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  1. V

    Catching PBFD from wild Aussie birds

    Hi there! I'm a soon-to-be owner of a baby Major Mitchell's cockatoo, and I'm a bit concerned about the apparent frequency of wild PBFD infected birds in Australia. I read somewhere that 10-20% of wild sulfur crested cockatoos in South-East Australia carry the virus? This is pretty terrifying...
  2. JulietRose

    Fav birds?

    Hello! I was wondering what everyone’s favorite type of parrot is? It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever owned it! Mine personally are major Mitchells cockatoos, I fell in love with them ever since the first time I saw one when I was little which was at a place I used to go to. She always would come...
  3. K

    Pictures 7 year old moluccan cockatoo - needing to rehome asap

    Hey friends, I’m needing to rehome my best friend asap. I call him Louis, I got him from an older couple in Texas that didn’t interact with him much. He doesn’t know how to fly, his wings aren’t clipped. I am only needing to rehome him because I need to move my family by September 15. Louis...
  4. R

    Hi All ! Wanting My Dream Bird, Umbrella Cockatoo. Is It Time For Me Yet ?

    Hi all, I am new to the forum, but have been a bird lover all my life. Since I was little, I ALWAYS wanted a cockatoo. After moving back into a family owned apartment building, I’ve been considering it more. There was a family with a special needs adult male that lived above me, and he’d...
  5. G

    triton cockatoo, need help

    I have a bird, Wacko, she's a 32 year old Triton cockatoo. We have had her for 17 years. We have had to have her fostered a couple of times (as briefly as possible) due to instability in living situation. Now we are having to move again and have nowhere to go, as you may know trying to be in...
  6. flyzipper

    The Indonesian Parrot Project (documentary)

    Some disturbing visuals when the wildlife trade is shown, but worth a watch. Synopsis... The Indonesian Parrot Project (IPP) has been conducting important conservation work to save parrots and cockatoos from extinction in Indonesia. The film shows the history and current work of IPP, the...
  7. src517

    1 year old Rosebreasted Cockatoo Eyering Color Change

    Hi all, I’ve had my rosebreasted cockatoo Mochi for a year and she’s around a year and a half old. Today, I noticed the rings around her eyes were a little pink towards the front (her right eye ring more so) and her right eye ring looked a little bigger than normal. I’m going to wait a day to...
  8. U

    Cockatoo hide head spreaded under wing

    Hi! i hv a 6 month old cockatoo, who had moved in with us just yesterday! Currently we’re trying to create a bond with him as he isn’t as trusting as when we had our 3 years old cockatoo(named Yuki) when he was 1.. we’ve been giving him his seeds that the pet store gave him and we’re also...
  9. ferretspy

    Blizzard Update!

    The guy who bought Blizzard reached out to me! I posted an ad on Kijiji saying that I want to get in contact with the person who bought him to make sure he's in a good home, and he reached out! From the little conversation we had, I can tell that he's in good hands. The buyer has a macaw, and...
  10. U

    Please read, please share

    Hey guys i wasnt sure where this thread should fall under.. i had a male cockatoo, Yuki, passed away at 3 years old just yesterday on 15 September 2021. he represented symptoms of Transient Ischemic Attack( TIA ). This attack started on 14August 2020. His symptoms, everything they’re in the...
  11. Stevie

    Hi I’m new! from Australia

    Hi, I’m new!!! I have already posted a few things about my new baby budgie Stevie. I’m from Queensland, Australia where budgies are of course native to..(not in my area but used to live where there were wild flocks). We have many beautiful birds in Australia and I am also lucky to have them...
  12. flyzipper

    Why a cockatoo trick in Australia has scientists enthralled

    I would have thought the basic behaviour of birds teaching their young to forage (among other things) would be an example of social learning, but this specific example made headlines. Scientists have documented examples of social learning in birds, and the spread of a trick to open trash bins...
  13. S

    New member

    Hello! I'm Dayna, and I've just adopted a family friend's cockatoo, a beautiful 3 year old named Charlee. They did not have enough time to give her the attention and affection that she needs, which has had a horrible impact on her, the poor girl, and since I'm a regular babysitting that has a...
  14. flyzipper

    Where did that cockatoo com from (article)

    I quite enjoyed this read... https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/07/05/where-did-that-cockatoo-come-from
  15. V

    Video Wild Cockatoo vs Macadamia nuts

    saw these birds at work.
  16. L

    Leg bands

    So Iv got a female umbrella cockatoo had her since 2011/2012 she came from a bird rescue in iowa, was told she was 15 at the time and her hatch day was on Halloween. Well after some research not sure how accurate it is tho but her leg band could mean she’s a bit older than what originally told...
  17. X

    Looking for a Gahlah breeder!!

    Hey everyone, I’m currently in search of a galah breeder. Hoping you guys can give me your best recommendations. I’m located in NY but I’d be willing to travel. Everything I’ve come across online seems kinda sketchy and I’d prefer not to purchase from my local bird store. Thanks!
  18. U

    Cockatoo biting out of nowhere

    Hii so here is a little background.. Yuki the cockatoo is 3 years old this year. We’ve had him since he was 1 years old. We have no idea what happened to him in that 1 year but he’s afraid of literally everything; he’s afraid to take a bath, to go out, etc. However i am gradually trying to take...
  19. P

    Pictures Umbrella Cockatoo looking for perfect home in the Midwest.

    Hi everyone! This forum was recommended to me as a possible place to find a forever home for a wonderful bird. I want to start out by giving a little background on myself. I grew up with an umbrella cockatoo and have a giant soft spot for these birds. I’m an animal lover and primarily involved...
  20. C

    Concerned about my birds poop

    Is this a normal dropping? We rescued a goffins cockatoo 6 months ago. We got her switched to a pellet and chop diet, this is her second poop that’s more white and runny like this. Should I be worried?