ball game. But my biggest issue is that, if I leave the room, he screams, I turned...
  7. hrafn

    I need someone to punch me in the face

    For real. I know, I KNOW, that bringing a cockatoo into the house is stupid. I know that. I have an African grey and a cockatiel already, which is more than enough dust. I absolutely do NOT need to bring home a Goffin's. Someone else can give him a home. It doesn't have to be me. I don't have...
  8. Pennys People

    Cockatoo Diet

    When I adopted my 40 year old cockatoo, Penelope, a couple months ago I was given containers of a generic store brought seed labeled "parrot food". Before I brought her home I visited our pet store and got her some healthy mix that had various pellets and bigger seed and nut selection. I mix a...
  9. kiwicockatiel

    i found a galah that was very tired

    pls help what do i do?
  10. C

    Housing Help? (NYC area)

    Hi! I'm looking for some advice on birds, apartments, and housing. I have a Goffins cockatoo and a maroon belly conure. My too is quiet for a too, but still a cockatoo, and my conure has her moments but otherwise is similar to a green cheek but more quiet than say a sun conure. The three of...
  11. F

    Looking for large bird like macaw to give loving home

    Hello I am looking to give a wonderful home to a bird in need, I can afford a fee. I have a cage and toys galore. Also have a herb garden I’m growing for the birds. I currently have a parrotlet he’s been with us for 4 years. I’m a stay at home mom and have all the time in the world. I would love...
  12. Pennys People

    Umbrella Cockatoo dislikes women

    So.... We adopted Penelope, a 35 year old Cockatoo. Her owner had passed and the wife had a love/hate relationship with the bird and had to part with it. She wanted to do more with Penelope but was afraid to let her out of her cage due to biting episodes. I was warned that she hated females and...
  13. S

    Advice Needed: My Cockatoo Hates Baths and Other Things

    I just got a cockatoo a few months ago. His name is Snowball and he is a sweetie. He has a few small issues, that I'm curious on how to fix. The first is what I posted this for initially. Snowball HATES bathing. He wasnt that well taken care of, and for 23 years at that. When we got him, I...
  14. DarkenedStar2

    Urgent Cockatoo cere Help

    Hi, so my aunt and uncle own a cockatoo it was my aunt's fathers before he passed away so she's a very old bird and I noticed that there was something wrong with her cere. I've told them to take her to a Vet but they're not concerned to take her until her appointment next week.
  15. PrettyBirdy

    Spontaneous Plucking?

    HI everybody, I have a year and 1/2 year old goffin, who, as of the last few weeks, has start plucking and chewing her feathers. It started as over preening a part of her wing, and now she's plucking the area over and around her crop. I'll be making an appointment at the vet for her in a few...
  16. BirdField

    Why did I have to look?!

    I feel like I've been going insane over the past two weeks. I've been poring over cockatoo threads, reading about behavioral issues, heck I've been looking into the finite details of my financial future. All because I did the one thing I should never do. I looked up "cockatoo" on craigslist. And...
  17. C

    Citron cockatoo needs rehoming.

    Hello everyone, I live in palmdale , california and have a citron cockatoo that i am looking to rehome . I was recently on craigslist looking through the ads and saw someone was selling this citron cockatoo. The ad said that someone had given this bird to them and they couldnt keep him. They...
  18. LaurenL16

    Monkey Chow WHICH ONE???

    Hi all, I have seen posts but very little information has come of them for me.... We rescued a umbrella 2 Friday, she has a radial abdominal hernia and needs surgery. To get the surgery, she needs to put on weight (shes to thin :-( ) the vet said get MONKEY CHOW (BISCUITS) Soak 1 in hot water...
  19. birdashes

    Hates showers ... but likes ‘air’ bathes?

    Hi! Wow it’s been awhile since I was on here... So my RB2 hates showers. I rarely shower him due to how much he HATES them. I think he is mostly afraid of the spray bottle, but I’m not sure. It’s very frustrating , because he gets to the point where he really needs a bath but it scares him.. so...
  20. PrettyBirdy

    Show Me Your Cages!!

    Hi Y'all!! I have a one year old Goffins named Frankie, and I am getting her a new cage! The one I have her in is a fine size, but that's really it, fine, not a lot of extra room, and I have always wanted something bigger for her. I just got a new job, that will have me out of the house more, so...