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How do I help my budgie acclimate to a new cage?


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Hi everyone!

I'm currently researching new cage options for Frankie, my 2.5 year old budgie, and I was curious if other parakeet parents had insights on ways to help her acclimate to a new cage and reduce any anxiety she may have about the change. Her current cage is really too small and not great for adding new toys or rearranging her current ones, but I've been reluctant to start the process as I work from home and she can play outside in the room all day. However, I may change my home/work circumstances soon and want to give her a much more optimal home base in case she needs to spend a little more time in a cage on her own. The issue here is she does Not Like New Environments, at first. She can be frightened of new areas/toys for a long time, but is quick to warm up once she's decided it's safe. For example, I bought her a playground with a swing/rope that she would not touch for six months but now plays on/naps on frequently throughout the day. She can be encouraged with millet spray, but seems to prefer discovering things herself. (The same applies to me, haha. When I was first bonding with her, it was like 0-100; one day she refused to interact unless I had millet and the next she decided my arms, shoulder and head were her new perches.) I plan on setting up the new cage in the room to let her explore with millet and plenty of toys she'll love, including some old favorites, but is there anything else I could do to reduce stress and increase interest?

Here's an attached photo of Frankie to say thank you to anyone who replies in advance!



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It sounds like you already have a good plan! I think putting in some old toys and millet will be a good way to get her used to the cage and associate the cage with good things. Maybe you could put a perch on the outside of the cage aswell so it is easier for her to sit near the cage and get used to it? Also might make it more interesting for her.

She is very cute!!


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Set the new cage up in the same room with food, water and a few of her favourite toys and just let her decide when to make the move.