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  1. Chris L

    Urgent Swollen foot after vets trip

    I'm new here, and I'm a very anxious person. But my little boy just went to his yearly doctors appointment and got blood work drawn on his right leg just last Wednesday. His leg was warm to the touch for the time where it was drawn. And now just this morning, that same foot is now swollen and...
  2. K

    Boy is my story ever interesting….

    Hello! I am a 26 year old birb mom to two wonderful (most of the time) birds. A little about myself is that I have pretty severe ADHD and possibly high-functioning autism as well. Having birds has been SO hard for me, but so very rewarding and has taught me a lot about myself. I work at a pet...
  3. H

    Oh no blood feathers

    Bless my little trouble child I'm here again with Jolly the Triton. I know this isn't a vet I realize that, but sweet little boy has had a tricky blood feather for a bit of time. When I was at work, it must've broke. Just a little bit of blood thank goodness but it already clotted over and is...
  4. K

    My new adopted bird just laid an egg please help

    My cockatoo just laid an egg. She is 7, and I don’t know what to do with it. She doesn’t have a mate. But this past two weeks she has been masturbating. She is doing good and she eats and doesn’t have any health issues. How can I stop her from laying eggs. I don’t pet her below the head. I also...
  5. H

    Best Harnesses?

    Best harnesses for Mr Jolly (Triton cockatoo)?? I tried the Aviator on him. Absolutely *hated* it. He was so good and well behaved getting it on, but the neck piece was far too tight and started choking him I had to cut it off immediately. Ugh very distressing for both parties. I don't believe...
  6. L

    Blossom water

    Can someone tell me if orange blossom water is safe for cockatoos? As in spray bath? thanks
  7. K

    Safe cage for an umbrella cockatoo

    Good evening, I just got a re home adult cockatoo. I have noticed that she is a chewer and bites the bottom bars of the cage when I start to cover her cage at night . The cage that I have is the brand A&E on this link This is my cage . Can anyone recommend a safe cage. My baby cockatoo...
  8. R

    Sneezing cockatoo

    Hi for the past few days my cockatoo has been sneezing more often than normal my room is decently dusty as he wont bath or shower under any means so thats one of my suspicions but my worst case is a fungal infection as mould grew in a dark corner of his cage (i removed it quickly) and i also had...
  9. K

    Safe perches for umbrella cockatoo

    Good afternoon, does anyone know of a website where I can buy safe perches for an umbrella cockatoo. Thank you
  10. K

    Parrot coughing after due to intubation

    My bird had recently a liver biopsy, she has this cough when she becomes active, playing or eating her pellets. It’s like she becomes out of breath. I was told that she was intubated. When I went to pick her up she was like this. I am not sure if it’s coughing or if it’s sneezing. I have had her...
  11. flyzipper

    Cockatoo on a wheel

    Thought this looked fun.. ... and as the Science is Fun Instagram says, "Physics says energy would be lost due to inefficiency of the wheel, and it wouldn't make a complete loop with the bird on it. This cockatoo actually learned to move in a way that adds energy to the system" (source)
  12. K

    Bile acid and beta globulins

    Good afternoon, I got a cockatoo umbrella female in October 2022 she is 1 year old. I decided to take the bird to an avian vet for an anual wellness exam to see why this bird is not waiting much during the day. And they did fecal. And blood test. Her fecal came back negative for parasite and...
  13. R

    Cockatoo hormonal?

    Hi im just writing to ask as ive had my ducorps cockatoo for just over a year now and hes started being noisier,more destructive,more confident and more menacing behaviour hes also more aggressive hes bitten me twice today and he only ever tries to bite when he doesnt want to go to me when on...
  14. H

    What? Okay...

    Not an emergency, but Jolly is seriously just... he's a handful. Love him to the moon and back, but cockatoos are definitely unlike any large bird I've owned. His poops are still loose around 2 or 3 weeks later but go back and forth between normal and slightly watery. We haven't raised a ton of...
  15. H

    Maybe i should have said hello first... oops

    I guess I just jumped right on here with questions about my bird with zero intro. Still hoping he'll be better with a close watch, bland warm foods, and a warm humidity control area until someone can see him or it clears up... Anyways hello! So glad I could find forms with bird care because so...
  16. S

    Cockatoos Screaming

    Hi, I’m thinking about getting a rescue Moluccan cockatoo. It screams very loud during the day and I’m not sure if it’s also loud at night. If you have any cockatoo experience with screaming during the night please let me know.
  17. vaporised

    Catching PBFD from wild Aussie birds

    Hi there! I'm a soon-to-be owner of a baby Major Mitchell's cockatoo, and I'm a bit concerned about the apparent frequency of wild PBFD infected birds in Australia. I read somewhere that 10-20% of wild sulfur crested cockatoos in South-East Australia carry the virus? This is pretty terrifying...
  18. JulietRose

    Fav birds?

    Hello! I was wondering what everyone’s favorite type of parrot is? It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever owned it! Mine personally are major Mitchells cockatoos, I fell in love with them ever since the first time I saw one when I was little which was at a place I used to go to. She always would come...
  19. K

    Pictures 7 year old moluccan cockatoo - needing to rehome asap

    Hey friends, I’m needing to rehome my best friend asap. I call him Louis, I got him from an older couple in Texas that didn’t interact with him much. He doesn’t know how to fly, his wings aren’t clipped. I am only needing to rehome him because I need to move my family by September 15. Louis...
  20. R

    Hi All ! Wanting My Dream Bird, Umbrella Cockatoo. Is It Time For Me Yet ?

    Hi all, I am new to the forum, but have been a bird lover all my life. Since I was little, I ALWAYS wanted a cockatoo. After moving back into a family owned apartment building, I’ve been considering it more. There was a family with a special needs adult male that lived above me, and he’d...