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Best Travel Cage for Long Road Trip?


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So I'm going to be driving 14 hours up to Seattle in late June with two of my birds, Sam and Remmy(Frankie, 'my' goffins, is really my dads bird.) to officially move into a place there. I have had my birds quite awhile, and have gone on various lengths of car rides with them, the longest being a couple hours, but not anything like 14 in a car packed full of boxes.

Sam's carrier is rather small, so I want to replace it for the trip with something a little bigger and more comfortable for long periods. I don't mind investing in something that's not dirt-cheap but I don't have the money for something like a pak-o-bird right now either.

Also; Does anyone have any advice as to how often I should stop? Ways to make them more comfortable? I'm feeling pretty anxious about everything.

I'm putting together a little go-bag type thing with the essentials to keep in the front with me. Food, fresh water, first aid supplies, some chamomile tea if they get stressed, treats, a little fresh food, a few small toys, something to cover their cages...Am I missing anything?

Any advice is appreciated...


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Not that I've ever went on a long trip with my bird but for trips to the vet or anything I(and my family) just use a large cat/small dog carrier. You can get a few small bowls to screw on the front and even screw a perch in with the holes in the side or make you own hole to screw a perch in. There's a lot of sizes to pick form. The ones we use are like the one linked below. There easy to lift the top off to take the bird out and have a few safety screws but I never trust picking them up from the handle I just find it safer to carry them from the bottom.
Amazon.com : Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier, Storm Gray/Black, 15-20 LBS : Hard Sided Pet Carriers : Pet Supplies

While looking for that one I fond this one. It seems really nice you can just open the top but DO NOT use the handle to care them it seems based off the comment.
Amazon.com : AmazonBasics 23-Inch Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel : Pet Supplies
Amazon.com : Favorite Portable Two Door Pet Carrier 23 Inch by 15.5 Inch by 13.5 Inch, Free Strap, Blue : Pet Supplies
While 2nd one looks the same and little safer to pick up with the strap it still would lean the poor animal and I'd still fear the bottom coming off even if it had the screws to keep it shut.

This one has holes already in the bottom you could use for a perch.
Amazon.com : Petmate Compass Fashion Kennel Cat and Dog Kennel : Plastic Dog Crate : Pet Supplies

Other then that I've moved my small birds in small flight cages. With just a little food and water in the bowl(so they cant spill much) and a perch or 2 to stand on.
something like this one with the doors all closed with dog leash clamps. Don't have to worry about them chewing on the cage or getting out if it was dropped not that you would ever want it dropped. Also tape the tray in using the bars under the tray or it could slide out a little and maybe even catch a birds foot. You also could use a towel inside the cage so there legs can't fall throw the bars.
Amazon.com : Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage, White : Bird Cage : Pet Supplies


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i would actually recommend a small cage if it's a long road trip unstead of a carrier, that way your bird as a few perches, toys and feeder bowls .... im sure your bird will like the extra space and light because inside a carrier it is very dark which is okay for a small trip but if it's for a few days or more i like the cage idea so you can bring it outside, let your bird enjoy the sun :laugh::laugh:

i went on a 2 weeks vacation with my birds and i did bring a small cage that barely fit in the car but at least they had their own space :cool:

Laybe something around this size ? that would be roomy, lightweight and practical... (don't look at the setup and horrible dowel perches on the photo :confused:)

Cage pour oiseaux Finca pequeno - À prix avantageux chez zooplus


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I wouldn't worry about them feeling anxious. I was surprised at how well mine tolerated it. Remember they are essentially spending 14 hours with you in close proximity and probably getting fussed over more than normal. Riding in the car and possibly looking out the window of said car will be enriching and exciting enough to entertain them for awhile. Zoey gets so excited in the car she tries to regurgitate. I know it's a happy bird thing because of the noises she makes but still gross.